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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Do I feel like there's no point of saying anything really...
I wanted to blog about so many things recently,but now that I'm facing the "new post" page,I feel lost and speechless.


Wafa' said...

blogger block !!!

it happenes all the time, take it easy and dont force yourself on writing. Soon you will feel like there is a flood of writting coming out of your brain.

And if you don't feel like writing or can not, simply share stuff you like with people. Like videos for example..

Rain said...

can I call you Fofo? :D
u r completely right,and it's not the first time this happens to me


nmroodeh said...

Even though u dont hv anything to say... post an empty post bcoz silence speaks louder than words.... :e:
then i'll comment with a pause :)

Rain said...

HAHA 7bait!!
too bad that state didn't last long,now I wanna blab and blab about so many things!0_O
next time I'll let u know and u can come and comment with a pause :D

Saleh said...

At the end of a film, everybody wants to leave the cinema hall as soon as possible (I don't know why but that's what usually happens). If the door is not wide enough, people will have to go out one by one. If more than one insist that they want to leave at the same time, none of them will be able to do so. I assume this what happened with your ideas.

Um Omar said...

وير الشات بوكس,, اه,, وييييرررره :ag:

احكي,, ماتحكي,, ادخلي دوامه صمت
واطعلي منها
توهي معاها,, وتوهّــينا معك


Rain said...

loved the metaphor lol :D
Maybe you're right,maybe I am really having too much to deal with as it is,and none of it is coming out right!
I'll work on getting them lined up and in order enshallah :)

Um Omar,
لول لما شلت التشات بوكس صار الكل يسأل عنو
بديش ياه أصلن بشع كان و أطرم

صايرة شاعرة ام عمر :)
يلا نتوه كلنا سوا سوا
:rgs: --->had el (:rgs:) elly betla3 mkano (:yai:)

Um Omar said...

انا أوريد,, مسماراً
أنا أوريد نقاشاً
انا اوريد شات بوكساً حتى أتطاوش معك فيه

nmroodeh said...


Rain said...

Um Omar 5ls la 3ioonek bshoof iza b3rf keef araj3o loool

Nmroodeh l7e2ty?lol XD

6abaZa said...

y3ni beddi a7kilik "w enti b5eer w se77a w salameh" met2a5reh...w enti shayleh el chat boxeh

w this is the 3rd time im writing this comment..blogger mshallef

Rain said...

lol samsoom XD
it's alright ya seedy wasleh anyway w law ^_^