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Sunday, October 31, 2010

OK it is the moment of truth..not the show,just my personal boring confessions!
Like I planned in the previous post,for the whole day-today-I've been conscious of my acts in order  to record any lies I'd make.Here we go,

.Was I expecting I'd lie?
yes very much so,but frankly I expected a higher number of them!
.Did I lie?
.How many lies did I count?
Almost 5..in that range
.What sort of lies were they?
The normal boring type of lies!
The most popular one was:"nice to meet you" and "nice to see you",neither were really that nice.I said that twice.
I also told my friends their presentation was good while in fact I thought it was a joke,I told them that twice,does that count as two lies? :/ anyway there wasn't really a point of telling them it was bad because it was too late!
I told my friend I thought her point of view about what we took in class was interesting and true,I didn't think so,I just wasn't feeling like arguing.
.Was I good at lying?
.Did I feel bad about it?
Not really .
So to sum it up,the main two reasons I personally lie for are : others' feelings and not feeling like elaborating (just nodding with my head sometimes to spare myself the conversation) but that is just me,and I'm not much of a talker in real life,so I guess that is a big factor.
Those were my lies for the day,I'm glad I didn't have to confess any important lie lol
My friend and fellow blogger Ecosan PROMISED me he'd do the male version of the experiment but it had to be delayed for tomorrow :/ so I guess I'll update later
*Smiley Homer Simpson yelling : "BOOOORIIING"*

Now that I'm thinking about it I believe the more life gets complicated and rough the more we feel the need to lie,this is why I do not have to lie much I guess I'm still off any hooks,I actually paid attention today as well and I haven't made a single lie,I wish life would always stay this simple!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Several things made me wanna talk about this,one of them was an episode of Oprah which talked about how normal are we,and how normal do we think we are,and one of the things that came up was lying...they said that a study showed that men lie as twice as women do,women lie 3 times in average a day while men lie 6 times..
Another thing was the movie Liar,liar,which tells the story of a man who could not lie for a whole day,and his life was almost completely ruined.
Do we really need to lie?what if we could not lie for a whole day like Jim Carry in the movie?how do we lie and why?are we conscious of our lies?how true is that statistic?is it bad when we become really good at lying?did we even stop feeling bad about lying?

This thought inspired me to do a little project that goes like this ; I will not be honest for a whole day lol ,but I will record every lie I'll make during the day in a little notebook,I will try to figure out why I lied and how the lie came out and was I aware that I was "committing" a lie or not.
Starting tomorrow en sha allah,wish me luck,and oh I'm looking for a male lab rat...I mean a male volunteer lol..
Monday, October 25, 2010
What a beautiful day!what a beautiful weather!just begging you to stop whining and celebrate life!

My new funny looking socks..I love them! :D

And here's a song

Friday, October 22, 2010

Could any kind of love other than a mother's love for her child be that unconditional???
Personally,I do not think so..

Puede cualquier tipo de amor -que no sea el de la madre a su niño- ser tan incondicional???
Personalmente,no lo creo..

Amo lo que veo y lo que ocultas
amo lo que muestras o insinuas
amo lo que eres o imagino
te amo en lo ajeno y lo que es mío
Amo lo que entregas, lo que escondes
amo tus preguntas, tus respuestas
yo amo tus dudas y certezas
te amo en lo simple y lo compleja
Y amo lo que dices, lo que callas
amo tus recuerdos, tus olvidos
amo tus olores, tus fragancias
te amo en el beso y la distancia
Y amo lo que amas, yo te amo
te amo por amor sin doble filo
te amo y si pudiera no amarte
sé que te amaría aún lo mismo
Y amo lo que amas, yo te amo
te amo por amor al dar lo mío
te amo con orgullo de quererte
porque para amarte yo he nacido
Amo lo que seas y lo que puedas
amo lo que afirmas, lo que niegas
amo lo que dices, lo que piensas
te amo en lo que mides y lo que pesas
Y amo lo que atrapas, lo que dejas
amo tu alegría y tus tristezas
te amo en la carne y en el alma
te amo en tus crisis y en tus calmas
Amo lo que pides y regalas
amo tus caricias, tus ofensas
amo tus instante y lo eterno
te amo en tu cielo y en tu infierno
Y amo lo que amas, yo te amo
te amo por amor sin doble filo
te amo y si pudiera no amarte
sé que te amaría aún lo mismo
Y amo lo que amas, yo te amo
te amo por amor al dar lo mío
te amo con orgullo de quererte
porque para amarte yo he nacido
Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dear candidates of Jordanian Elections 2010,
After deeply observing your posters in Amman,I would like to say that I'm not very happy with them,and based on only my thoughts and what I believe I will happily offer you some piece of advice,here we go,
First,our biggest problem as Jordanians is that we do not take things seriously,so when making a poster you should keep it as simple as possible i.e. lose the orange,phosphoric,pink and purple backgrounds.
Focus on the most important three elements in your poster:your name,section and slogan other than that we don't really want a CV of your career

Be reasonable with your slogan,for example the slogan: "No Slogans" isn't exactly the most attractive one!
And also:"معاً لغدٍ أفضل"???come on!be creative!
Keep it short and strong,we've no time to read a 3 lines sentence in font size 12 in the street

Get yourself a nice picture,you're already paying all that money for the campaign and a good picture will coast you nothing compared to that!at least try not to make it look like it has been taken in 1985,and smile,for god's sake!we know the frown is a Jordanian trade mark but still,try not to make us feel like you're preparing to strangle someone! and while at it,try to look at the camera,not at some unseen point somewhere in the horizon,oh..and lose the colorful ties lol

What else?oh!..you don't need to hang the same poster 15 times on the same pole 0_O once or twice would be fine but over that it would just be absurd.

Only some of my observations,hope you enjoyed,good luck! :D

***Inspired by the one and only Nawarea

Tuesday, October 19, 2010
This guy is making me all dancy and faiga w raiga :DD

Saturday, October 16, 2010

I know..too many posts in one day,well,it doesn't Rain*,it pours :P :D
When I'm bored with everything I go back to the classics..do be do be doo!
  • Frank Sinatra - Strangers In The Night
  • Ella Fitzgerald - Ain't Misbehavin'
  • Ella Fitzgerald - Cheek to Cheek
  • Ella Fitzgerald - Misty
  • Ella Fitzgerald - Someone To Watch Over Me
  • Ella Fitzgerald - Summertime
  • Ella Fitzgerald And Louis Armstrong - Dream A Little Dream Of Me
  • Frank Sinatra - Can't take My Eyes Off Of You
  • Frank Sinatra - Just the Way You Look Tonight
  • Frank Sinatra My - Way
  • Frank Sinatra - Fly Me To The Moon
  • Frank Sinatra - Come Fly With Me
  • Dean Martin - Blue Moon
  • Dean Martin - Sway
  • Etta James - Stormy Weather
  • Etta James - At Last
  • Etta James - All I Could Do Is Cry
  • Etta James - Dearest Darling
  • Frank Sinatra and Celine Dion - All The Way

بغضّ النظر عن شلاطيفها اللي قد الأردن في الفيديو،و بغض النظر عن إني ما بسمعلها و ما بحبها و ما بحب أغانيها حتى و حتى بغض النظر عن غباء الفيديو

بس جد الأغنية..........حلوة!؟

فى حاجات تتحس ومتتقلش وان جيت اطلبها انا مقدرش
ولو انت عملتها بعد ما انا اطلبها يبقى مينفعش
فى حاجات تتحس ومتتقالش توجع فى القلب ومبتبانش
وافضل علطول تعبانه مابين طب اقولك ولا مقولكش
مقدرش اقولك غير كل طريقة حبك ليا
او غير عليا ولا فجأنى فى مرة وهاتلى هديه
الا عنيا بتعمل حاجه انا مش عارفاها
مقدرش اقولك حلى الدنيا فى عينى وغير فيا
لو مهما كنت قريب منى وكنت قريب ليا
مقدرش اقولك شكل حياتنا اللى اانا عيزاها
اعرف لوحدك شكل حياتنا اللى انا عيزاها

اوقات بيبان انى سكت وهديت ورضيت واتعودت
مش معنى كده انك علطول تحسبنى انى استسلمت
وساعات بتحس انى زهقت مع انى بخبى انى تعبت
متوصلنيش ياحبيبى اقول ده ياريتنى اتكلمت
مقدرش اقولك غير كل طريقة حبك ليا
او غير عليا ولا فجأنى فى مرة وهاتلى هديه
الا عنيا بتعمل حاجه انا مش عارفاها
مقدرش اقولك حلى الدنيا فى عينى وغير فيا
لو مهما كنت قريب منى وكنت قريب ليا
مقدرش اقولك شكل حياتنا اللى اانا عيزاها
اعرف لوحدك شكل حياتنا اللى انا عيزاها

اللي ما بيعرفوا شو يعني شلاطيف:هي عبارة عن الشفاه المتضخمة بفعل عمليات التجميل و صب أحمر الشفاه بشكل متكرر و دائم
 المصدر : http://100fm6.com/vb/showthread.php?t=186878 - 100fm6.com

عشان أنا شايفيتكم صايرات تلخبطوا شوي حابة أساعدكم لأنكم ذخر هالوطن و مستقبله المشرق

عندكم هون زي ما انتوا شايفين بالصورة شغلة انتوا بتعرفوها أكيد..بس الخبر الفاجع اللي بدي أزفّلكم اياه هو انه هاد مو بنطلون....هاد كلون،يعني هاد بينلبس تحت التنورة أو الجلباب مثلاً و لا يصلح لأغراض الطلعة فيه لحالو من غير حاجة خالص
بعرف،الخبر صادم و مؤلم بس هاي هي الحقيقة

و هلأ عشان ما تزعلوا بدي أعرّفكم عاختراع رائع جداً ابتكروه من أكمن قرن
اسمه البنطلون

كتير شيك صح؟و كمان ما بينسّل و مش شفاف فيعني من الآخر
بليز جربوه

I'm out of tracks!
I don't know what to download now,I need to change my track list,I've been listening to Firuz's album for a couple of days now but I'm deleting it today because Firuz is something magical you hear on the radio and brings joy all of a sudden to your heart,not something you can have all the time on your iPod or mobile...
I need some good music,I need a new track list!
What are you listening to now?give me suggestions please! :(
Thursday, October 14, 2010
I really don't know what to say,I've been crying ever since I've watched this..
حسبنا الله و نعم الوكيل

I was honestly so afraid to listen to it!!I was so afraid I'd be disappointed, I cannot afford to be disappointed in my Firuz; my childhood heroine and the artist I've always seen PERFECT as a child, and never was that image shaken when I grew up.
I downloaded it last night after long hesitation, and as I'm listening now,I'm astonished! it's amazing... it is more than amazing!
Eh fi amal! ---- Yes,there is still hope! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Download Here

This is the first time elections are being held in Jordan and I'm qualified to vote.. I'm officially an adult lol 0_O
So,anyway,while observing the incredible amount of posters in the streets of Amman I started to wonder where I am in all of this? I remembered the campaign that was started by the government to encourage young people to participate and take part in this democratic activity..bla bla bla..
The truth is, I do not know anything about it! I'm completely unaware of what exactly is going on,I do not even know what section I could vote in (turned out there are sections1,2,3..0_O) to tell you the truth I felt stupid when I suddenly found myself so ignorant about it :S
It is easy and quick to pretend that I know everything,and that I choose not to vote,but that isn't true,all I hear from people is "what's the use of voting?" I do not know that because I never tried, so why don't I try and find out for myself!?
I love my country so much,but love alone isn't enough,I feel responsible to know more about it and be part of it.
I've no clue what to do and where to start, but I will try my best to do this, I am not gonna let others decide for me, not when it comes to my personal freedom and choices!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

I wrote about this art and uploaded some pictures some time ago here , today while browsing this artist's gellery I found these
They are truly exquisite!
This is exactly what we need to show the world how great our beloved Mohammad -peace be upon him- is , and how this beautiful religion of ours is all about love , forgiveness , care and faith .
My dearest salutes and greatest respect to Nayzak , the artist who drew them , jazak allah kol khair!

 Don't get me wrong , I'm not a morning-grumpy , actually I love mornings , especially with this incredible autumn weather we're having these days , and with trees turning gold and brownish , Amman is glittering every dawn
But I Can think of one thing or two that I wouldn't mind changing
. Radio
Why do I have to listen to some dumb Lebanese girl talking about love and forgiveness ? what happened to Fairuz ? what is wrong with Fairuz ? is it too much to ask for some Firuz instead of extremely similar morning shows all over the stations ?

. Smokers
In the bus , in the cab , at the class,cafeteria or in the street.. I don't wanna breath the disgusting smoke coming out of your mouth at 7 in the morning , thanks!

. Chatty strangers
Again , is it too much to ask to sit by myself and enjoy my morning ? I barely talk to my friends and I certainly don't feel like chatting (and gossiping) with someone I've just met on the bus or anywhere else . I know I sound mean,but I cherish my morning solitude and I HATE people who decide I'm a good "temporary chatting pal" material :S

. Taxi drivers
Oh..! do I hate taxi drivers! talking endlessly , smoking the heaviest type of cigarettes in the world , complaining about traffic , government , politics (cause they have the solutions for all of these) , telling stories about how they grew up in France or Italy but had to end up here , or how they have a master degree in nuclear science and couldn't find another job , or worst of all hitting on me...no , seriously ?
. Beggars
I can't really decide how I feel about them,but mostly.. I hate them , especially really creepy women who follow me around and don't seem to understand what the words "no , sorry" mean .

But then again,I love my mornings , believe it or not , lol
Saturday, October 9, 2010

An innocent Israeli was driving innocently in his innocent vehicle to buy new furniture for his house innocently built on the ruins of a house that belonged to a terrorist Palestinian family,(the family was departed in order to stop the fear and terror the innocent Israelis are living in everyday)
The Israeli while driving was suddenly attacked by two dangerous terrorists that seemed to have been holding massive destruction weapons in their hands...Rocks and Stones!
The Israeli felt his life was threatened in the small luxurious car so he decided to act courageously and attack the two terrorists that are estimated to be 10-12 years old..
The poor Israeli managed to run away with emotional damages and wet pants..
The two young terrorists were severely damaged thanks to the courage of that good Israeli citizen.
Here is the video:

Friday, October 8, 2010


أحبّك في صمتيَ الوارفِ
وفي رفة الهدبِ الخائفِ

وبي، يا ملوّن عمري إليك
حنينُ الكرومِ إلى القاطفِ

حنينُ الشحارير عند الغروب
إلى رحلةِ الموسمِ الهاتفِ
ذرى بالندى والبريقِ تُطلّ
كنهرٍ من الوَهَجِ الطائفِ

أحبكَ، هل بعد حبي سؤال
وبعد جمالي غوىً أو جمالْ

أحبك حتى يَضِلّ الغمامُ
وينسى الربيعُ دروب التلالْ

أحبك حتى يملّ الصدى
طواف الرّبى وعناقَ الجبالْ

أقول أحبكَ موجي حقولْ
وجَمّع شذى يا مِطلّ الظلالْ
وقلتَ إلى بيتِكِ الساحرِ
أجيءُ مع القمرِ الساهرِ

فزيّنتُ بيتي وطال انتظاري
وغنّيتُ حتى بكى خاطري

وحين سكبتُ النشيد الأخيرْ
وفرفطتُ عَقدَ الشذى العاطِرِ

أتيتَ فيا حيرتي ما أقول
وكيف ألاقيكَ يا زائري
Thursday, October 7, 2010

What a good,good morning! I slept until I could not sleep no more! I woke up smiling,talked to my mom, sipped on my Nescafe while checking my mail and eating Oreos,and enjoyed the amazing silence of the empty house!
There was absolutely no reason I should not go to uni. today , but I just didn't!
I woke up not feeling like diving into the usual morning race like everyday,I was so sleepy,and it occurred to me suddenly between my sheets that I have not done my homework(s)..oops!
I'm a very careless person , so the first thing that occurred to me was"what the heck?I'm not going!" and
I just didn't :)
So I was just thinking that..this is it , I am really ready to graduate , I think I have "lived my college precious days" to the max (as they always tell me) , and I think that I'm ready to get out and be another one of the overpopulation-useless-empty-lifed-broke-employees of this fabulous world !
I know I'm just saying that,and years later I will look back and miss my current days so much , but I think that's the natural thing ; to finish a level and when you feel ready you leap to the next one , you might miss the old levels but you'd never seriously consider going back to them..and that is just life !

Now I have nearly 4 months to graduate,so I'm not rushing anything,and I will enjoy them as much as I can en sha allah , but for now,I'm enjoying my weekend early :)
Sunday, October 3, 2010

صباح الليل

بعد خبز كميات هائلة من المعجنات مع إمي الموقرة تفاقم الرشح و تحول لانفلونزا و رسميا أنا مش قادرة أتنفس

ما علينا، مس بطاطا أو نورية الأمورة ذكرتني ب بوستها الرقيق هاد بهاي الأغنية الخالدة بالنسبة الي

بيقولولي انو لما كنت صغيرة كان الكل يستغرب مني اني ما كنت أسمع غير فيروز و ماجدة الرومي و نجاة الصغيرة...قال من يوم يومي دقة قديمة لول
بس الأغنية جد طول عمرها مأثرة فيّي بطريقة مش طبيعية
صح دائما بيحكوا عن الرجال أطفال بس أنا برأيي المرأة لما تحب بتتحول لطفلة من جوا،و بيصير الرجل بعيونها عملااااق،يمكن بسبب غريزة الحاجة للحماية اللي فينا

و كنت عم أفكر كمان بإني بعرف إني ما بعرف شو بدي حالياً..بس مش مشكلة،عالاقل بعرف اني ما بعرف،و بعرف اني قريبا رح أعرف
never mind ,it's just the flu talking!

العبرة من القصة..ما تكتبوا و انتوا نعسانين و مريضين
اه و هاي كمان عبرة:
خُذني بِكلِّ بَساطَتِي و طُفولَتي....أنا لم أَزَل أخطو و أنتَ قديرُ

nighty night!
Saturday, October 2, 2010
There's nothing better than smart and creative art to express our deepest ideas.
As simple as it is,this video represents so many feelings of injustice and sadness to Muslims around the world.
Why can't I do whatever I want to do as long as I'm not hurting anyone?
Why do YOU or anyone get to decide what oppresses me or not...what liberates me or not,and what makes me a good person or not?
Watch this,

Friday, October 1, 2010

تمر بها أنت .. دون التفات
تساوي لدي حياتي
جميع حياتي..
حوادث .. قد لا تثير اهتمامك
أعمر منها قصور
وأحيا عليها شهور
وأغزل منها حكايا كثيرة
وألف سماء..
وألف جزيرة..
شؤون ..
شؤونك تلك الصغيرة
فحين تدخن أجثو أمامك
كقطتك الطيبة
وكلي أمان
ألاحق مزهوة معجبة
خيوط الدخان
توزعها في زوايا المكان
دوائر.. دوائر
وترحل في آخر الليل عني
كنجم، كطيب مهاجر
وتتركني يا صديق حياتي
لرائحة التبغ والذكريات
وأبقي أنا ..
في صقيع انفرادي
وزادي أنا .. كل زادي
حطام السجائر
وصحن .. يضم رمادا
يضم رمادي..
وحين أكون مريضة
وتحمل أزهارك
صديقي.. إلي
وتجعل بين يديك يدي
يعود لي اللون والعافية
وتلتصق الشمس في وجنتي
وأبكي .. وأبكي.. بغير إرادة
وأنت ترد غطائي علي
وتجعل رأسي فوق الوسادة..
تمنيت كل التمني
صديقي .. لو أني
أظل .. أظل عليلة
لتسأل عني
لتحمل لي كل يوم
ورودا جميلة..
وإن رن في بيتنا الهاتف
إليه أطير
أنا .. يا صديقي الأثير
بفرحة طفل صغير
بشوق سنونوة شاردة
وأحتضن الآلة الجامدة
وأعصر أسلاكها الباردة
وأنتظر الصوت ..
صوتك يهمي علي
دفيئا .. مليئا .. قوي
كصوت نبي
كصوت وارتطام النجوم
كصوت سقوط الحلي
وأبكي .. وأبكي ..
لأنك فكرت في
لأنك من شرفات الغيوب
هتفت إلي..
ويوم أجيء إليك
لكي أستعير كتاب
لأزعم أني أتيت لكي أستعير كتاب
تمد أصابعك المتعبة
إلى المكتبة..
وأبقي أنا .. في ضباب الضباب
كأني سؤال بغير جواب..
أحدق فيك وفي المكتبة
كما تفعل القطة الطيبة
تراك اكتشفت؟
تراك عرفت؟
بأني جئت لغير الكتاب
وأني لست سوى كاذبة
.. وأمضى سريعا إلى مخدعي
أضم الكتاب إلى أضلعي
كأني حملت الوجود معي
وأشعل ضوئي .. وأسدل حولي الستور
وأنبش بين السطور .. وخلف السطور
وأعدو وراء الفواصل .. أعدو
وراء نقاط تدور
ورأسي يدور ..
كأني عصفورة جائعة
تفتش عن فضلات البذور
لعلك .. يا .. يا صديقي الأثير
تركت بإحدى الزوايا ..
عبارة حب قصيرة ..
جنينة شوق صغيرة
لعلك بين الصحائف خبأت شيا
سلاما صغيرا .. يعيد السلام إليا ..
وحين نكون معا في الطريق
وتأخذ - من غير قصد - ذراعي
أحس أنا يا صديق ..
بشيء عميق
بشيء يشابه طعم الحريق
على مرفقي ..
وأرفع كفي نحو السماء
لتجعل دربي بغير انتهاء
وأبكي .. وأبكي بغير انقطاع
لكي يستمر ضياعي
وحين أعود مساء إلى غرفتي
وأنزع عن كتفي الرداء
أحس - وما أنت في غرفتي -
بأن يديك
تلفان في رحمة مرفقي
وأبقي لأعبد يا مرهقي
مكان أصابعك الدافئات
على كم فستاني الأزرق ..
وأبكي .. وأبكي .. بغير انقطاع
كأن ذراعي ليست ذراعي..
نزار قباني

I've been just wondering how he could understand a woman like that!
It really shocks me to find out that there are actually men who get how women think..

At every writing class we take,almost the very first thing that they teach us is to brain storm..
The first step of brain storming is grabbing a pen and a paper and writing whatever pops into your mind at the moment,even if you feel that your mind is absolutely blank you it write down
You grab the paper and write: "my mind is blank,my mind is blank,my mind is blank,my mind is blank,my mind is blank,my mind is blank,my mind is blank,my mind is blank,my mind is blank,..." until something flashes inside there,and you start your piece!

I've been trying to write this thing I'm feeling and nothing is flashing...it is dark inside..

my mind is blank,my mind is blank,my mind is blank,my mind is blank,my mind is blank,my mind is blank,my mind is blank,my mind is blank,my mind is blank,my mind is blank,my mind is blank,my mind is blank,my mind is blank,my mind is blank,my mind is blank,my mind is blank,my mind is blank,my mind is blank,..