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I long for freedom, and when I get it, I don't know what I'm going to do with it, but I will surely be happy.

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Monday, October 25, 2010
What a beautiful day!what a beautiful weather!just begging you to stop whining and celebrate life!

My new funny looking socks..I love them! :D

And here's a song


الكيل بمكيالين said...

what a funny socks!
hate winter, hate autumn, hate coldness,,, hate it all !

naysan said...

masa2 el5air ya ba6a,

thanks for ur friendly attitude on my page,feeky el5air w betbaydy elwejh,,,

enjoy ur chilly evening with those silly silly socks ,zeina has similar ones with face and eyes but no "freaky" seperated toes.:)


LioneSS said...

wooow nice pictures ^_^
i like autumn so much, and i like the color of the leaves specially when they are about to fall :)

Nice socks ma6oora :D

Euphoria said...

ya really it was a nice weather :)
& you have a nice technique in taking photo :D

I liiiiiiiiiiike this Mood , ths weather & Your blog girl ;)

UmmOmar said...

مطول الشتا :sad:

nmroodeh said...

سبحان الله الشجرة بأول صورة منظرها بقشعر البدن كيف واقفة ومادة ايديها

حبيت الجرابين..في كلاكيل بكونو عا اشكال دببة وكلاب وارانب...بتحيني تمشي فيهم على الارض قد ما هم كيوت خخخخخخخ

Rain said...

Kiki,hehe lw tshoofy jebt lal 3aileh kolha mitlhom XD
and yeah yeah..I'm sorry they are coming anyway!

Naisan,masa el ward,w law I was only saying what I felt ^_^
hehehe should I feel stupid that my socks are even sillier that your child's socks? XD
delicious brrrrrrrrd! :D

Rain said...

Lio,me too!!
thanks dear ^_^

Fartash,I like you too! :DDDD

Rain said...

Um Omar,yes mtawel so try to enjoy it!^_^

Nmroodeh,mfsoomeh hay el shajara LOL
yee jebt minhom hdool w jd mesta5sera ad3as 3laihom looool! XD

w7l said...

متى الشتا بدو ييجي ؟ بموت بالشتا و بموت بالبرد و بموت بالمناخ الغائم الكئيب

بس بصراحة جرابين من الاخر في منهم على رجالي سايز لارج؟

Rain said...

LOL W7l,no promises,bs bshoflak XD

Whisper said...

وهي بكره توقيت شتوي علشان تكمل :(
الحمد لله بدبي حيكون لسا صيف وربيع :)

انا بعشق الغيوم و تصويرها :)
ملاحظه ان بالغيوم في شكل وجه??
عمو بتطلع لتحت @_@

Rain said...

In UAE winter is like a cool day in the summer of Jordan...constantly!!0_O I hated it and I bet you will miss winter!

LOL waino el 3ammo??? 0_O

Whisper said...

hayoto hon :P

Mola7aza 3 alhamesh..

I just notes the song....LOVELY :D

Rain said...

tele3 jad fi 3ammo!!ya mama!lol

I'm glad you liked the song jmeeleh! <3

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

ليكون البوست عن ال"رابط العجيب" ؟
o _ O
لأنو ما لقيتو

أما الجوارب الخنفشارية فلا تعليق! (في منهم غير البيبي صحيح :P)

lol at whisper`s link!

Rain said...

LOOOOL had post b re3aiet W7l :P XD
sho y3ny fi minhom '3er el baby? 0_O

shoft ballah mo5aiielet Whisper?t7sheesh

Sonnet said...

I know Autumn is here, and winter is coming when I am searching for my socks.
However, yours are so funny. lol

Rain said...

hehe that's a good sign,I bet it works !

thanks Sonnet! <3<3<3

mood said...

احب الخريف واجوائه السحرية

جميلة صورك

ادعوك لزيارة معرضي والقاء نظرة على صوري


the art of mood

Rain said...

Hello Mood,
thank you for passing by,you have an amazing art gallery ma sha allah! :D
will be following ;)

jersey shore season 4 said...

Great sahre thanks!!