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Sunday, October 10, 2010

 Don't get me wrong , I'm not a morning-grumpy , actually I love mornings , especially with this incredible autumn weather we're having these days , and with trees turning gold and brownish , Amman is glittering every dawn
But I Can think of one thing or two that I wouldn't mind changing
. Radio
Why do I have to listen to some dumb Lebanese girl talking about love and forgiveness ? what happened to Fairuz ? what is wrong with Fairuz ? is it too much to ask for some Firuz instead of extremely similar morning shows all over the stations ?

. Smokers
In the bus , in the cab , at the class,cafeteria or in the street.. I don't wanna breath the disgusting smoke coming out of your mouth at 7 in the morning , thanks!

. Chatty strangers
Again , is it too much to ask to sit by myself and enjoy my morning ? I barely talk to my friends and I certainly don't feel like chatting (and gossiping) with someone I've just met on the bus or anywhere else . I know I sound mean,but I cherish my morning solitude and I HATE people who decide I'm a good "temporary chatting pal" material :S

. Taxi drivers
Oh..! do I hate taxi drivers! talking endlessly , smoking the heaviest type of cigarettes in the world , complaining about traffic , government , politics (cause they have the solutions for all of these) , telling stories about how they grew up in France or Italy but had to end up here , or how they have a master degree in nuclear science and couldn't find another job , or worst of all hitting on me...no , seriously ?
. Beggars
I can't really decide how I feel about them,but mostly.. I hate them , especially really creepy women who follow me around and don't seem to understand what the words "no , sorry" mean .

But then again,I love my mornings , believe it or not , lol


Whisper said...

What u wrote about up there is a description of a regular Jordanian day, seems that you woke up from the wrong side of the bed that day so things have changed on you :D

I solved all that by buying my own car :)

Whisper said...

Sa7ee7....congratulations for the new theme :)

I was searching for a new theme for my blog and I saw this one and direct u hit my mind :)

Saleh said...

They seem really lovely mornings.... lool :-)

I am sure that all of us can complain about the same things (not only in the morning but any time during the day).

The worst for me is the smoking. I really hate it.

Rain said...

ah wallah,now that I'm reading what I wrote you're completely right! lol..jd shekly kaineh msh msalieh 3al naby! :D
and thank you ya jmeeleh enty ♥
I love Tinkerbell hehe :P
w 3o2blai bil saiiara :'(

Rain said...

loool,la yo7mado 3ala makroohen sewah!
you said the same thing as whisper lol
and I couldn't agree more with you!
ino I don't mind you can kill yourself as you like but I believe I have the right to breathe! :S

EvaLuna said...

Anything for one morning in Jordan University ... Ahhhh my herat hurts
bahdiki hay el o5nyye

Rain said...

Toto,I miss YOUR crappy mornings! <3<3<3
We should totally get married now! 0_O