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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dear candidates of Jordanian Elections 2010,
After deeply observing your posters in Amman,I would like to say that I'm not very happy with them,and based on only my thoughts and what I believe I will happily offer you some piece of advice,here we go,
First,our biggest problem as Jordanians is that we do not take things seriously,so when making a poster you should keep it as simple as possible i.e. lose the orange,phosphoric,pink and purple backgrounds.
Focus on the most important three elements in your poster:your name,section and slogan other than that we don't really want a CV of your career

Be reasonable with your slogan,for example the slogan: "No Slogans" isn't exactly the most attractive one!
And also:"معاً لغدٍ أفضل"???come on!be creative!
Keep it short and strong,we've no time to read a 3 lines sentence in font size 12 in the street

Get yourself a nice picture,you're already paying all that money for the campaign and a good picture will coast you nothing compared to that!at least try not to make it look like it has been taken in 1985,and smile,for god's sake!we know the frown is a Jordanian trade mark but still,try not to make us feel like you're preparing to strangle someone! and while at it,try to look at the camera,not at some unseen point somewhere in the horizon,oh..and lose the colorful ties lol

What else?oh!..you don't need to hang the same poster 15 times on the same pole 0_O once or twice would be fine but over that it would just be absurd.

Only some of my observations,hope you enjoyed,good luck! :D

***Inspired by the one and only Nawarea


Whisper said...

LOOOL..."we've no time to read a 3 lines sentence in font size 12 in the street" Exactly...and please say some thing will help the people not what u think will help u...

These days we spend a lot of time in driving, all the time farro7a is saying " hay 3ammo"..." hay tanee"..." hay tanee"..."hay tanee"...... O_O

m3ha 7a2 elbenet .... el baby gazzat ya 2o5ty :$

Finalway said...

all elections are punch of crap , i never ever convinced that election is NOT democracy especially in our arab regions , it's a way to reach for certain postion and for the best intrest for the relatives and family and (OUR HOME) become the last.

Rain said...

LOOOL @ farrou7a t7sheesh wade3ha XD bs m3ha 7a2 el shware3 m3abbaieh 3amowat kol shwai wella enty 5ab6a b 3ammo!

wallahy I don't know much about it,so I don't really know what to say..:)

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

مطر مو سعيدة بالجو العام،،، خلص إلغوا الانتخابات رجاء ً :]

*متوقعة تعليق ثاني مثلا ً مني :]]]]

** يمكن من الأشياء القلييييلة جدا ً اللي ما بشتاقلها في الأردن! هبل فوق حدّ التحمّل
الله يعينكم :(

Rain said...

3ad 3al 3ax I'm enjoying it to the max LOL!

and yeah you're right they shoulda consulted me sa77? :P XD

w7l said...


عن جد شو بالنسبة؟ يعني بصراحة صرت أمل لما أطلع من البيت لانو بتكون ماشي بالشارع و بتحس كل هالوجوه بطلعو عليك

و بعدين شو "بدون شعارات" احكي انو بطل اشي ينحكى و انا ما عندي اهداف من الاخر يعني و بلا شعار "بدون شعارات"

و بعدين شو قصة الصورة اللي بتطلع جنب الاسم كل ما اعلق عندك ؟

Rain said...

LOOOL @ kol el wjooh betalla3o 3laik HAHAHA

sho koll el e3teradat tel3at marra w7deh bshoof?lol

had el theme a6ram,balak a'3airo? :/

w7l said...

الثيم جيد بس اخ من الصورة بس !