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Thursday, October 7, 2010

What a good,good morning! I slept until I could not sleep no more! I woke up smiling,talked to my mom, sipped on my Nescafe while checking my mail and eating Oreos,and enjoyed the amazing silence of the empty house!
There was absolutely no reason I should not go to uni. today , but I just didn't!
I woke up not feeling like diving into the usual morning race like everyday,I was so sleepy,and it occurred to me suddenly between my sheets that I have not done my homework(s)..oops!
I'm a very careless person , so the first thing that occurred to me was"what the heck?I'm not going!" and
I just didn't :)
So I was just thinking that..this is it , I am really ready to graduate , I think I have "lived my college precious days" to the max (as they always tell me) , and I think that I'm ready to get out and be another one of the overpopulation-useless-empty-lifed-broke-employees of this fabulous world !
I know I'm just saying that,and years later I will look back and miss my current days so much , but I think that's the natural thing ; to finish a level and when you feel ready you leap to the next one , you might miss the old levels but you'd never seriously consider going back to them..and that is just life !

Now I have nearly 4 months to graduate,so I'm not rushing anything,and I will enjoy them as much as I can en sha allah , but for now,I'm enjoying my weekend early :)


Saleh said...

I liked the idea of early weekend. Just you cannot afford to do it frequently.

Also I liked the term "overpopulation-useless-empty-lifed-broke-employees"... So funny. But sometimes you have the chance to change this destiny. Just don't miss those chances.

Have fun.

Rain said...

Hey Saleh :)
Tell me about it!lol

I will try not to miss these chances en sha allah,but I'm also preparing myself for the worst lol
You know the world can be tough sometimes and after all,all what matters is your health,happiness and family
Thanks!you too have fun
What do you do by the way?

nmroodeh said...

لووول حبيت منظرك
طالعة زي الرغيف العجيب بالصورة الاولى

على الهامش: فكرتك مش محجبة
:???: :*oh:

Rain said...

lol leh el koll befakerny mo m7ajjabeh 0_O
I added you on FaceBook btw bs sheklek 6aga3teeny ignor :sad:

Whisper said...

شو هالحلاوه هاي
كلّه كوم و العيون كوم تاني :)

Each period in our life has its ups and downs ...enjoy what u have now and inshallah the next periods to come be full with happiness and fun :)

Rain said...

LOOOL Whisper :P

I could not agree more,haina metwakleen 3a allah :)

6abaZa said...

the first paragraph is like defining the perfect life !!

EvaLuna said...

Thats Gay :p

Rain said...

Toto koly hawa lol

Samsoom sa77?lol too bad u can't do it like often like sale7 said!

EvaLuna said...

and the new blog theme!!! you should really consider marrying me :p

Rain said...

I'm always considering marrying you ya b3d 3omry ana..
b3dain I love tinkerbill gamoorah :smiley tale3 min el 5zaneh: