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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Several things made me wanna talk about this,one of them was an episode of Oprah which talked about how normal are we,and how normal do we think we are,and one of the things that came up was lying...they said that a study showed that men lie as twice as women do,women lie 3 times in average a day while men lie 6 times..
Another thing was the movie Liar,liar,which tells the story of a man who could not lie for a whole day,and his life was almost completely ruined.
Do we really need to lie?what if we could not lie for a whole day like Jim Carry in the movie?how do we lie and why?are we conscious of our lies?how true is that statistic?is it bad when we become really good at lying?did we even stop feeling bad about lying?

This thought inspired me to do a little project that goes like this ; I will not be honest for a whole day lol ,but I will record every lie I'll make during the day in a little notebook,I will try to figure out why I lied and how the lie came out and was I aware that I was "committing" a lie or not.
Starting tomorrow en sha allah,wish me luck,and oh I'm looking for a male lab rat...I mean a male volunteer lol..


Finalway said...

Actually we are lie's for so many reason some will lie for sells his merchants , other for make excuses for late about appointment , some will do that for justify forgetting occasions , we all do lie for many reasons that it will help us to get through a situations that we don't like to be in.

Ze2red said...

i'll wait for the results of this experiment :)

Whisper said...

Good luck :D
Cant wait for the results .... I have a candidate male in my mind lool

Whisper said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Wafa' said...

interesting experiment, we will wait fr the result.

Now as to why we lie? i guess there are different reasons and not all of them are bad or evil ? and not very lie is bad itself. sometime you lie to protect someone or to protect someone's feelings and emotions . Sometimes we lie to protect ourselves.
we lie to socialize most times. So..

The most important things is that we don't make this a habit for us.

Rain said...

you are right but I have to agree with Wafa that not all lies are bad!

en sha allah :)

Rain said...

meeeeeeeeen? :D

exactly,lying isn't necessarily always wrong!and I think it is very normal
but the question is when does it go wrong?when does things get messy?
where is the fine line between lying for others...and for yourself?

naysan said...

يا صاحبة الافكار
يا رب نعيش لبكرا ونشوف...بالانتظار

Ehab said...

Good luck, let's see how it'll go...

Rain said...

hehehe Naisan tara betla3 minny ana bs esh 7areega!

ahlan ahlan,thank you,eb2a 3eedha

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

OMG ! O bas... *awaiting* ..I think!

Euphoria said...

Waiting the feedback ;)

Rain said...

Fartash w Haitham jaieetkom bil 7aky :D

naysan said...

check ur gmail ya ba6a

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

! where r my 2 comments! jad ba7ky! :(

Rain said...

msh 3arfeh Haithm ana ma 3amaltesh 7aga! :O