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Sunday, October 31, 2010

OK it is the moment of truth..not the show,just my personal boring confessions!
Like I planned in the previous post,for the whole day-today-I've been conscious of my acts in order  to record any lies I'd make.Here we go,

.Was I expecting I'd lie?
yes very much so,but frankly I expected a higher number of them!
.Did I lie?
.How many lies did I count?
Almost 5..in that range
.What sort of lies were they?
The normal boring type of lies!
The most popular one was:"nice to meet you" and "nice to see you",neither were really that nice.I said that twice.
I also told my friends their presentation was good while in fact I thought it was a joke,I told them that twice,does that count as two lies? :/ anyway there wasn't really a point of telling them it was bad because it was too late!
I told my friend I thought her point of view about what we took in class was interesting and true,I didn't think so,I just wasn't feeling like arguing.
.Was I good at lying?
.Did I feel bad about it?
Not really .
So to sum it up,the main two reasons I personally lie for are : others' feelings and not feeling like elaborating (just nodding with my head sometimes to spare myself the conversation) but that is just me,and I'm not much of a talker in real life,so I guess that is a big factor.
Those were my lies for the day,I'm glad I didn't have to confess any important lie lol
My friend and fellow blogger Ecosan PROMISED me he'd do the male version of the experiment but it had to be delayed for tomorrow :/ so I guess I'll update later
*Smiley Homer Simpson yelling : "BOOOORIIING"*

Now that I'm thinking about it I believe the more life gets complicated and rough the more we feel the need to lie,this is why I do not have to lie much I guess I'm still off any hooks,I actually paid attention today as well and I haven't made a single lie,I wish life would always stay this simple!


Ze2red said...

and don't we all do that all the time :)?

I guess we need to be more aware of our lies, and people should accept honesty, and not argue at times when you don't feel like talking. i wonder how nice will it be if people would just respect your point, your word and look at the positive side, and not always assume you mean bad!

Ze2red said...

sa7ee7, mabrook for the new layout.

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

هلكتي عيونّا بال لووك الجديد ! مو حلو
now that was a lie :DDDDDDDD

I guess we lie "as the famous" study said: to avoid embarresment(s) andLor avoid conflict

naysan said...

are these concidered as lies really???

i thought those are ways of being nice to people!!!

i want big fat yummy lies!!!

Dr. N said...

It is so brave of you to confess. I also use the feelings and the not feeling like elaborating lies, one time too many …lol

Rain said...

Thanks 7bebty!
and yeah,but you know even I wanna be lied to sometimes!sometimes the truth is too painful and ugly and we wanna sugar it a little bit,no?

Rain said...

hehehe thanks yeslamo,exactly,those were my personal two reasons :)

Rain said...

LOOOOL I honestly don't know!but I guess there isn't such a thing as a white lie,so yes they are considered lies!
I wouldn't mind some lying to me myself! LOL :D

Rain said...

Dr. N,
I wasn't really that brave,actually I feel bad I didn't come up with something juicier lol
and I'm glad you're relating to this,I'm not alone!hehe

Ze2red said...

you are absolutely right

Whisper said...

I hate lying and I try not to lie at all, and yes I'm with you lying have no colors

But some times we have to manipulate in words so as not to hurt who we love....is this consider lying??? hope not :$

Whisper said...

I forgot to say THANKS 3al song
I LOVE it kteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer :)

Rain said...

Ze2red ♥

Whisper I don't think you can call it manipulating lol,it has no colors and I'm pretty sure it has no other names XD
but seriously even in Islam there are several cases where lying isn't considered a sin,look them up :)
I'm glad you loved the song,my point of posting it was to see if you all agree that sometimes we wanna be lied to,and is it a 5a6eiieh when we are?