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Sunday, October 10, 2010

I wrote about this art and uploaded some pictures some time ago here , today while browsing this artist's gellery I found these
They are truly exquisite!
This is exactly what we need to show the world how great our beloved Mohammad -peace be upon him- is , and how this beautiful religion of ours is all about love , forgiveness , care and faith .
My dearest salutes and greatest respect to Nayzak , the artist who drew them , jazak allah kol khair!


UmmOmar said...


Rain said...

wel beqra2 a7la :) ♥

LioneSS said...

Nice nice ^_^
Thanks for sharing :)

nmroodeh said...

ليه كل الكومنتات لاشخاص مختلفين بطلع صورة افاترك بدل افاترهم
والا هيك ثيم النيو لوك للبلوج؟

على الهامش: حبيت اكتر وحدة تبعت الي بعامل زوجته بمحبة
thanx 4 sharin'

Rain said...

Welcome ya ahlan w sahlan,3edeeha :)

هاي الاشي الوحيد اللي كرهته بالثيم :(
و هاي أصلا بطلت أفاتاري أنا غيرته

صح أنا كمان كتير حبيتها!

Whisper said...

كتير حلوين :)

حبيت التانيه اللي عن كفالة اليتيم كيف بسلم عليه باصبع واحد
بحب الصغار كيف يا دوب ايدهم يكفو اصبع واحد :)

Rain said...

hehehe jd cute! :D

Saleh said...

Lovely collection. I liked them.

Rain said...

thanks :)

خالد أبجيك said...

صور رائعة و معبرة جدا

بارك الله فيك أختي الكريمة

على الهامش: قمت بوضع ترجمة لتدوينتي الأخيرة

Rain said...

أهلا خالد

Anonymous said...

He is a great artist, but there are other great ones too. Have you seen Tuffix's works? How about Roel or iliani or Lavendra? They are all really amazing.

Rain said...

It would be great if you could give me links!thanks a million! :)

Anonymous said...

Mashallah well cute love them thankyou for them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rain said...

Welcome ;)

Anonymous said...

Great work, Islam really needs that work today

mysimple said...

Finally i found these, thank you for sharing ^-^ love this :)