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Saturday, October 2, 2010
There's nothing better than smart and creative art to express our deepest ideas.
As simple as it is,this video represents so many feelings of injustice and sadness to Muslims around the world.
Why can't I do whatever I want to do as long as I'm not hurting anyone?
Why do YOU or anyone get to decide what oppresses me or not...what liberates me or not,and what makes me a good person or not?
Watch this,


Finalway said...

Maybe the right question is (until when the world still in his ignorance against Islam an Muslim?

My faith is ; not for long time until the whole world know the truth …

Thanks for the clip

Rain said...

Hey Jehad,
In my opinion,there is no use of pointing fingers at anyone,it is what it is..what we need to do is try as much as we can to clear this misunderstanding of our great religion,and show people that it is about love,and fight for our freedom
I hope what you expect will really happen!
thank you for passing by!

naysan said...

because we, the muslims don't value and appreciate islam as we should,we under estimate our selves as muslims,,, and islam as well.

Rain said...

ahlain ya 7olwa,
well..we can't expect every Muslim to be perfectly responsible and completely represent his religion
I think it is much further than that,many other nations underestimate themselves as well,but the stereotype of oppression and terrorism was stuck to only US
let's at least try to solve that problem with things like this video..simple and straight forward,we are happy the way we are! :)

6abaZa said...

there u go




sorry about the late reply

Rain said...

yeslamo Samsoom!