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Tuesday, November 9, 2010
I'm officially done packing my summer clothes,so it's an official bye-bye to summer,and to my colorful light clothes

Hello fluffy warm winter clothes!

Oh,and I also found a butterfly in my laundry!poor thing was clinging to a jacket
She was dying :(
I'm sorry lil' thing,it's winter again!

A cute song:


Bullet said...

Yippee !!
winter , winter winter !!

I just like this season ! and i like when its coldness digging deep down in my bones (:
btw, i just like that white jacket (;seems it is awosome!
Happy winter , Rain ^_^

أول مرة بسمع أنو في شي اسمو هبي ونتر *

Dr. N said...

I also have finished packing and unpacking me me and the little ones. But since I travelled this summer from Lebanon to US I don't have much winter clothes for me, so it's a great reason to shop for new stuff...YAY :)
Stay warm...
BTW, how the election going? Any major disturbances??

Rain said...

Yessss winterrrr ♥♥♥
Oh my god finally I found someone else but me who likes to be cold!HAHA!
Actually that jacket is light grey not white and it's sooo warm I love it ♥_♥

LOL @ happy winter I love it! XD happy winter to you too dear! ;)

Rain said...

Yeeey shopping!! :D
I wanna shop too,winter clothes are the best!♥
I hope you get nice things ;)

aaaand I'm afraid you're asking the wrong person lol,stayed home all day,did everything I delayed for the past week sooo.. :P

kholood said...

we all need to shop for winter
happy summer pass away and i wish u a happy winter
هاي تاني مرة بتسمعي فيه صح ؟؟
هابي ونتر
rain انا هون بالانجلش عشان اقوي انجليزياتي شويه يلا بلكي زبطت معنا وهاجرنا من هالبلد
ابصر ممكن

Wafa' said...

Winter is very cool, harsh but cool still beautiful :)

Rain said...

thnx hehe,yep 5ls sarat trend XP
aya balad?aya englezeiiat...huh?0_O

Rain said...

Winter rocks! :D

w7l said...

mmmm...... sweat sweat winter

i like the feeling of gloomy weather ! i like the freezing wind, lack of warmth , the snow , the hot bread , the rain (not you!!!) , i like almost everything in the winter!!

and ewwwwwww for the butterfly ! i hates butterflies ! (strange right?!)

naysan said...

كل عام وانتِ بخير يا بطه

رجعت الشتويه...يا ريت
بدي شتويه حقيقيه برد ورعد وتلج وريح
على رأي عمو وائل
مش شويه غيمات بيكزدروا فوق بيتكم:لوووووول
ومكيفه عليهم وبتبعتيلنا صورهم....

EvaLuna said...

ya mabrook esejjade

Doomish said...

Saturday would be my turn :/
there goes a weekend.

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

بكرهكم كليااااتكم و winter

Dr. N said...

LOL, naysan.. I like your comment
مش شويه غيمات بيكزدروا فوق بيتكم
ta7sheesh, men ela5er :)

Rain said...

How can you hate a butterfly??she's sweet,she's innocent and pure,and she has such a short life :(
I was glad I found her hiding there but I was also sad she died :(

Rain said...

LOOOOL wallah shattat,wel osboo3 el jay mon5afad fi sheta enshallah: http://img14.imageshack.us/img14/2364/61745110.png
yala 3eeshy
Happy winter ya 2mr ;)

Rain said...

hehehe allah ybarek feeky :****

Rain said...

Don't be so gloomy it's fun,put some music,dance around on and try to enjoy it ;)

Rain said...

elly bekrah Haitham yerfa3 2eedo
*smiley rafe3 2eedo* + *smiley Um Omar w heye raf3a 2eedha*

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

I can live with that :D