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Friday, November 26, 2010

My dream is to be a translator..a great one
But when I see a translation like this one..it feels far far away..such a far dream!


NasEr said...

Johnny Walker... keep walking and look ahead.
it should make you want to be a better translator not frustrate you! come on !!!

Saleh said...

I downloaded the link and will try to read later (if I find the time to do so). If I can guess correctly the content, my reply would be:
Imagine that we, as human being, know everything and able to do everything, do you think that life would have a value. No work, no learning, no new experience, no joy to achieve things, no tears to appreciate the smile, no failure to appreciate the success... quite boring (at least for me).

Do the best you can and don't look around!
Do the things you like and enjoy them!

All success.

hajar aman shah said...

If life changing decision are usually the hardest, then you could imagine that usually the harder our dreams are-how much character it would built in us. Usually valuable characters; determined, patience, hardworking, appreciation etc...InsyaAllah, my prayer is for you. It may seems like a hurdle from afar, but by the time you reach the hurdle, you might have already build who lot of muscle and will to go through it like another step on the road. InsyaAllah

Rain said...

Welcome,you're right I know..
It's just that I wasn't aware that this book was already translated..and thoughts of translating a chapter or were floating in my head..words and sentences..and then I saw that and it blew me away!I felt sooo like an amateur compared to it
But now I feel better,5ls no more e7ba6 he3!

Rain said...

You're right,working hard for things make them taste so much better....5ls ana 2asef :(

Rain said...

Lovely Hajar,
I love your comment,thank you for your sweet words and prayers! :*

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

U know raino, being a "good" translator is a very very demanding job! Now this is not to mean that I`m a good 1 myself, far from it actually!

But it IS a fulfilin` challenge to describe thoughts/emotions/ideas in another language. It`s twofold"ly" hard; 1st to REALLY absorb the source, then to put it to another reader in his/her own language! so hard!
I looked for a couple of articles that helped me understand the complexity + importance of it but couldn`t find them :( "I have them back homethough"
I guess what I`m saying is that u should be empowered by such gr8 translation work not boiled down from it :)

*my dad worked as a translator for ... "all his life" , lol ... still he is.. and he always tell me that he is now "a translator between good & a very good one" :)


yosef said...

مساء الخير

وتتهمينني بانني اصبتك بالإكتئاب صباحا
وانتِ واقعيّة جدا
بتذكري شو كتبتِ على العيد
اجمل ما في الكتابه انها تُحرر الانسان من قيوده

دام حضوركِ المُتألق

Rain said...

wallah m3k 7a2,btw 3endak maddeh adabeiieh ma torjemat min 2bl?a3teeny eBleez :(

اه والله معك حق صايرة بني ادمة كئيبة جدا و سلبية،و مش ملاحظة حتى لحد ما قرأت تعليقك انه هاد الاشي منعكس عمدونتي
الله يمرّق هالفترة عخير :(

شكرا لمرورك أخي

Mohammad said...

u should feel more motivated by reading such stuff.. that man have a good experience, and u will be like him in sha2 alla with more practice..
ps. i like the title article :P

good luck :)

Rain said...

Yeah I know...I was just freaking out..in public! lol

thanks Switchooooo ^_^

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

thakarteeny b modeeret l maliyyeah b sho3'ly l gadeem "ebleez ebleez" , loool

"este3'abeh 3ala l sobe7! :P"

fy 3indek l Iliad ,, translate that to Chechen :D
bas stay away from Odyssey b/c I did that already :P - glad I can help (6) :evilness:

Rain said...

omg Haitham..the illiad?0_O
LOL @ you!
jd ennak dob