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Monday, November 29, 2010
 So I'm looking for some good material to translate to Arabic...something in English or Spanish,short stories,articles or anything interesting..
If anyone has something that they know has not been translated before,whether it's been written by you or someone else please gimme suggestions people!


Doomish said...

Is it for your self to practice? Or for uni?

hajar aman shah said...

Hi Rain,
Feel free to translate all my poetry/poems in my blog which i written. I'll be honored if you do, my small support for you.. :)

Dr. N said...

I will look for one. When is your dead line?

yosef said...

صباح الخير رين
فعلا فكرة جميلة ورائعة وستخدم الكثيرين
انا شخصيا اذا امكنك العكس ان تترجمي من العربية الى الانجليزية او الاسبانية ساستفيد من مجهوداتك الرائعة
هناك بعض الكتابات القصيرة المتعلقة بالوطن اتمنى ان انشرها بالانجليزية او الاسبانية خاصة وان لدي تواجد على موقع منفتح اللغات
صباحك فل

naysan said...

ما الك الا وفاء
بحسها بتابع و بتقرأكل المواقع و المقالات الاجنبيه اللي في الدنيا

بعد اذنك طبعا وفاء:)

صباح الفل الك ولوفاء ولكل الدنيا

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

need more info plz :)
as the kind ppl b4 me stated

Wafa' said...

لا يانيسان ياقمر عادي حبيبتي

Rain, if you want any kind of articles, here are some :-






these are some, but if you are interested in something particular, then tell me here or by email or face book :)

Betsy said...

globalvoicesonline.org are always looking for people to translate their articles.. including mine!

Rain said...

Thanks each and everyone for your great help...really ♥

Dot, it's for my own practice + to be published en sha Allah

Haitham,nothing specific :)

Betsy,welcome :)