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Thursday, November 18, 2010

There..I said it!..I do,I hate it,I don't care if it's supposed to be a season of blessings..for me it is just a disappointment!
I'm being a drama queen here so bare with me,but ever since I was a child I imagined that the day of Eid couldn't just pass like that without a miracle..there has to be something magical about that day,and I always waited,but the day would pass by laughing at me..
Even now as I'm big enough to understand that magic is something we feel not see,I can't help but expect this day would be different,and that it would at least make me happy,but it's not even close!
It is worse than a regular day,because everything bad in it is double horrible due to the expectations I've had..
And this Eid...it was the worst!
I want everyone to stop saying "Happy Eid" please..right now!
I want it to pass like another day,I don't wanna know it is Eid...you know what?let's just pretend Eid is over! :)


Haitham Seelawi said...

lol! I am on your side! ;p

yosef said...

do you know why they used to say happy eid?
thats mean that they wish us a happy eid

why they used to wish us ahappy eid as long as its eid and should be pleasant and happy ?

normally its not but we still beleive that ahappy eid once will come

hope it will be soon

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

plz don`t tell; but I hate it too! I promised to start liking it for Hiyam`s sake but not a success till now! :((((((

hajar aman shah said...

Awww my dear, i'm so sorry it wasn't a good day for you..expectation does double up dissapointment at times. *hugs* i hope you check your email, just to cheer u up?

Rain said...

Haitham Seelawi,
LOL,thanks for the support..we should make a club and have jackets!

Rain said...

I hope you always have great Eid's but I'd rather not expect it to be happy anymore if you know what I mean!
and I know people only say that to wish me a happy one,but I can't help but be disappointed!thanks :)

Rain said...

Haitham Sheeshany,
HAHA join the club I've just started with Haitham Seelwai!
we've got jackets!and soon....cookies!

Rain said...

Thank you so much for the detailed information,that was very helpful,thanks a million for you kindness!
it really cheered me up ;)
Hope you're having a wonderful time with your family! xoxoxo

Susu said...

I guess when you get married and have kids you'll start liking it. When you see how excited your kids are about the new clothes and gifts!! This is how I feel now :)
Have a good weekend (and one more day of Eid) :D

Dr. N said...

Sorry that you are not enjoying it. It might be helpful to know that I didn't too??
Anyways, try to be happy despite the occasion. I also want to join the club if there will be jackets. Don't design the logo with out consulting me tho'...I am warnning ya ;)
P.S. how noble of you to cheer me up while your not feeling any better!!

Wafa' said...

well, it's almost over. so ok , let's pretend it didn't even happen ya ba6a , lol

الكيل بمكيالين said...

شو يعني هاد البوست المضاد لللي أنا كتبته ؟
شوفي الأيام بشكل عام بتمر مملة وبتشبه بعض بس إنتي ما تتوقعي إنه اللحظة السحرية تجي لحالها أو الفرح يهبط علينا فجأة، أنا شخصيا بخلق الفرح بالعيد بإني أطلع وأبسط حالي وأتمشى لو لوحدي بس أفرح وأغير جو وما أتوقع كثير من الناس :)
إنشاء الله تغيري رأيك يوم من الأيام :)

Rain said...

LOL marriage?omg...that's..soon!lol
anyway I'm glad you're having a good time,maybe kids will make me enjoy
Eid but they will make me pay for the rest of the days of year LOL,too soon,still young♥

I declaire you president of the club yala 3eeshy LOOOL
aw,I'm sorry you didn't enjoy it:(
HAHA el 7ilo ino we were talking ino yey happy eid w bil a5eer la ana wala enty enbasatna XD
Support group?this time I'm president v_v

Rain said...

I'm trying real hard but people won't let me..
almost over...and I also have a midterm,ya mseebty :'(

Rain said...

ahlan ♥
LOL ah had anti-kiki post XD
you're probably right,but it's hard to explain to you..I'm not the only one in the family with issues with Eid..lol long story :)
Thnx jmeeleh ;)

Whisper said...

7bebti....the problem that we lost the real meaning of Eid, maybe because we grow up or maybe because we convert it to an unpleasant obligations days :S

I can't deny that I lost the childhood joy of Eid but I still love it :)

3 alhamesh

I thought Sheeshany's comment is

He is full with surprises as u know :D

Bullet said...

salee 3al nabii !
We, who make Eid a happy moment or not !

"I want everyone to stop saying "Happy Eid" please..right now!"

ok ok ta7et 2amrik . btw, I want a T-shirt for anti-happy Eid group !
and I'll write a song 4 our group , mashee? lol
ballah shoufele el first stanza iza 3gbtik aw la2 ;

hey, isn't eid today
no ya 7bibe you cant say
dont say Happy Eid
cuz every inch of me is bleed !
why? lets cheer , be happy and enjoy ,
huh! what a little stupid boy !

come join us
only us w bas
and dont make a fuss

anti-happy Eid we are !
YES, we are , we are !!

my regards !

Rain said...

Whisper ♥
First HAHAHAHAHAHA OMG I thought he'd come and say that too! XD
But he didn't!turns out there is actually something we two agree on 0_O

and I don't know if the reason is us growing up,but I actually hated it as a child too..what a weird child sa77?0_O
Hope you enjoyed it to the max :*

Rain said...

LOOOOOOL loved it!and now we have an anthem HHAHAHAHAHA XD
Welcome to the cluuuuuub,ra7 ne3mel 7aflet 3ia6 feiio v_v

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

After rethinking it over ,,,

and thx to umm l whisper,,,

أنا بحب العييييييييييد
بمووووووووت فيه
"و منه كمان" :]

happy 3eeeeeeeeeeeeed
happpppyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 3eeeeeeeeeeeed

3eeeeeeeeeed = happy

3eed is not over


Rain said...

HAHA ballah?5ls ra7t 3laaaaaik XD

w7l said...

first lol @ "7aflet 3ia6" !

actually i stopped feeling the joy of the eid long time ago , i dont think its my problem or yours! i think when i was a child i used to be happy in eid because of new clothes, toys,chocolate,and "al3edeah" -that never satisfy me by the way!- what i am trying to say ; there is nothing we have to feel happy for now,but even so its still eid ,it still has its unique style , if you think in positive way , and how you see some of your relatives that you will never see if there are no Eid! i think things will be more happier!

and c'omn! dont convince me that you are not happy for your new clothes!!

BTW! i hated this Eid! because i had to work in it!! :(

Rain said...

Hey W7l :D
well,first I'm not a grumpy person,and simple things make me happy al hamd le allah,I'm generally a very happy person,but when it comes to Eid I'm just not!
and as for relatives we never see them unfortunately most of them are in Palestine
I think the problem is that I grew to hate it ever since I was a kid because I thought it would be different and it's just not,it is not its fault but I was just whining as usual :P
thanks for stopping by,and I'm sorry you had to work on it,but at least you did something useful sa77? :)

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

!!!! I`m not a grumpy person! <=== said the so-lying rain , loooool

Rain said...

wallah enny motafa2el! :(

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

6b laweesh el :( ethan :D

*3am netnakwash bas! :P

Rain said...

bedna kman club..I Hate Haitham Sheeshany
I bet everyone will join XD

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

there is one already!
العضوية ببلااااااش

أنا مشارك باسمين حتى

Rain said...

huh! no wonder!

Anonymous said...

hey i agree with u, but my problem about eid is different. firstly i dont have dat many relatives or cousins, i do but not in contact. secondly, in most eid-ul-azah(if dats da spelling) my parents force me and take me out of city to one of my cousin's house and man its sooooo borrring there!!! and i hate going there because i have to miss a day of school. and this time, i missed school so i didnt get my exam syllabuses, missed the yearbook photos and missed a TEST!!! i hate dat and nowww i am soooooooooooooooooooooo unhappy but my mom, but my mom is just mental. i also hate eid because i hate my life as i hate my parents(dont tell me not to, there is a reason. u would agree with me to if u knew da reason)so da bottom line is: I HATE MY LIFE AND I HATE EID IN MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOAH thats a big comment!

Rain said...

Hi dear,
First I'm so sorry you're having a hard time in Eid, and my problem isn't that different by the way..I don't have any relatives here either and the ones II have aren't so close to us so that makes the two of us :P
Mmm I'm not lecturing or anything but have you ever thought why your parents do that? they just want you to be closer to them,they wanna enjoy eid with you before you grow up and leave them
Think about it...in the future when you lose them(and I hope you don't but life works like that) when you lose them you will not remember your yearbook picture and you will not remember your exam...all that you will remember is the time that you spent with them..and you will blame yourself on hating them..
Please don't take this a a lecture,I was once in your shoes and felt exactly the same...but now I cherish all my parents do for me because I know they will not last forever

And who cares about yearbook photo?everyone looks so ugly in them anyway :P

I really hope you feel better
and if you need anything contact me,have a happy eid :)