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Monday, November 1, 2010

This is not a movie review no...although I loved that movie LOL
Here's the thing...there is something wrong in our house....I feel stupid even talking about it,but I wouldn't have talked if I hadn't seen it myself.
Lucky for me I only had two incidents,my sister on the other hand had a handful of them.

When my brother and his wife moved into their apartment downstairs my mom warned us not to say anything in front of my sister in law,but a couple of weeks later she was the one who came and told us there's something wrong.

I know this sounds really stupid and like we watch too many horror movies
I don't know,do you believe in such stuff?

I'm too scared to sleep in my bedroom tonight because it is separate from the rest of the house in a completely different floor,and the last couple of nights weren't the nicest!
what's wrong with the couch?I like the couch!


Ahmad Hamdan said...

I do believe in such stuff but i don't give it a big deal any more, i used to do that when i was a kid until let's say first year of college :), the solution for me was simple, Read Al-Mu3awethat, Al-Korsi and play the Quran in my mobile.

It's completely Natural for one to be scared of sleeping alone.

As for the below apartment you mentioned, i know the feeling and suffering, we used to live in an apartment like that and not one single family / relative mentioned a good word of it :), so the solution your brother should mostly leave the apartment :(

Rain said...

ahlain a7md,welcome o3od eshrab fenjan 2hwe :)

I'm glad you're relating to this!I still feel weird though by talking about it! :S
Thanks for the advices,I don't think my brother is moving out any time soon though lol

Wafa' said...

what's wrong with the couch !!

tell us its story <==== crazy about scary stuff :)

But seriously try letting the quran be on all the time or at least Sura AL-Baqara sor some days. it will help :)

hajar aman shah said...

Hi Rain...Salam
By the way, your blog is great. keep up the good job. And no, you're not alone in this. stupid? definitely not...they all exist, mostly within our naked eye realm. Although, we got to stay focus that there (all of 'it') are the creation of our Almight God. We don't need to brag and puff our chest to handle them, but much prayer in your heart that your family seek nothing but peace. Pray for the Lord for His protection against any harm (paranormal or not). InsyaAllah. Have a good jemaah prayer in your 'problem' apartment, and together have a good congregational prayer and du'a hoping for the safety and harmonious living in the apartment.
fear nothing but God, and seek for His protection. :)
Most of these 'invisible' creatures are God-fearing, its usually bad people that worries me at night.

Whisper said...

Allah ysam7ek 3ala hal2esas 3ala wish elsobo7 ....keef beddy anam ana halla2 :"(

3ala ra2y Um Omar elm5tefyeh.....BKRAHEK :(

Haitham Seelawi said...


Incidents like what?

Euphoria said...

Lool 6amnina 3aliki ,, did you sleep well last night,or what ??

My husband came with this movie and said we will watch it with the whole family as you wont able to sleep after it & we gathered the family and watch it @ the mid night..
I was the only one who who does not scare that much .. dont ask me why !!!,,
But I liked the direction as it makes the events as they happens in reality & hate the stupid guy who mas with the devil :s

Rain said...

LOL @ you,ok you will find one of the incidents in the comment replying to Haitham enjoy lol.
and yes,we always do that,and better yet,we read it ourselves.
thnx ♥

Rain said...

Hello! :)
thank you! I'm flattered :)
You are absolutely right,there's nothing I should fear if I believe god's with me,and I do,and I know they wouldn't wanna harm me,if they wanted to they would have done it years ago..

Rain said...

I'm sorry I didn't mean to scare you! :(
plus it's me who lives in the haunted house not you so you can relax lol!

Rain said...

Haitham,welcome to my blog
You had to ask didn't you?lol
OK here's something that happened to me couple of years ago
I was sleeping in my old bedroom at night when I woke up and felt something on my back pushing me,I though it was my mom because she has a rough way of waking us usually lol so I said 5ls mama I'll get up b3d shwai..
but when it didn't stop and I also felt it pressuring my back and hurting me I snapped out of my bed,and saw a black body jumping away from me and running towards the door
I told my mother and my brothers and they searched the house but there was nothing
even talking about it gives me the creeps :(

Rain said...

ah ed7aky,ma ana elly fel war6a 7aserty 3a 7ali
I slept after keeping my friend awake talking to me until I fell asleep,ya 7ram!
That movie is so scary 3n jd,I watched it alone,and when my brothers watched it they where like:sho haظa? lol

ArabObserver said...

Maybe you need to consult a psychiatrist :) what do you really see?

naysan said...

yamma,,,بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

i am the queen of cowards,,,
just read ur first incident.thank u very much.

bas 3an jad,allah ykoon b3onkom.

EvaLuna said...

يا مخوفاتي يا منور حياتي

Rain said...

Arab observer,
it is not me who "sees" it's my sister,I said I only had 2 incidents or didn't you read the post in the first place?:)

I'm sorrry :(
You know,maybe I should really see a psychiatrist!

mared washweshnyyyy ♥

hajar aman shah said...

rain, you know when i was 19, i was staying over at my friend's house (which supposedly to be haunted). suddenly i felt a nudge on my shoulder,i woke up and saw my friend looking down on me. Suddenly she was speaking gibberish, and as i wanted to reply her, i realised i couldn't speak, breath or move. I closed my eyes really tight (i was close from peeing in my pants) and prayed to God to protect me. I felt a sudden release and i sit up and look at the clock. It was 3am. I hurriedly went to my friend's room and saw her, sleep soundly. I woke her up and asked her if she woke me up minutes ago, and her confuse face send me goosebumps. That was freaking me out for the longest time, i couldn't sleep at night without a radio/tv on. I was too scared to sleep in silence and in the dark.
I know what you mean when you we just can't help it...hahaha..trust me, i know. Alhamdulillah, once you keep yourselves aware how Lord is your best protector...it will put a bit strength in your chills...

Rain said...

thanks for the story,one more and we'll make a collection of them looool
I guess the key for both you and I is to just count on god,nothing will ever happen to us unless it is our destiny and god wants it to happen right?
God!it is so easy for me to say that in the day light sitting at my computer lol
No,seriously,en sha allah I will stop thinking about it,I promise!

Haitham Seelawi said...


lol that was funny "Dafdoo3ah" ;p I always wanted to experience something like this and recently I did, but it was so funny that I started laughing at the mid of the night and my parents thought I was nuts. I saw a pig head flying next to me, while flapping its ears. That was hilarious.

Have you ever heard about LSD? The point is, I think that we sometimes wake up hallucinating and may be this have to do with the environment e.g. the room we are sleeping in. In my previous home there where voices and sounds all over the house all night long, and that had to do with the interior structure of the walls playing acoustic tricks on us ;)

Just rest assured that nothing bad will happen to you, but if something happened then tell me, I will haunt them for you ;p

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

thx 4 th scare! :( *where is that unfollow button!*

Rain said...

You know,maybe you're right,human mind is really creepy thing and it can play tricks on you
thanks for your words maybe I'll get to sleep tonight! :P

Haitham...el tany0_O lol,
6ab3an manta bedak 7ejjeh :(
barahak Y_Y

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

haitham l tany! <== I`m semi-hurt :P

bas what a scare! Lol "no, I`m not helping,, I know" I know a gr8 psychiatrist - Armenian. o bidoon 3omooleh kaman.. :) (I`m serious) :)

Rain said...

Wow thanks Haitham!0_O
When I go crazy I'll let you know :/

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...



Rain said...

when wt?