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Saturday, November 20, 2010

 My friend Elise posted this article on my wall(thanks Elise!)
It is written by a young journalist who did the experiment of wearing Hijab  for a month,putting herself in the shoes of any Muslim Hijabi,what she didn't know is that she ended up "representing a faith"
I loved it..and more than that I respected that girl ,I respected her so much for reminding me of so many things I take for granted,like how my Hijab gives me strength!she didn't need to even share my religious views to strengthen my own belief :)
Here's a paragraph that I loved in the article...just to excite you to read it :

False patriotism
I did not receive intentional, flagrant anti-Muslim responses. I did, however, receive an e-mail allegedly “intended” for another reader. The e-mail was titled “My new ringtone.” When I opened the audio file, the Muslim prayer to Mecca was abruptly silenced by three gunshots and the U.S. national anthem.

I spoke to the sender of the e-mail, and he said, “It was just a joke.” Here lies a problem with phobias and intolerance — joking about it doesn’t make it less of an issue. When was it ever okay to joke about hatred and persecution? Was it acceptable when Jews were grotesquely drawn in Nazi cartoons? Or when Emmet Till was brutally murdered?
The e-mail is unfortunate evidence that many people inaccurately perceive Islam as violent or as “the other.” A Gallup poll taken last November found 43 percent of Americans feel at least a “little” prejudice against Muslims

It is long,but I promise you will enjoy it :)


observationofalostsoul said...

An amazing article, thanks for sharing it.

w7l said...

wonderful story! imagine if all Americans open their mind a little bit and start thinking in that way, i think we will not have any problem!

Rain said...

Welcome to my blog,glad you liked it :)

isn't it?:)
It is not just American people who need to have that perspective and that open mind,I think that girl had something to teach us all,it is not just about Islam,it is about everything we automatically and unconsciously label or judge everyday..just put yourself in their shoes! :)

EvaLuna said...

They should make a statue for this girl in a main plaza here in this stupid Espana. People are interested in having an opinion about each and every issue but without putting the minimum of effort on reading a book or searching for the truth.

I dont know anything about the Catalan case , or the Vasco case and therefor I dont have an opinion , but you cant find a person around here who does not have an ''opinion'' about Hijab.

Yesterday a woman told me that this is a stupidity and that Islam has to be modified I asked her: have you ever read a book about Islam? she said: no , I said: here we go!!

Thanks for sharing amor ,, ebgy ta3ali 3al chat mshan ely 5alagek

Rain said...

It's easy for us to say that we don't like this or that without really knowing what the deal is...we should learn from this girl,I should keep reminding my self to be like her and stop judging,I can't seem to remember that or apply it to everything,but I'm trying!