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I long for freedom, and when I get it, I don't know what I'm going to do with it, but I will surely be happy.

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Thursday, November 25, 2010
Hi,dear blog...
.While I'm waiting for a sign from god right now..actually not a sign..a clue that could once and for all determine my situation,while waiting I had an encounter with the remains of a decision I took in the past..a big one,and god showed me one more time I was not alone,and that he'd never have left me alone,I'm kind of sad right now,but my heart is full of love and faith...I cannot explain it.

.I've been wanting to talk about some stories I've been hearing about...what is with girls who love being controlled brutally by their boyfriends-notice,not their husbands..not their dads their BOYFRIENDS- 0_O
I mean what's up with them "My boyfriend did not allow me to go out today" 0_O
Seriously,I'm losing faith in humanity!

.We're getting a maid soon,and that's kind of weird because my mom and dad are the kind of people who'd never depend on anyone but themselves,I mean their whole life they worked so hard for themselves and for us and never complained(well..a little bit lol)
But the point is we grew up to be like them,this is why it is going to be weird having a complete stranger doing things for you all day long,but my mom does deserve some rest after all,so that's good..

.What else?Movies..
I watched the first 30 minutes of The Social Network,hated the guy and therefore hated the movie,I can't deny it is very smart,but I hate this kind of people..HIS kind of people
Despicable Me is a new favorite on my list,it's funny and touching,it's so sweet I'm gonna die! :D
It's Complicated : Ew..I mean EW!! like I've said before too American for me,no offense to Americans of course oops lol
Inception in the other hand was wonderful to watch,I always love DiCaprio's performance,and most of his movies have a deep and a well constructed story,and I loved this movie in particular because it says a lot about our nature as humans,how we run away from what hurts us even though it is a fact..our minds are funny..complicated and deep worlds that we know little about..

.I also loved this..very cute..

.Love this song,even though it's against everything I believe in...love it! :P

.Got me some cute new things...but I'm also going shopping on Saturday,the addiction mood isn't over just yet! :)

.Pictures of the sky

 that's my house up the hill :)

.I miss my friend Toto...Toto if you're reading this..I miss you with all my heart,please come back
I hate the thought that our uni days are over just like that...I want them back...:(


Whisper said...

Congratulation for the new them ...I like it even though it was VERY difficult to read the post :S

About the first paragraph .... 7bebte when we depend on God , God always show us the right road so keep waiting and inshallah God will give you all the best

I don't want to start talking about this "boyfriends" phenomena....I know my self I'll write a post here :)

Nyalkom :$ mammety refuse the idea of having a strange person at our house, but thanks God she is ok with the weekly maid :)

Mabrook for the new stuff I like the bag very much ....and mabrook in advance for the Saturday new stuff :P

Thanks for the lovely pictures

hajar aman shah said...

Hi rain, Anyway, i think your post looks absolutely sweet!~ so jameel...and i'm glad you've watched inception. And love your sky pictures collection. Keep up the good work. Thank you for your kind words on my blogs too..*hugs*

Wafa' said...

despite what you seems to be a tough time you are going through, it's great knowing that you still have hope in Allah. Always count on Him, he would never let you down.

And inshaAllah it's just a phase :)

Dr. N said...

Dear Ms Rain
Oh, this is going to be a long reply, because I am up at 5 am on a holiday and can’t go back to sleep so let’s do some chit-chat here …lol
From an experience, the more you depend on Allah (SWT) the less confused and worried you will become….I have a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooong experience in this. So, good for you girl
As for the girls who are being controlled by boyfriends, this is simply STUPID. And as I always say: Allah la yrodha sho me ye3mel feha 2alil - - I hope you understand my 3arabizi :D
Nayalkom 3al maid…not with envy ;) I wish I can have a maid to help me here 24/7. People in the Middle East are so spoiled even though they don’t do half of what we do here and they always complain.
Za3altili when you said that you didn’t like “it’s complicated”, I loved it. O ba3dayen sho malhom el Americans, wallah agda3 nas :). We went to the movies the other day, my two oldest girls watched Harry Potter, since they are dye- hard fans, and I watched Tangled with the little ones.
Finally, mabrook for the new finds.
BTW, Congratulations on your graduation. 3e2bal el PhD.
I think that’s enough for you. Thanks for hanging in there with me :)

Rain said...

thanks,is it really hard to read?I changed the font color to be darker,so how about now?

I know god is always there,ya rab....ed3eeli <3
I don't want to start talking about this "boyfriends" phenomena....I know my self I'll write a post here :)

My mom wanted to get a weekly maid bs o5ty el kbereh aqna3at.ha,poor mom,l7alha bil bait w kollna bil dwam so btetla3 3a ras.ha!:(

allah ybarek b 3omrek ya 2mr <3
w m2adameen,thanks! :)

Rain said...

I just hope this whole confusion ends..you know?
Allah be3een :)
thanks for stopping by <3

Rain said...

Dear doc. hehe
Oh..so I'm not the only one who wakes up early on holidays?omg LOL
I hope I'll keep that in mind...I hope everything will be OK soon :(..ya rab

As for these girls..the thing is..ino ana ektashafet sho malhom..most of these girls are given too much freedom and independence at a very young age so I don't know what happens but it seems that they want to make up for that lack of control with someone elses other than their parents..had ta7leely el 5ass lol,hay elly tele3 m3y!

HAHA,you're kinda right about that people don't work that hard and still they complain..but my mama does really work so hard :(
3a rasi el Americans lol..it's just that it's a waaaaaay too different culture,I just couldn't relate to it,you know?ino be5eff 3a2ly sara7a addeh 3endhom sexual freedom,I just can't swallow that,and the movie opens up with something like that..that's why I didn't even finish it :/

I wanna watch Harry Potter tooooo ehe2 ehe2 :'(
Soon enshallah I will go *yay*
Allah ybarek b 3omrek ya rab...one more semester and
I'll be free! *_*

hehehe can't get enough of your sweetness doc. :D
thanks for stopping by and for your lovely words <3

Rain said...

thanks..you too are jameelah ^_^
thanks for stopping by dear,and my words came really out of the bottom of my heart :)

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

*أول "انفصام" حقيقيّ لي كان لما شفت واحد صاحبي بالجامعة بيضرب "صاحبته" كف داخل الكلية! إنو ... واااو ... و هو بيصيح : بتستاهلي... و بعد شوي سمعتها بتحكي لوحدة ثانية : آه بستاهل كنت ... و من بعدها الوضع صار عادي "شوي" :S
* يعني صرتو برجوازيين و أرستقراطيين؟ :]]

* الأغنية ما فتحت معي أصلا ً !!

*I hate the sandals!
haik 7or ana

*inception is the only film I liked this year!
+ we saw "everybody`s fine - robert de niro and we cried !

Rain said...

howe fe3lan btestahal!omg!
shoft ballah?ra7 abattel ashta'3el serlankeiieh b3d kol 3zoomeh :)
"we cried" as in you and Heiam?LOOOL
bdoon dareb!

FYI Those were not sandals! LOL

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

They r sandals in my fa$n book :P
still my point is valid,, they r hideous!
no me and hiyam`s pooh! duh :P

*btw; we know where u live now! Be scaaaaaaaaaaaared, be veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery scared :K :evilsh face ever:
we includes the scariest of them all umm 3omar 6ab3an :D

Rain said...

LOL tayeb ya seedy,minnak m2booleh
and wuhoo..I'm really scared *smiley Maroco m2 hdook el 56oo6 3ala 3einha*

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

إبتتخوثي ، طيّب

حأنشر صور المنسف اللي التهمناه مؤخرا ً

w7l said...

what is going on?! i spent a week without Internet and when i came back i found a lot of changes !! new theme for your blog, and statistical talking you are the most active blogger during the last week, fa sho % ?

anyways , the social network definitely i will watch it this week! even i didnt like the idea but i heard it is a good movie.

and congrats , you are one semester away from graduation, i think even if someone didnt like his university , he will still feel sad for leaving it! -at least for me-

Rain said...

مش عم أتخوت
Maroco is a very serious issue for me


Rain said...

Doctor W7SH :D
Well,I didn't have a connection for the last couple of days so I haven't been very active..
What statistic said that? 0_O
I hope you'll enjoy the movie,and thanks a lot
I do like my uni. actually I love my uni.
It's just that I'm sick and tired of dealing with some people and I'm ready to move on to the next level en sha Allah :)
thnx ;D

w7l said...

i am using google reader to view the blogs i follow, so every time your blog has the most unread posts !

____next level______

Rain said...

HAHA maybe it's becaue I write about everything that pops into my mind :P :D

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

مبروك إنك تعلمتي ال

موروكو إز أوفر ريتت :]

Rain said...

Maroco rules v_v

thnx hehehehe