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Wednesday, November 10, 2010
A friend told me about these two amazing artists Gustav Klimt and Canan Berber
I don't know what is it about their paintings but they make me feel as if I was in a dream,they make me regain something vague I once felt as a child and lost in time...magic!
No words are needed,I just love them..
Some of Klimt's works  :

And some of Barbers' :

These two are my favorites :


Dr. N said...

Beautiful. I like how you described your feelings. Very artistic.
Hope you're having a good day :)

Rain said...

Thnx 7beebty,hope you're having a great one as well :*

w7l said...

i liked 5th one the most! (and dont ask me why!, simply as you said ...magic!)

Rain said...

Glad you liked it :)

UmmOmar said...


حبيت السابعه
بتشبهني كإنها

Rain said...

batwaqa3 ino azdek el tamneh
ana kter 7bait.ha kman! <3

UmmOmar said...



هاي قصدي
الواناتها وقصصها
كإنها انا

Rain said...

I like that!

naysan said...

love barber's,,,so full of life

sorry for my abscense ,having problems with the net connection,will try to fix it soon.

masa2 elfoll

Rain said...

Hey Naisaneh,glad you liked them ^_^
msa el ward 7bebty,el '3aieb 3ozro m3o :P

Bullet said...

very cool !
I liked Barbers' paintings (:

once upon a time , a girl called Bullet was drawing ): ):

thx for sharing 'em with us ^_^

Rain said...

once upon a time , a girl called Rain was drawing as well!
We have a lot in common girl :)

Glad you liked them ;D