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Tuesday, December 7, 2010
I can't believe I haven't heard of this artist before,he is absolutely amazing!thanks to Yosef,  I looked him up and found some of his incredible paintings.
They are pieces of the history of the Palestinian pain,with a touch of light and hope in each and every one of them...beauty,love and patriotism..
I can't stop staring at them!
Here is my favorite,it is called "The Dreams Of Tomorrow"

To see more of his works click here


Saleh said...

He was a great artist and I am sure that you came across one of his famous paintings with an elderly carrying the Dome of the Rock on his shoulders. I like that one.

His wife Tamam Alak7al is also a good artist.

Rain said...

Yes he was may he rest in peace
The strange thing,Sale7,is that I have come across LOTS of his paintings before but I never knew who drew them or where they came from!
I'm so happy with my new discovery of him!
I'll look up his wife as well

msa el khair sdeeqy :)

Ivo Serentha and Friends said...

Compliments for your blog and pictures included, I invite you to see the photo blog,


Each week released a new album

Greetings from Italy


yosef said...

مساء الخير
والله يرضى عليكِ ويسعدك
ولا شكر على واجب
كنت مُتأكد انك ستقضين وقتا مُمتعا وانتِ تعيشين الالم والامل الفلسطيني يجتمعان معا في لوحة واحدة
المشكلة اننا نتذكر تُجار الشعارات اكثر ما نستذكر ونذكر اصعب المقاومين امثال غسان كنفاني وناجي العلي واسماعيل شموط
أمسيّة سعيدة

Rain said...

Ciao Mrlow como estai?
this is really nice,grazie for the link!
Greetings from Jordan! :D

Rain said...

أهلاً يوسف

والله معك حق،و مبدع متلو يستحق الذكر و التذكّر أيضاً
مسائك سعيد أخي

Ivo Serentha and Friends said...

Thanks, join the blog "photosphera" gladly reciprocated.

A hug, dear

w7l said...

لوحات اكثر من رائعه ، بس بصراحة أول مرة بسمع فيه للاسف

شكرا على المشاركة ، تم اضافة لينك للفنان على بلوجي

naysan said...

واحد من الجنود المجهولين...لم نسمع عنهم
لوحاته رائعه وتعبر عن الحياة والفولكلور الفلسطيني بطريقه مدهشه

تعجبني التفاصبل الصغيره في لوحاته واحب ان اتمعن فيها
يتلاقي عدة مواضيع مخفيه في اللوحه

Rain said...

You're welcome :)

Rain said...

sorna 2 :)
you're welcome ;)

Rain said...

3n jd had elly 3jbny aktr ishy,the details are amazing!
check this one out

It's beautiful! *_*