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Thursday, December 9, 2010


The Wanderer said...

good one.

naysan said...

ع بلاطه....ذلّ وتذلل

Rain said...

Hajjaj just nailed it with this cartoon didn't he?


Whisper said...

لهلأ في ناس بتسوي حالها مش قاهمه الصهاينه و خططهم ....و على حساب مين بالعاده!!!

حسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل

Anonymous said...

Akeed takhalof , lama ilwa7ad yekoon mnee7 ma3 ilinsan ille bezee, zay mo3zam il3arab .


Rain said...

فعلا حسبنا الله و نعم الوكيل

We all know that prophet Mohammad always told us to treat people kindly even if they hurt us,but when these people destroy our land,cut our trees,make us homeless,murder our children and elders and rape our women and don't even let us seek medical care
these people...do you think they deserve to be treated good in return of what they do to us?

I just wanted to make that clear so that everyone would know that in Islam we treat people right,unless they don't deserve it

PS r u rasha italiana?

observationofalostsoul said...

The PA (Palestinian Authority) are a bunch of thieves and corrupted souls, they do not care about the "cause" and only care to fill their pockets with donations to buy a villa here, a house there or a passport for their relatives.

Il awla kano yn7irgo some politicians and warmongers both Palestinians and Zionists... Maybe the situation would have been a bit better.

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

منها ل ... "أوطى" !

Rain said...

ah wallah m3k 7a2!

akeed lal aw6a!

observationofalostsoul said...

Qarart to call you Sara mish 3ajibni Rain or any nom de guerre ur using or maybe ur name is Rana and it became Rain, or that ur name is Rain and I just made a fool of myself. That's not the point... il mohim ya Sara everyone wants the situation to stay as is and they would like it to be even worse wlad had bibno il jidar o wlad hadak bibno the Gaza-Egypt wall kasbaneen o il Palestinians makleen (toot) and in the last 24 hrs sara3oona bi the soccer match all parties r wrong but what bugged me where some FB groups who said "The Jordanian dogs killed 5 Palestinians in the wihdat refugee camp" ino just get reliable sources and no need to create any tension btwn ppl. I hate racism o inta min wain o min wain ahlak o shargiyeh willa '3arbiyeh shamal willa janoob bas sometimes ino bitgabi3 ma3i... sorry for my rant :D

Rain said...

LOOOL You may call me Sara lol,but how did u know that was my name lol

w bil 3ax you spoke my mind...I didn't even wanna talk about what happened l2eno ishy besemm el badan..jd wassalat feena haik!!!3shan mobarah!!!!
w la2 zay ma olt kman fi nas bet7ess.hom be7awlo y7ammo el wade3 w ywal3ooha b ziadeh
w 3ala "had fls6eeny" w "had ordony"
Oh my god..get a life people!!!!
Allah la ysame7 ayya 7da bet3ammad yseer haik aw be7awel ywalle3ha b ziadeh..ishy be5zy

observationofalostsoul said...

7assait inik a Sara lol not a Rain lol unless ur dad was so in love with onshoodit il ma6r samaki Rain :P

I know like it sucks when u walk in some 7arat o kids as young as 4 or 5 are sectioning urdoni vs falasteeni.

In the summer i was walking with some friends in Tla3 il Ali so there were 5 to 7 kids playing with a ball. so one kid shouts to another "Inta ourdoni willa falas6eeni" so the kid answered "Falas6eeni" so the kid who asked said "Mnee7 inak mish 3iraqi" and i was like il3amma feekom and i was shocked :S

Rain said...

7ilweh hay 7assait innik Sara LOOOL
tayeb ana sho anadeek? :)

and oh my god,t5aiial ino hay elly a6falna 3m yetrabbo 3laih....:(

observationofalostsoul said...

la2 I'm serious u sound like a Sara and the fashion style of a Sara... i bet its hectic to go shopping with you...

You can call me Ammar.

Yep jeel sayib hada ili 3am y6la3 i call it the "bidi bidi bidi" jeel

zuhair said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rain said...

ahlan :)

zuhair said...

ana esta7et eb7ali wo ma7et el post :(
bas ma3aki 7a2 el katabto ma kan wade7 wo shaklo men bara 3abathy ..
bas in fact it has a meaning behing it .. lama katabtelek eno ana mesh mothaqaf .. kan hada tabreeri la 2este3mal loo'3et el maze7 bel comment .. wo lama katabet el we7dat batal el dawry ana konet 3am ban2ol waqe3 el 7al wo el ta3asob el jahely .. eno el nas tarkeh el denia wa dayra 3ala 7aki fadi ..
hada belnesbeh lal sheq el awal men my comment ..
el sheq el tani bardo elo ma'3za .. it was bema ma3na "hazolat" .. wo bema ma3na eno ay solta hay el ben7aka 3anha .. wo tashbeeh el solta bel salata men bab el este5faf be waqe3hom el sa5eef ..
wo ba3tazer 3an este5dam el nokteh la naqel eli be bali .. lakoon mfaker 7ali 3ajaj masalan !:)
have a good day
enfa2aset :S

Rain said...

I'm sorry it was my fault,I should have understood that you were being sarcastic!you should ask Haitham Al-Sheeshany how slow I am! :(
w fe3lan aslan ma dall '3air osloob el nokteh la ned7ak 3a hal wad3 elly be5zy!shokran 3la mroorak w kalematak el 7elweh w sorry marra tanieh!

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

زهير ... مطر وضعها صعب


Rain said...

loooool shofet Zuhair?

zuhair said...

hehhh shofet shofet xD