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Wednesday, December 8, 2010
You know..because "el niswan 2sl el bala"..and men are saints...and they would never do anything wrong unless "heye fat7atlo mjal"
It is not his fault..the poor oppressed Arab man,he is only suffering from "kaid el nesa2"

You know what?I'm sick and tired of this,and on the top of me being EXTREMELY upset now,I cannot stand the fingers of the usual "saint Arab guy" pointing at me

Good night.


Haitham Seelawi said...


Listen, it is normal to feel upset, we all do that, specially in such a case. I will tell you one thing: you should learn the art of ignoring your ego, before ignoring others :) no offense sis, but it is the only way for you to be less sensitive about what others say about you. Trust me, I had to learn it the hard way :)

Rain said...

see what I mean?it's my fault because I'm too sensitive...I'm just kidding lol

I'm already upset you know,and I don't need anything above it ,that's why..
bs do you not agree that this is really a fact?7ata el niswan nafs.hom be2olo haik...iza wa7d 3a6el "akeed marto bet3abby raso"
wella sho ra2iak?

الكيل بمكيالين said...

هاي الفكرة أزلية وعمرها ما راح تتغير
ببساطة ارمي ورا ظهرك ولا كأنك سامعة !

Mohammad said...

it is pity to c our comunity still believe in that sick traditions..

take it easy raino.. dnt take it personal as it come from wrong judgment..
inshalla u feel better now :)

Rain said...

3n jd 3omrha ma ra7 tet'3aiar?
ishy beza33el :(

thanks for the sweet wish sdeeqy!

Doomish said...

Easy 007,
As miss kayaleh said, its a thing that will never change.

Or wait, what if a mass nuclear bomb wipes out the entire Arab region, east to west, and the only survivors are from the good mentality,which in turn who'll propagate and multiply, and the good seed will be embedded in the new generations, and with small amount of time, the good seed will flourish and consume the blank Arab lands, and we expand both geographically ( due to mass propagation) and mentally to once again reign supreme in math, medicine, social studies,

Efft, instead of the long reply, i should have said nuclear bomb like what happened in japan, where they have risen from the ashes and destruction to be an empire like no other in the west.

Don sleep yet, it's still early :)

Haitham Seelawi said...

We need to change :) don't give a damn and move on :) live like you believe, and teach your kids what you think they should learn.

kinziblogs said...

Rain, lol, you pegged it...this isn't a matter of personal insult, it is a wall of false belief.

People in charge don't like it when they are called on their prejudices and the consequences of the group-think for the minority. Whether is is US ideas about Israel, Americans about Arabs, Muslims about Christians. Part of bani-Adam.

zuhair said...

bel3aks ana bashoof sayer ... el zalameh batal elo wojood .. ya benti emne2daresh nfoot 3ala cafe bedoon ma ykoon ma3ana benet .. hada methal baseet :D .. hadeek el marra konet 2a3ed wo qararna eno ntaleb be mosawat el rajol ma3 el mar2a :P
masakeen e7na snif snif ..
wo yabayee 3aleko ento hef hef ..

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

طنش تعش ...

صعب بس ما فيه حل أنجع!


Rain said...

you had to give me that image didn't you?LOL
deddeh 3laik
wak bs blash kant el sa3a 12 bil lail 0_O lol...wella ana m3 meen b7ky Mr.Sleepless!

Rain said...

yeah I know..bs el wa7d a7ianan btefga3 m3o sa77?we can't ALWAYS be optimistic!aslan it's creepy lol
thanks sdeeq! :)

Rain said...

I feel stupid bs jd msh fahmeh 3laiky ishy 0_O lol
and I didn't know u speak Arabic hehehe

Rain said...

LOOOOOOOOL 7asretna 3a 7alna e7na,bedak tdafe3 3n 7qooqko dedna?lol
5ls mashy w ana m3k :P

Rain said...

yeah I know
thnx buddy ;)

kinziblogs said...

YYeeeee, Rain, mit asfi habeebti, inno mat kunit wad7a. Ba7ki a3rabi shwai :)

My-nati, al fikir inno rijal al malaak innaqqiyya oo al banat miyya bil miyya al mushkelah dayman...hada kizib, false, mish haqeeqi.

Fi aya mahall, fi aya system, fi aya jins, fi aya deen, al akthariyya ma bidhum yifhamu 3an keef al haal al akaliyya.

a7san? ;)

Rain said...

hehehe your Arabic is adorable :D
yes I understand now,thank you! :D