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Friday, December 24, 2010
It was disastrous ! It was terrible,chaotic,and shameful!
What the hell is wrong with us?why can't someone win based on something other than their name?why should there be fights,strikes,riot,disorder and turbulence???
Why should you define your attitude based on your family's name?
Cars and buildings were smashed,people have been hurt,students have been forced to stay inside campus until the "scandal" is over..
my friends car was completely destroyed,my sister was trapped for a while inside campus,she says she's never seen anything like it,she says they were fighting as if it were for a cause!!they were literally smashing each others heads 0_O
Why would you smash someone's head just like that?what kind of barbarity and brutality are growing inside our generation?what kind of lives do they have that'll make them so agitated and empty-headed?

I'm sad and disappointed,this is not the first time I've seen elections but when things like this happen in my beloved university and in front of my eyes it is heart breaking to me...heart breaking to know we got to that point..to the point where we look like some ancient barbaric people who fight over a "place"

By the way,the fault is not completely the students'...I've seen how the security staff was handling things and it was terrible!they were acting in a very provoking,arrogant way,I mean even if a student was not planning on being engaged in a fight they'd force him to!

I just wanted to say I'm very sad and disgusted,every time I think we're healing we become worse,I pray to God to make us realize what is really important in life,I pray these uni students who are supposed to be the future of Jordan realize that their country needs them,they have a bigger role and a much more important things to worry about...I hope when everyone sees our image on Al-Jazeera in front of the whole world feels responsible...or at least regret what happened.
God help us!


Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

لشو مستغربة حضرتك

مش النواب قالوا ثقة!

فليش وضع الجامعات بدو يكون أحسن يعني

Rain said...

msh mesta'3rebeh Haitham...metdai2a bs :)