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Sunday, December 19, 2010
I have to say this is rather amusing for me,we just got out of the country's elections but they just wouldn't let us get bored :D
General atmosphere is like this;
This year has it all,from free candy and colorful balloons to small demonstration-like gatherings and even street orchestras!..I'll come back with videos,yay!
If you don't have your tribe there for you then you'd better pack these posters and go home :)
The theme this year is "the louder you are the easier it is to win" and "play on Jordanian Palestinian thingy" "and oh if you're na3noo3 you can win girls' votes"

And since this is the last time I witness elections as a student here,I've decided to follow this democratic event to the details and report from there
Casting from JU/Faculty of Foreign Languages...that was Sara :D


Doomish said...

Whats na3noo3?

الكيل بمكيالين said...

والله هاد سيناريو الانتخابات من أياااااام ما أنا كنت بالجامعة... بس طبعا ما راح أحكيلك أياتا سنة!
انبسطي ترى الجو الانتخابي ممتع جدا :)

w7l said...

"....this is the last time I witness elections as a student here...."

so next time you will witness it as what?! master student, lecturer ,prof. or what?!

Rain said...

نعنوع يعني شب كتكوت و حليوة

Rain said...

3ad el saneh el madieh it was completely different betsad2y?:)

Rain said...

7aleiian tarkeet.ha 3a Allah,en Allah rad bakammel masters,bs right now I'm not sure,lama at5arraj w ashoof wain ana baqarrer en sha Allah
Wish me luck :)

naysan said...

enjoy the free candy and vote for na3no3:)

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

نعنوع : نوع بوظة من أم الشلن - مفقود جدا ً و لا تجده إلا في الأزرق


قال انتخابات قال!
نفس القصة بكل الجامعات و نفس الهبل!

observationofalostsoul said...

طفيلي بطلع بالروح بتقله مرته بسرعة إنطق الشهادة قال بكالوريوس تربية خاصة bas haik 7abait asharik LOL yalla 3ogbal ma nshoofik na2ib ... la2 na2ibeh 7aram :P though some females are na2ibat o masayib and some are 95% of men lol

Rain said...

ma twassy 7arees HAHAHAHAHA

Rain said...

Naisaneh yee nseet a2ool ino mosta7eel asawetlo he;s like my enemy! lol

Rain said...

ana kont a7ebha 3ala ba6ee5 *_*

Rain said...


Dr. N said...

I second what Naysan said, vote for na3noo3...ma3ahom ma3ahom , 3alyhom 3alyhom :D

Rain said...

na3noo3 dob sad2eeny v_v