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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The movie sucks...but that's not the point of this post
I watched it yesterday although I had an exam and two presentations to prepare for..just out of pure curiosity ..I really just wanted to see what was so great about it..
It turned out to be a normal..(below normal actually) teen movie..no real story..no point..no deep characters..nothing!just playing on the emotions of teenagers to make some box office money
What really got me thinking about this movie and the way it was so popular among young people-especially girls- is the thought of the good girl falling for the bad "vampire"..it's just that I see that happening all around me these days,girl dating boys who treat them badly..who hurt them and boss the around,why?
Sometimes,and I swear to god it's true,the boy isn't so bad but the girl just wants to bullied around so she keeps pushing him into abusing her! 0_O so seriously what's up with that?
I was talking to my friend about this the other day and he said that most these girls were not controlled nor supervised during their childhood and teenage years,so the need for that kind of missing attention and guidance turned over time into a masochist kind of behavior...being bullied like that just satisfies her!
My other friend disagrees...she says that the roll of parents is not that important...she explains to me that her parents have always left her to do what she wants and whatever pops into her mind,and never asked her once where or why she's going out,but then she turned out just fine,she assures me that the girl herself is the only one to blame..
and I cannot say any different,she is really very responsible and smart and trust worthy,and her parents really give her a huge space...
So what do you think?whose fault is it?cause there's gotta be someone to blame right?


Wafa' said...

i loves vampires for so many reasons including being hot ones, lol, check the vampire diaries to know what i mean.

As for that movie, i was forced by mysterious powers- to be sure it doesn't have any bad scenes, you know what i mean, so my nephews who are strangely romantic can see it- to watch it and you wouldn't want to know how i suffer tremendously. :(

oh God, why am i even commenting on this !! do you think i am teenager at heart.

As for the why and why not? i don't think that there are any hidden reasons, they just hot and romantic and young girls and older ones-not talking about me :S- always fall for such qualities, beside they love bad guys.

Rain said...

Foof I think you got me wrong :)
I was only using vampires as a metaphor for bad guys

LOOOOL @ you,you cracked me up!! XD

observationofalostsoul said...

Agolik my 2 girsh regarding this topic. Good boys go that far... and then girls get bored,,, they seek the thrill of the bad boy, the unexpected things he may do, yes he could be scum, 7aqeer, so bloody jealous but he gives a thrill than a goody 2 shoes church going boy doesn't. It's not just the girl's fault one should say media helped a lot and pop culture where the good guy is boring and the bad boy is jagal.

Its ok u can marry a good guy but when u want a relationship bidik iyaha with one crazy guy so u can feel alive.

Wafa' said...

while i was writing, i felt that everything i said was in the wrong place but then i felt "NO WAY I AM GOING TO ERASE THAT" , it's better to look stupid than to erase it all, lool