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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I know absolutely nothing about computers!this is why I've no clue how to choose a laptop,I need one that's powerful,good for all purposes and at a reasonable price..
Anyone has any tips?or better yet just gimme the name of a good one lol


Hana said...

i can give u brands :P dell is very good, Toshiba also, after these i guess Sony & LG

Saleh said...

I am not a computer expert, but I used to know a bit. So if no "expert" provided any information, here is my "shilim" (5-pence) contribution.

These days the choices are so enormous. I am sure you don't need a really powerful laptop in absolute sense. I recommend that you be more specific about what are you going to use this laptop for and your budget (a range). However, if you need a very rough guide (based on my expectations of your potential needs):
about 15 inch Notebook, Intel Core i3 processor, 3GB RAM, 320GB HDD, DVD, Wireless. I think this would be a decent laptop system with a reasonable price. If you can spend more, get a larger HDD (hard disk). You may also increase the size to about 17 inch if you are not going to travel with the laptop frequently.

Mohammad said...

sorry ana ma b3ref fehum bel marra :sofera:

well, it depends on ur budget, and ur use for it..

bs for all purposes.. go for:
minimum 3 GB memory
I3 processor
preferred Nvidia video card.. or any one with dedicated memory

for the model.. humm sherketi a36tni dell laptops w mn shi shahar a5dt wa7ad jded brdo dell so yes go for it :p

the one in the thread pic is dell xp laptop.. it is cute and powerful :D

Rain said...

LOL la abda3ty!yeslamo 7bebty:)

Mohammad and Saleh,
Let's say the budget y3ny bto5bo6 b saqf meqdaroho 700 JD

yeslmao kter elkom!

Switcho keef ma 5atarly as2alak??!! 0_O

Mohammad said...

lol :p.. believe me i know like anyone else in laptops.. my field concerns smthing u don't see bel 7aya el 6be3eyyeh :oh*:

anyhow.. 700JD can bring I3 laptop with 3 GB ram..
regarding the monitor, i recommend 13-14 inches,, u r not working with graphics so no need for the heavier laptops..

goodluck :)

Rain said...

tayeb yeslamo kter m7md ;)

Saleh said...

Assuming that the laptop prices are more or less universal (within a JD 100), I think you can get a very decent system within that budget. Consider now the following:
1. Do you want to move with the laptop a lot?
If yes, select something light (which is
usually more expensive).
If it will be used mainly for home, go for
a larger size.
2. Do you want to play some demanding games?
Or do extensive graphics?
If yes go for Nvidia video card or similar
(as Switcho Pasha suggested).
3. I suggest you stick with 3GB RAM, unless
you are willing to go for 64-bit windows
which I think it may cause you some
problems with some programs. (I assume
that Linux may not be your preferred OS).
4. I think 320 GB HDD is enough.
5. Dell is good but I don't like the idea of
promoting American products. So don't buy it.
6. If you can find a Sony system with the
minimum requirements from Switcho Pasha and
my replies, within your budget go for it.
7. I have a 3-year old Toshiba which is good.
I have also an older HP which is also good.
I assume Compaq and Asus are also fine.
Avoid IBM, they are expensive and, usually,
8. Don't buy a "netbook" unless you will be using
it very lightly. They look cool and very light
to carry around, but you will be stressed if
you are using it for long times.
9. If you like the video chatting, consider a
built-in web camera (I had it in my laptop
and netbook but never used it!)
I hope this would help.

Note: I am not in the computer business so do not trust my words blindly!

Rain said...

Sale7 yeslamo kter 3al tips,this is exactly what I needed,the problem is my dad is getting it for me from UAE and he knows about computers as much as I do lol,I just wanted basics so that I could tell him what I want exactly..sho had 7aseeto beshtareely bloozeh0_O
anyway no I'm not gonna move around with it a lot,also mosta7eel ajeeb Netbook I hate these things!
Thank you again very much! :D

Ze2red said...

those are the ones i'm considering for myself:
Dell Inspiron 15R Aluminum

Lenovo Ideapad Y560

w7l said...

wait a min!!! if your budget is around 700 JD and you will bring it from UAE then you can get "high end computer"!

of course laptops are less expensive in UAE and with better specification ,i will not add to what saleh said -which was very informative BTW- but i have a little modification .

laptops unfortunately are not like regular desktop PC ,they are hard and costly to upgrade ,so you have to get the best so you will not end up after 2 years with old and slow laptop .

add to what Saleh said ,

CPU get i5 or i7 , you will pay not more than 30-50 JD more than i3 CPU

RAM : better to be more than 3 GB , and make sure its DDR3 type

HDD : its better to be more than 500 GB

Display : it depends on your use, if you like big screen with heavy laptop then get 17" , but if you like ordinary screen then get normal 14-15"

Display card: it doesn't matter if you dont play new games, any display card will do it.

Brand name: honestly i dont care about this, i care about the specification!

hope you will find this helpful!

Rain said...

thnx Ze2red and doc. I chose a laptop and already told my dad to get it,enshallah en a week my baby will be here :D

thanks kteer for your help,I appreciate it!

w7l said...

لا تنسينا من الحلوان ، يعني شويت كعك او ستايل للباوج جديد

i am just saying!

Rain said...

l2 l2 la7za el ka3ek 3a Um Omar!v_v

w7l said...

توقعت تحكي هيك

Ze2red said...

3o2bal my new laptop :)

Rain said...

he333 loool

enshallah w a7la laptop kman! ;)