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Friday, December 24, 2010
I haven't been reading lately,I do not know why,I haven't exactly been in the best mood for reading,I have these weird thoughts that keep haunting me day and night,I can't stop thinking anymore...I can't drown myself in a book an forget the world anymore. Have I lost that forever??
Ever since I've opened that secret door in my mind...that door that all these ideas flooded from,ever since I've opened it I am just not comfortable...I can't find peace
Look at me!I'm whining all day long like a drama queen! 0_O

I need a good book ASAP,any recommendations??


Anonymous said...

مساء الخير

رجال تحت الشمس
غسان كنفاني


observationofalostsoul said...

Yaay my fav questions 3ashani bookworm

Catch 22 - Joseph Heller
The World According to Garp- John Irving

post 1990
The way to paradise - Mario Vargas Llosa its about Gaugin and his life in Tahiti

The Shadow of the wind - Carlos Ruiz Zafon

Freedom- Jonathan Franzen

The Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao - Junot Diaz

observationofalostsoul said...

I didn't like the Millennium Trilogy by Larson the swedish crime thing... he could have cut hundreds of pages instead of all hal la3i ili bala 6a3meh.

I enjoyed a book written by a Yugoslavian/ Croatian author by the name of
Dubravka Ugrešic and the book is called the ministry of pain.

Ahmad Hamdan said...

Religion: Quran

Literature: Lord Of The rings, David Copperfield and Last but Not Least Jane Eyre

قط البكتريا said...

الحال من بعضو والله ... ناسي ايمت قرائت اخر مرة ؟؟
بخصوص الكتب بعرفش شو مزاجك بالقراءة

ايمتا يا قط البكتريا اخر كتاب ايمتا يا بس ؟؟؟
احكيلي شو زوقك بلكي نصحتك بكم كتاب ( هاظ اذا اتذكرت لانو بنسى بسرعه صاير ... ختيرنا يا خالتي )

naysan said...

i miss writing,
wish i had a flood of ideas.

if you aren't in a reading mood,switch to
writing:putting these weird thoughts on paper
might help.


Doomish said...

A good book is the Holy Quran.
A good read: "in forest dark at moors; the Doomish story." :P

I'm having the same problem. I'm half way reading George bush biography and I'm bored with his lies, and the thought that he thinks he is smart. I stopped.

EvaLuna said...

مبارح قرأت قصة قصيرة من 30 صفحة لحنا مينة ، مش انها أروع قصة في العالم بس على الأقل قدرت تخليني أقرأها للآخر

علبة التبغ - حنا مينة

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

ظل شي ما حكو الجماعة!

ola said...

زمن الخيول البيضاء لابراهيم نصر الله

Rain said...

Rejal ta7t al shams is one of my favorite books ever,I read it for the first time when I was a kid :)
thank you!

Rain said...

Very interesting choices,7bait
I want this one "the ministry of pain" enshallah ala2eeh but since I'm banned from JU's library for like....ever! lol,I don't know..
yeslamo kteer!

Rain said...

I've read them all lol...no I'm just kidding,of course there's nothing like Quran :)
I read both David Copperfield(twice) and Jane Eyre couple of years ago
As for Lord Of The Rings,although I have it but I hate to read the book after having seen the movie..you know?I always do the opposite
yeslamo kteer '3allabtak :)

Rain said...

قط البكتريا
زوقي بالكتب،ممممم ما بعرف
بحب الأدب الروسي كتير و أدب أمريكا اللاتينية و الأدب العربي طبعاً
يعني ما بعرف شوف هالبوست
يمكن يبيّن شو أنا بحب
يسلموا...بلكي أنا و انت بلشنا نقرأ كتاب سوا مشان نشجّع بعض،ماشي؟

Rain said...

sba7o Naisaneh
Actually I'm switching to translation right now,somehow I don't find myself in writing like you...translation is who I am :)
bs ed3eeli tozbo6! :)

Rain said...

wallah agda3 nas ;)
and George Bosh??????seriously?0_O ya3oo
come on t3a nshoof had "ministry of pain" 3endy e7sas ino 7ilo!

Rain said...

min zman ja3bali aqra2 ishy la 7anna meena thnx amor :*

Rain said...

w law dall kteer :)

Rain said...

Actually I read that book until half...and when it started to get kind of confusing and everyone became old all of a sudden 0_O I stopped,but I would like to read the whole "al malha al falas6eneiiah" series :)
yeslamo kteer and welcome to my blog!

observationofalostsoul said...

Why are u banned from the lib?? shoo 3amleh? 6albeh indecent lit :P

Rain said...

indecent lit.?sho shaiefny shab?lol
I'm late (as in 6 months late) returning books hehehe *smiley baree2*

observationofalostsoul said...

bas il shabab bi6lobo +18 lit :P I don't know you didn't return Lady Chatterley's Lover or Miller's Tropic of Cancer.

mo 7ilo tkooni late next time =)

Rain said...


and I'm not gonna be late,because there's not gonna be a next time because I'm banned till after I graduate!

observationofalostsoul said...

keef ya3ni after u graduate... this policy is absurd.

Google Lady Chatterely's Lover; it made a huge case in the 1960s and revoked publication rules in the UK. Tropic of Cancer was a banned book in the 20th century... just examples of "indecent lit"

Rain said...

The more I'm late the more time they ban me,I'm late....very late lol

observationofalostsoul said...

But why do they have a ban after grad policy?? that doesn't sound fair

Rain said...

hl2 assume that I'm one month late returning a book,the JU library's policy says that this month is to be doubled into 2 months of banning me
2 months=>4 months banning me 3=>6..w hakaza
hl2 what if I'm banned for 3 months and I'm graduating in 2 months?that's what I meant
Of course after graduation I can't borrow books in the first place because I'm not a student anymore and I don't have an ID,unless I register for my master and then I'll even have more privileges he3 he3 :) such as I can take more than 4 books(which is the maximum for a bachelor student) also I will have longer time before I'm banned from the library,bachelor students have like 10 days,master students have like a month...
Professors I think have 5 months!
w hakaza...any questions? :D

observationofalostsoul said...

La2 shukran hal ida7at wal idafat :D

Bullet said...

Oh! we are in the same box baby !!
You can say that I didnt read since the 19th century ! O_o
I always feel ma3jou2a ! and one of my wishes to hold a book and read it till the last page ):

rabek y3ein (:

Rain said...

amen,bs neshallah I'm getting it back again hl2...3o2balek ;)