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Friday, December 3, 2010

I know I change my blog theme too much,but it seems that each one has a defect no matter what!
My TinkerBell theme had that picture stuck to all comments which was silly,my last theme was great but not all font colors could be read on its turquoise background..so this one is simple,white background and plane font..wide space for posts and one column for gadgets,neutral colors and cute idea at the same time
This one is a keeper...I promise! :)


deppy said...

The blog title is way bigger here. Piece of advice blogger's design tool is so amazing. try it.

Doomish said...

We will see :P

Rain said...

ya allah sho had when I viewed the whole blog it wasn't like that :(

w7l said...

hmm... I think tomorrow we will see another one!

-big title!!-

hajar aman shah said...

Have you tried blogger's design tool? its pretty easy and most of the time quite decent. I think your title is out of scale and blowing up half of the screen there... wooopps..

yosef said...

This one is a keeper...I promise!

اسمعي مني واشطبيها هاي الفقرة الاخيرة
على البكيررررررررررر

التغيير حلو ومطلوب خاصة عندما يؤثر فينا ايجابا
ولا يؤثر على غيرنا سلبا

صباحك فل وياسمين

Saleh said...

Black text on white background is usually the natural choice. But it is not good if you want to spend a lot of time reading or looking at. Usually a dark (or almost dark) background is much better for the eyes.

Just in case you want to change.

UmmOmar said...

أنا سايفاه حنو

Rain said...

I hate you LOOOOL

check out the screen shot I took it wasn't like that wallah! :(

Rain said...

It wasn't like that I swear :(
I'll fix it now and for good :(

lol,m3k 7a2 bs bedy theme zay el 3alm wel nas hl2...ishy bojlo6 :/
sba7 el ward w ahlan feek!

Rain said...

"if you want to spend a lot of time reading or looking at"
aish gazdak y3ny?? loool
thanks for the tips!

Rain said...

Um Omar,
enty el 7ilweh :hug:

bs el mshkleh bil 3enwan kter kber :)

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

the preview is not the same (not 100%) :)

even if YOU liked it u will change it within a month (tops) :P :شر:

Rain said...

you're probably right!

Wafa' said...

it's beautiful, i mean this one. i don't know if this one "right now" is the same one you talked about :P

anyway, it's cool :)

Rain said...

hehe no I had the one in the screen shot in the post,but the title turned out to be gigantic :(
glad you like this one..5ls this one is a keeper..5ls jd...wallah!


UmmOmar said...

عليكي واجب عسوله


Rain said...


nmroodeh said...

وين كومنتي طار؟
حد علمي عملت كومنت طويل عا هاد البوست

Rain said...

ana ma shoftesh 7aga v_v