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Wednesday, December 8, 2010
Why do I have to change my number because some random freak with an empty life decided to make it his new toy?


yosef said...

مساء الخير
لو كتبت ما خطر على بالي لحظة ما قرأت البوست
ممكن تزعلي مني
سأكتفي بان اقول انها اولا واخيرا مسؤوليّتك

أُمسيّة سعيدة

Saleh said...

If you are talking about a mobile, don't change the number. When he calls ignore him. Just set the mobile to silent when he calls. Don't reject his call. He will give up in a couple of weeks.

w7l said...

give your telephone for your brother for a couple of days ,and let him "yesam3o kilmtem 7elwat" and thats it

Rain said...

thanks a lot for judging me

Rain said...

Saleh and W7l,
already did that

Doomish said...

Hello 007
Please be advised that if your an orange customer
Visit 7th circle branch, there you can complain to them there, they will register his number, and coordinate with police.

If you are a zain customer, please go to the nearest branch (not malls) like inside safe way 7th circle, there they will let you fill out a form, and request that when the number calls, to open the line and don't speak, so that they can get a fix on him, and then they will handle it with the police.

If you are an umniah customer, seriously just switch lines.

Thank you foir using { operator name}.
{operator name} is a cisco powered network.

Fight fire with fire 007

naysan said...

I faced the same situation when i got a new zain line ,,,ignoring the calls for 3 weeks or more or making my husband or my boys answer the call,worked with me.
i really didn't want to change the no. which i liked

please don't be angry with yosef,i know his comment is harsh but i truely think he wasn't judging you.

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

doomish has a valid comment :)

EvaLuna said...

low ma7allek bashtari 5a66en tanyen o batsalla feeh ana ,, ba3abbdo el 3ejel la hal mo7taram ;)

o 2a mas2olyytek heheh , meen sama7lek ya ga9ra ya dele3 a3waj enu ykoon ma3k mobile heheeeeeeeeeeeee amrad :p

Rain said...

Doomish and Haitham,
ابن خالتي نقيب في البحث الجنائي،طلع رقمة و فصلّله اياه
تاني يوم رجع خطة عادي ما بعرف ليش،لنكتشف فيما بعد انه و الله أعلم مخابرات و رتبتة أعلى من رتبة ابن خالتي كمان :)
Nothing I could do anymore...it was time to just change my number,5ls barkooli bil rqm el jdeed ana qarrart a7ebbo w atfa2al feeh! :D

Rain said...

I didn't wanna change my number too because first I couldn't believe I would change it because of some freak I never even met,and second because I did not imagine things will reach this point...but then it did!
I was shocked that he never got tired or bored!even when my cousin disconnected his number!
5ls anyway,zay ma olt..ana metfa2leh b rqmy el jdeed ;)

Rain said...

LOOOL..a5ooy be2olly haty raqmek el 2deem bedy amseko a7ky m3o tool el lail XD

LOOOOL I just love you!!!

The Wanderer said...

sometimes you have to show your nasty side.

Rain said...

Welcome to my blog,and I could not agree more :)