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Friday, December 17, 2010

One of my favorite movies ever "What Women Want" ... Did I ever mention I have an eternal crush on Mil Gibson? :D
You don't really have to have a magical ability of reading people's minds to know what women want,because all they want is to be happy and do the things they love :)

Now the song..I first heard it in the movie and OMG Gibson was dancing to it! XD it's so cute I'm gonna die!
and the song of course is lovely
The Dance: HERE (embedding disabled)
The Sinatra song:

Cover by Michael Buble AKA my prince charming:

Dance by Fred Astair and Ginger Rogers...amazing!


Doomish said...

"all they want is to be happy and do the things they love" very true. But at some cases... Even einshtien would come out of his grave and say: I have no idea how to make her happy.

Rain said...

wallahy sadde2ny if you make a little effort you'll find out she only wants to be happy and to make you happy...u just have to choose the right one and the rest is easy ;)

Doomish said...

I'm not advocating a problem, on the contrary.
i think girls/women are more easy going when it comes to dealing with guys, however, when a girl is pondering in a million direction (your post: Interesting,Funny and True) puts us guys in a weird position where one thoughtful/unthoughtful word/idea/gesture can lead to unknown consequences :)

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

u can`t have a crush on 3ammo mil! he`s 3ammo! looooooooool

it`s a gr8 movie,,, jad gr8.

I think A msg behind it is: "it`s not THAT hard to know what a woman "any person actually" wants" :)

UmmOmar said...

قال ليش بكره رين

كل فلم,, بقبوقه بتنزل إنها بتحبه,, بكون حاضريته بالعرض الأول وبالإعاده تاني يوم
وإزا كان معروض ع فوكس,, بستنى الإعاده الثالثه

حتى لو كنت حاضاراه من كام يوم

يصير فينا هيك,, ونصير نقرأ افكار الرجال

لا بطلت,, بديش
مش حلوه الفكره من مره
أي,, هيك ومش خالصين منهم
إشحال لو منعرف بشو بفكرو

صباح الخير بقبوقه

Rain said...

LOOOL what can I say,you're right about that one! :D

Rain said...

Well..he is one cute 3ammo then *smiley 3ioono qloob 7ob*

it`s not THAT hard to know what a woman "any person actually" wants"
I loved that thought :)

Rain said...

Um Omaaaaaaaaaar
LOOOOOOL ana aslan mraqbeetek sho bte7dary mshan haik :-o:
and you're right..it is a HORRIBLE idea looool we will NOT like what we hear from them XD

sba7o 2mr :) <3

UmmOmar said...

انا حاسه إنه في داسوس ,, ف بيتي

عليك اللحمه يا عمر

Rain said...