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Friday, December 17, 2010
This is a painting by Salvador Dali,a famous crazy Spanish artist whom I happen to actually like even though I think he's completely nuts.
The painting's name means "Girl At The Window", and it is actually his sister Ana Maria at the age of sweet 16,contemplating the scene from the window of their vacation house in Cadaqués..
I don't know how and why,but it feels like I know what she's thinking about,and it's exactly what I'm thinking about now...
I guess that's the secret of any genius work..to make anyone feel like it's been done for them...only for them..


Haitham Seelawi said...

He is surrealist, not nuts :) I like his paintings as well. Eccentric as much as he was.

observationofalostsoul said...

Sara I love this painting by Dali I love all his works .

Hana said...

gr8 painting :)

Doomish said...

"I guess that's the secret of any genius work..to make anyone feel like it's been done for them...only for them.."


Rain said...

Haitham Seelawi
Naaah he's nuts lol

Rain said...

sba7 el 5air,I like him too :) thanks for stopping by sdeeq ;)

Rain said...

Glad you liked it :)

Rain said...

sba7 el 5air :D

w7l said...

i think i saw some of his panting along time ago, there is one called burning giraffe, actually he draw more than one including burning giraffe , i wonder why!? but the interesting thing in his drawing is the details , he put a lot of stuff together , and sometimes you cant understand what is the clue! yup he is nuts!

Rain said...

Hey doc.
Couple of his paintings contained burning giraffes which is really creepy lol,but I like his creepiness :P




you know some of your posts are just like that doc.,they contain so many amazing details together but you cannot always find the clue :)

w7l said...