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Monday, December 27, 2010

I like the idea of new year's resolution because it gives me the sense of a fresh start,optimism and new chances,this is why this year I'm making my first resolution ever for the new year 2011.

*First I wanna be a better friend,during 2010 I had some issues with a couple of my dearest friends,when I think about it now I realize that it although it wasn't a big of a deal but it was a major test of our friendship,and I failed it miserably! So from now on,I'm compromising for my friends,I'm giving second chances,I'm taking the time to know what the problem is and actually TALK about it.

*Next on my list is about the changes I'm experiencing in the way I think,I'm sure you noticed I never talk directly about my personal life,this is why I can't explain this completely,but I can say that my problem with this change is that not all people will accept it,I'm still the same me,except that I have an additional option now,think of it as a new add-on lol. My resolution is to accept this change even though I'm not quite comfortable with it right now.

*Another thing on the list is to start my career as a translator,I'm determined and excited about it!I haven't graduated yet but the next semester is going to be a transformational stage for me,this is why I would like to start,all motivated and fresh,en sha Allah!

*Lately I've started to spend extra quality time with my family,that really surprisingly changed lots of things for me,I became less selfish,more caring,closer to each and every one of them even my sister in law!lol so an important resolution is to keep that up and stick to it :)

What else?
If I remember more I'll update.

Happy new year everyone
Have a good night,don't let the bugs bite!


Dino$ said...

good luck on achieving all ur new years resolutions :)

naysan said...

كل عام وانتِ بخير يا بطه
ان شاء الله سنه جديد سعيده ....غيييييييير شكل

UmmOmar said...

كل ثنه وإنتي ثالمه تمان

observationofalostsoul said...

U should watch Tangled I am watching it right now, Me love it

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

Best of luck raino.
We shall be monitering u btw :D

regarding #1: that`s a hard1; u r a sherrerah la2anno :P

*btw I wrote a comment b4 this 1, but not sure what happened! So if u get both , u get 2 :D :سحر:

Rain said...

Thanks amar!

Rain said...

w enty b alf 5air ya rab!
w ya rab tkoon a7la saneh elek w la 3ailtek w kol elly bet7beehom *hugs*

Rain said...

3adooleh(hu3 hu3)
w enta thalem ya lab :shy:

Rain said...

Ooooh please la t'3eezny bedy a7daro! :(

Rain said...

ana mo shreer ana bree2 *smiley mlak m5abby wra dahro sekeen*

yee msh tele3 3endy nafs el moshkeleh el 6rma?kol ma a3mel subscribe ma bewsalny ishy 3al rdood :(

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

الشغلة فيها سكاكيييييييييييييين!

خلص يا عميأنا بتوب

و سمكاتك أحلى سمكات
و اللي بدك إياه بيصير و دعواتك حيوصلو بإذن الله


w7l said...

Dont understand my post in wrong way , what i want to say its not bad idea at al to reminds ourselves with our goals and our mistakes and what we shoild do to improved ourselves . But what i dont like about that is waiting for major event to do that , like Christmas eve ,new year , birthday ...etc ,what i am trying to say , if you really want to change ,improve yourself ,start now! Dont wait for stupid new year day to get started !

Okay obviously my comment iintended to be for me , anyway maybe next year when i read your post i will remember my comment.
Good luck ! Not just for you

Rain said...

LOOOOL shatoor! v_v *smiley zawadha*

awl ishy LOOOOOL t7sheesh enta
w tany ishy you are right la sho el 7ky!wallahy usually I never wair for anything to start something I wanna do,bs like I said el new year bil zat gives the sense of a fresh start,this is why I decided to make these resolutions
w ma tfakker I'm working on all of them right now,y3ny msh shar6 astanna el saneh tebda 3shan abda! :)
shokran 3al nasee7a,w ya rab tet7a2a2 kol a7lamak hal saneh w kol el snwat el tanieh :)

Whisper said...

Happy new year ya 7elweh w inshallah to achieve all ur resolutions 3an 2areeb :D

LioneSS said...

Happy New Year Ma6ooora :)
Wish all your goals and dreams come true in this year :)
All the best :)

Rain said...

Thnx Whisper and bLioness that's really sweet of you girls :)