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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What is today?the 28th?
Whatever,I was planning on writing this post in the last day of the year,but since I have nothing to do now while I'm waiting for my sister to actually get out of bed and get dressed,I'm writing it now

ما هي اهم الأحداث التي طرات على الصعيد المهني - التعليمي لهذا العام؟
Well,no biggies..
I had my first work of translation published in a small magazine.
I got a scholarship from my uni. to study in Granada for one semester which was supposed to be this one,and I passed.
Other than that nothing really..I'm in my senior year finally,very excited about graduating! :)
me entering the room to do the interview for the scholarship :)

السؤال الثاني: ما هي أهم إن الإنجازات على الصعيد الشخصي و الأسري؟
Also no biggies,my brother got married and my 2 sisters gave birth to 2 adorable little girls

My parents are still 3a 5a6 Amman-Abu Dhabi wal 3ax
I had many changes inside-if this counts- and I think I'm a completely different person than the one from last year.

السؤال الثالث:ما تقييمك العام لسنة 2010؟
It was good,it was fun,it had its up's and down's like all years I guess,but in general I'd say that al hamd le Allah I was blessed with everything and everyone in my life.

السؤال الرابع: أهم طموحاتك و اهدافك للسنة الجديدة 2011؟؟
See previously posted answer :) 

*Thanks Lunar for the tag,you know I love tags :d
I'm not tagging anyone though,da2eman bteksefoony :(


Whisper said...

ما شاء الله بالمجمل طلعت السنة سنة حلوة و فيها انجازات كتيره وتغييرات كتيره

الله يخليلكم الامامير يا رب و ان شاء الله بزيدو كمان وكمان

observationofalostsoul said...

Mabrouk Re- the scholarship :D bas Granada mo shway b3eedeh ya5ti??

naysan said...

كل عام وانتي بخير يا بطه

بالنسبه للتغيير الداخلي...طبعاً مهم ان لم يكن الاهم
ربنا يوفقك بالتخريج والشغل والعيله وبكل شي بتتمنيه

مش قادره اميزك بالصوره
بتشبهوا بعض كتير!!!
حتى البنت اللي بدون حجاب بتشبهكم

Rain said...

Allah yes3edek ya rab,teslami <3

Allah ybarek feek LOL,I didn't go anyway lol

w enty b alf 5air ya rab!w shokran 3al da3wat el 7elweh wallah enha bteshra7 el 2lb :***

I'm the one in pink and turquoise ,and those are my childhood friends,the one in white really looks like me,bs the other one doesn't0_O lol

Finalway said...

the scholarship is great opportunity for you, i think Spain would be awesome,
and congratulation in advance for graduation.
and by the way cute little girls , i love girls even more than boys because my first baby was a girl.

hope the next year will be better that the previous one ,

best wishes

Rain said...

shokran kteer Jehad :)
enshallah tkoon hal saneh 5air w barakeh w s3adeh 3laik w 3la Nablus al 7abeeba,amen!

Bullet said...

ان شاء الله السنة تكون سنة خير لإلك يارب (:

اشتقتلك واشتقت اني كون هون بمدونتك

naysan said...

يسعد لي البينك و التركواز أنا...قمررررر

Rain said...

Aw,7bebty ^_^ allah yes3edek ya rab! :*
w ana kman eshta2tellek wallah,leh bet'3eeby kter??

7bebty tislamely,ana 5jelet hehehehe

Dr. N said...

I realized you from the first time :) you look so beautiful, not how I imagined you though ;) Happy new year my dear, nchallah sanet 5air to you and your family <3
Thanks for checking on me ya amar, kelek zoo2. My hubby came home on the 24th, and I was off for christmass break and got back today, that's why I wasn't blogging nor reading, but I am back now so keep posting :)
BTW, LOVE the new background!!

Rain said...

hehehe thanks,how did you imagine me then? :P
Happy new year to you too!and hope you had so much fun in your vacation :D