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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Every 100 posts in my blog I post about something very special to me,post no. 100 was a favorite song,and post no. 200 was a favorite book.
This post will be about a favorite movie,now this movie isn't so famous,and few people I know have seen it,and also most people are always surprised that it's one of my top favorites.
This movie "Simon Birch" came to me in a critical period of my life,where I used to cry for hours for absolutely no reason,I was completely depressed and lost..I'm not saying the movie solved my problems but it sure gave me a lot to think about

The story...A boy born with genetic disorder Simon is very small,too small for his heart,and another boy Joe born without a father. These two very different best friends live in two very different houses,Simon was born to parents that did not want him,and did not like him while Joe grew up with his amazing extremely nice mother who's also the town's hotty.
Simon is convinced that god made him like this for a purpose,and Joe is convinced he must find his biological father,and the journey begins.
The movie doesn't just go beyond looks and teach you to respect others no matter how god made them like
,it also reminds you that we're all here for a reason,we all have a mission in this life.

You don't have to chase your biological origin to know who you are or to feel that you belong,you choose your family and the people you love,you decide who you are and who you want to be.
And at the end nothing matters as long as you believe god is there for you...he has a plan for you,so don't you worry,everything is going to be OK :)


observationofalostsoul said...

I saw it a few yrs ago and it was a really touching movie. Congrats on ur 300 post o 3ogbal il 1000.

w7l said...

Wow 300! You talk too much!! :))
Amyway i am not sure if I watched this movie or not ,is this movie is the one which the child heart grow but his body stay small so at the end he dies? If not that a movie you shiuld see
BTW please turn on mobile mode for you blog ,this will make my life easier!!!

Wafa' said...

one of my favorite movies, too :)

Rain said...

Thanks hehe,7asseh lisa hadeek elyoom kont baktob el 200 0_O jd enny barrameh

Rain said...

LOOOL I know!
I'm not sure if it's the same movie,but Simon doesn't die because his heart is too large anyway

min 3ioony,bs keef? :(

Rain said...

Seriously?yai! :D
You and I are so on the same frequency! :D

w7l said...

From settimgs-mobile

Rain said...

You're gonna have to be more specific doc. 0_O

w7l said...

It's a new feature ,if you don't use google in draft feature you will not see It,
Dashboard > settings > email&mobile>show mobile template

Rain said...

maaaaaa fiiiii msh la2ieh :(

w7l said...

Try logging from here


Rain said...

r u sure the address is correct? 0_O

لاتــــي Lati said...

شكراً لك
كان طفلاً كبيراً ، مؤمناً بأنه وجد لسبب قوي
ظل هكذا لآخر لحظة في حياته، وجعل
بما فعل الآخرين من حوله يدركون درجة الخطأ في عدم
الايمان به وتصديقه.
وأيضاً أنهم بدورهم ليسوا هنا بدون سبب!!

لقد شاهدت هذا الفيلم منذ سنوات بعيدة،
أكثر من مرة
وأكثر من مرة بكيت حقاً.

w7l said...

My bad.

Rain said...

Thanks Lati,I cried too,but then again the movie is hilarious as well:D

Rain said...

OK doc,I think I fixed it

w7l said...

Yup! It's working! Your blog is mobile friendly now! Good job

Rain said...

Yaaaai shokran! :D

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

I wanted to say a sherrer thing like:
فهمنا إنك وصلتي ل 300 خربوشة

wait a sec! I just did :P

bas jad that film is so touching :(

I can never watch it again :'(

Rain said...

sa77?3n jd kteer be7azzen :(

Whisper said...

I'm downloading the movie now :)

Congratulation for the 300 posts :) 302bal el 100000000

Rain said...

Thnxxxxx Whisper! :*