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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Now this is a woman who deserves  to be loved for who she is not for her boobs.
I love her character and I love the changes they've made to the stupid story we've always been told as kids and messed up our minds as women when we grew up...convincing us that we have to be super beautiful,delicate,charming and girly to get what we want or to even deserve to be loved!
+ I love Drew Barrymore!


نورنياتي said...


Ze2red said...

i love Drew very much.

she has an enchanting charisma on screen, and it's been with her all the way since her first appearance in E.T. when she was a little girl.

Whisper said...

اكتر مشهد بحبه بالفيلم هو لمّا يهجمو عليهم العصابه و بحكولها روحي و خدي معك اشي واحد و بتقوم تحمله :)

hajar aman shah said...

i'm going to give you a big hug for this one. I love drew barrymore and ever after is such a beautiful re-constructed fairy tale. She look resplendent in that movie...

Rain said...

sho elly t7sheesh lol :D

Rain said...

I know,she does doesn't she?
I also love that she always looks so natural and cute...did you see 50 first dates?she's gorgeous!

Rain said...

t7sheeeesh had el mash-had jd bejannen..o5t rjal! XD

Rain said...

Hugs right back at ya! :*
Me too,and it's really such a great funny movie! :)

Ze2red said...

yes i did watch 50 first dates and enjoyed it from start to finish.