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I long for freedom, and when I get it, I don't know what I'm going to do with it, but I will surely be happy.

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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Because it's like two questions that are not related b shelen..lol,but i love tags anyways...thanks Um Omar! :D

.First,Are you curious?
Oh my god!very...there is a worm of curiosity that eats me from inside when there is something hidden from me
The thing is I don't show that to all people..only the people whom I'm used to,and when there are people I'm not used to I wait till they're gone and I pour LOL,it's funny because I sound like a freak...I ask too many questions in one sentence and I usually ask about very weird details as well...

.Second,What questions provoke you the most?
Well,first I hate when someone asks me about my favorite "this" or my best "that"..or who's the dearest person to me,or who is my role model....I never have these choices made up,there's always a mix of many things or many people and there's never a favorite for me,so..
Also I hate when people ask me why I made this choice or that,because first it's none of their business and I don't have to justify everything to everyone,and second usually they had decided what the "why" is in their minds and already judged me,so there's nothing I'd say that would change their minds.
I hate when they ask me "What do you want,or what is your purpose in life"...because mostly I don't know..I just wanna be happy whatever I was doing and wherever I was!

I'm tagging :
  1. Sweet Hajar
  2. Lovely Naisan
  3. And cute Bullet


w7l said...

I just wanna be happy whatever I was doing and wherever I was!

priceless! simply priceless!

UmmOmar said...


إنبسطتي هيك

naysan said...

thankx,just seen it now.

قولي ان شاء الله احل الواجب قبل اخر السنه

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

what`s yr fav. haظak ?


Saleh said...

Who is your role model?
What is your purpose in life?


Rain said...

5ashaltny (',')

Um Omar
ana b7ebbeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk :luvshr:

Rain said...

lesh 7asseh el "thanks" y3ny "bkrhek" ? XD
la2a u have to do it sooooooooooooooooooooooon :DDD

Rain said...

صالح و هيثم قاريين عشيخ واحد اشي؟


naysan said...

لا والله يا بطه ...مش بكرهك ,,,,الا شوي:))))

عن جد ثانكس...لانو كنت مغفيه بصراحه والغفوه طولت كتير فكنت بحاجه اني أحس بحالي شوي ولما شفت اسمي انبسطت انه لقيت اشي اكتبو
أووووم ايه؟
طلع معي تساؤل الحب والكراهيه وانا عم بقرأ عن الحب عند يوسف
فكتبته والواجب ان شاء الله هاليومين
عم براقب حالي قبل ما اجاوب....انا فضوليه ام لا؟

Rain said...

بس أنا بحببببكككككككككك انتي و أم عمر

اه أوكي اذا عم تراقبي حالك هيهيهي
المشكلة دائما لما تراقبي شغلة معينة بتبطل تصير

Bullet said...

I'll do it (: and many thanks ^_^
You can say that I'm like you in some points (:

yalla ray7a 2e3mlou ba3d shwy l3younek bas ღღ

Rain said...

yalla w ana rai7a aqra2o :D