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Sunday, December 5, 2010
They're not supposed to be necessarily weird but I thought that would make it a little bit more interesting..
  1. I eat row meat..yup,I love it!
  2. I like bald guys...guilty!
  3. I can't share shoes with my 20 year old sister...I share shoes with my 11 year old sister though..my foot size is 35/36
  4. I have a zillion headscarves...I'm viciously addicted to those,almost every time I go out I have to get a new one!
  5. I don't wear perfumes,I don't know why,I just can't
  6. I'm watching a terrible Turkish soap right now,I've no clue why but my mom and I watch it together every night even though it represents everything and anything I despise and stands against in life..but I guess I'm just bonding with my mom!lol
  7. I love Asian people,I think they are the prettiest people on earth,when I was a kid I even looked like them..small eyes,soft hair...I always wish I had that look!
I will be tagging:
  1. Wafa'a
  2. Haitham Al-Sheeshany
  3. Doomish
  4. Whisper
  5. W7l
  6. Dr.N
  7. Um Omar


المملكة البيضاء لأمة اقرأ said...

فهمت بعض الكلام معليش لا أعرف غير اللغة العربية تقبلي مروري

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

#1 : IiIiIIIIIiiiiiIiiIiiiiiiIIII knew it!
#2 : no wndr I`m STILL n the hate-list :____:
#3 : heheheeeeeeeeee ya قزومة :شر:
#5 : ! same here! مع بعض الاستثناءات النااااادرة

#6 : wassalet la kelmet turkish o ma kammalet :P

#7 : weirdo , he3 he3

#8 : يا بنت الأوادم ,,, تراني أني متزوج و مبسوط
حلي عني
شو تاغ ما تاغ

naysan said...

no.2.....more weird

scarfs, perfumes and Asian ...i can understand

love the bonding idea...really works with my boys,they do love it when i watch something as stupid as "boo7a" with them.

Saleh said...

If eating row meat is weird, watching a "soup" is really very bizarre for me! Well… we can argue if you drink or eat soup but watching it is very strange (unless you mean something else with "soup").

By the way, the word "Asians" is understood differently. In America they use it to refer to people from East Asia (Japan, China, Philippines, ... etc.). In Britain, they use it to refer to people from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Rain said...

المملكة البيضاء لأمة اقرأ
أهلاً بك و بحضورك دائماً

I should have seen it coming...shmetet feiie 3a hal post..I hate you lal abd :(
wel tag la72ak la72ak ana maleesh da3wa v_v

Rain said...

What can I say lol..I' weird :/
HAHA so I'm not the only one..el 7mdellah!
I like to sit and spend some time with my mama in the evening,and if it means watching that with her then it's fine :)

Rain said...

hehehe I actually meant SOAP,it was a typo..sorry!
and I mean people from China,Japan,Korea this "look"...lol

Dr. N said...

Why do your facebook link to an Asian guy names Nick La? and your twitter link to some one called Bilal ..?

Rain said...

3an jd? LOOOOOL !
They're probably the guys who made this theme or something,I didn't edit that or anything!

Doomish said...

Interesting... And somewhat creepy :P

Rain said...


Whisper said...

We share a lot of WEIRD things

Mammete from Nablus so yes me and her eat raw "kofta" some times :S

I love Asian babies and yes when I was a kid I looked like them too :D

#4 same here :) and some times I buy clothes to suite a scarf I bought :) my friends hate that and call me "3eks 3kas elmo7amee " lool

I used to watch a Turkish series just to sit with mama ... till now she can't believe that she watched it :)

I love perfumes but I don't wear it when I'm out for sure, sooo when it's a girls gathering yaaaaay I'm soo happy and I use half of the bottle :)

Thanks u bank masr for the tag :P

w7l said...

you eat row meat!!!!!what !! what are you! vampire?

Rain said...

Oh so it's a nabulsi thingy?OK no wonder I do eat it then!LOL
But I eat liver not kofta though...I don't like kofta

HAHA sa77?I love scarves and I do that too LOOOL
7elweh hay 3ax 3kas 0_O

as for the perfumes I NEVER wear it..I didn't even wear perfume to my brother's wedding :)
My mom just gave me a bottle of Organza,I spray some in my room because it smells so damn good but I never wear it

Rain said...

Ooooops! the doctor is here! LOOOL
Yes I do LOOOL..ma bte3raf balky tle3t vampire jd..yai! LOL
bakol el kebdeh el neiieh ana..m3 mele7,yum!

w7l said...

nope! i never liked the vampires ! i like zombie more , yes there are brainless freaks , but still the way they move is fascinating, and sometimes they can get very smart in creating ways to hunt people down. so yup zombies are way better than vampires ! vampires cant go outside!! imagine that!! the sun burn them!! imagine creatures that the sun burn them as simple as that!! silly vampires!

Rain said...

Tell me you watched "Vampires Suck" plzzzzzzzz XD

w7l said...

god no!! that movie sucks!! no way

Rain said...

وك بيقولولي بيفرّط من الضحك
أنا تماماً رح أحضره لأني بكره توايلايت عالعضم
و بردلّك جواب اذا إت ساكس ولا لع

zuhair said...

looooooooollll :D :D
alaaah yojbor be5atrekkkkk :D
wo ana bardo mara akalet kebdeh nye ma3 5aly .. bas zamaaan .. wo fe3lan kanat zakyeee bas sara7a ba5af 2a3malha hala2 !

Rain said...

enta zahzahet ino I like bald guys ah?loooool

leh bet5af kter mofeed :)

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

إيش اللي ما تخاف و مفيد و الخرابيط هاي!

فكينا منك يا آكلة لحوم البشر المتخفية!

سيبك من هالكلام يا زهير
اسمع مني


Rain said...

LOOOOOOOOOL Haitham wak wallah feha B12 kter!
eh! blash hl2 a3mel 3laik mloo5eiieh enta el tany LOOOOOOL