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I long for freedom, and when I get it, I don't know what I'm going to do with it, but I will surely be happy.

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Saturday, December 31, 2011
28 minutes until the new year
But will anything change in reality?

Happy new year :)
Wednesday, December 28, 2011
I'm sorry but we are such drama queens.. we act as if the whole world is out there to get us, y3y the other day I was talking to some colleagues about the Christian minority in Jordan and some of them were like "They act as if they accept and respect us but they don't..they try to destroy Islam, they always try to hurt us" and I really thought that was pathetic cause I really don't think the world revolves around that issue..
Anyway some time ago people started talking about this new toy in the market that says "Hit Aisha" (the prophet's wife -peace be upon him-) .
The toy actually says "Go go go, pull over and take the hostages" .... and I have no more to add!
Watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5SwKLlRZTM0

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I never planned in my imagination

A situation - so heavenly 

A fairy land where no one else could enter 

And in the center - just you and me 

My heart beat like a hammer 

Arms wound around you tight 

And stars fell on Alabama 

Last night
Sunday, December 25, 2011
Serenity is defined as this in the dictionary: "The state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled"
Photo taken by W7l

Easy and simple right? but it is hard to put what you feel in a formal concise definition in the dictionary, it is different  to feel it than to say it..
For me serenity is when you're finally in peace with yourself...peace you haven't felt since you were a child in your mother's arms, it is the state of complete and utter conviction in something...in your destiny and where you are heading, to find out what truly matters in life and what you truly wish for..
To be so close to answering all the questions you had...because in reality they all have one simple answer
To be able to picture yourself old and happy...still as peaceful and warm as you always were..
To see what God meant with all of what happened in the past, and to have faith in what he is planning for tomorrow

To know you will never be alone again...even if it's dark, someone will always be there to hold your hand :)
Thursday, December 15, 2011
I'm not happy with my job, there, I finally said it
I've been applying for other jobs for some time now and didn't find anything yet.
It's just way too boring, no challenges, no changes, and to top it all the atmosphere is waaaay too unprofessional, things are always messy and people blame each other, not trust and no positive feelings
I would say the only positive thing about it for me right now is that it has become my comfort zone..but who said I want that ?? I wanna move on, change, experience!
And now that they're asking us to do overtime (for nothing,and not even something related to my job as a translator) it is just the last straw for me...I'm really considering quitting..I hope I'll find another job soon because this is making me so frustrated :@
Pray for me

Saturday, December 10, 2011
Found this through some movie's trailer (which didn't seem like much) but the song is perfect, at first I thought they were Jadal, but those are just as awesome :)

Friday, December 9, 2011
1. I can't comment on blog posts, dunno what's wrong :(
2. I'm hopelessly addicted to this
3. The year is about to be over, can you believe that? went by so quickly with so many events!
4. Love everyone in this video (not sud rud guys though ...seriously)

We've got some real talents in Jordan if you ask me.

5. I've been hoping and praying I would get a job I applied for a while ago, but it has been two weeks and I think I probably didn't get it, me sad :(

That's it for now, off to have breakfast
have a lovely day :)
Saturday, December 3, 2011
Friday, December 2, 2011
معلش لا تشتكي من الواسطة
وما تحكي انو في فساد
لا تسب على الشوارع السيئة والمرافق المهرهرة
ولا تدعي عاللي بيرفع الأسعار وبيغلّي البنزين
ولا تقول ما في فرص عمل بهالبلد
ولما تنسرق الملايين لا تفتح تمّك
ولما تتاكل حقوق الناس لا تعترض
ولما بعينك تشوف الظلم لا تتخنفس

لأنو بالنهاية لما أكمن شب بدهم إصلاح وبيحكوا وبيوقفوا وبيطالبوا بتطلعلهم انت وبتحكيلهم يا عمي عنا أمن وأمان واحنا أحسن من غيرنا..يا عمي لا تعمللولنا فتنة..يا عمي لا تعمللولنا أزمة عالداخلية...يا عمي وجع راس وعالفاضي...شو هالزعران اللي بدهم يعملوا بلبلة

معلش...اسكت ولا تتفلسف ولا تتشكون اذا فعلاً عاجبك الوضع وما بدك حدا يحتجّ..هاد أقل اشي بتقدر تعملو

لأنو ما في اشي بيجي بالساهل! بس انت هيك بدك كلشي يتصلّح من حالو بدون احتجاجات ولا مطالبات بالاصلاح
اذا خلص عيرنا سكوتك

شكرا :)
Could her voice possibly be more amazing? don't think so!

Después de ti la pared
No me faltes nunca
Debajo el asfalto
Y mas abajo estaría yo

Después de ti la pared
No me faltes nunca
Debajo el asfalto
Y mas abajo estaría yo
Sin ti

Yes yes I get have a say on driving too now since I'm experiencing it for real!
Well I've been driving for a weak by myself, and it's not much since I only drive between home an work, but since I work in one of the most crowded places  in Amman, and live in one of the most dangerous places (traffic wise) I think I could say a thing or two...

Well, people are mean...they are so mean! god! I really did have faith in humanity until now! why are they like that? why don't they let you through? why can't they even let an old lady through?!!!! 0_O seriously I did not realize how much scumbags are out there till now :(

When I got my car I was like thank god! I will get red of cabs for good now! but little did I know..cabs were going to bug me still..you know how cab drivers act? they're like oh oh oh I'm not entirely shoving my car into the road, I'm just scaring you so you can slow down and let me through whether you like it or not...and by the way I will never ever let you through in return even though you're doing it right :)

But still cab drivers are not the worst(believe it or not!) the worst are those who speed and brag about it,they consider it a sign of manhood or whatever(losers!)...those reckless nutcases out there, I hate them and always pray the police will catch them and make them regret it..

One last thing...when men(or even girls sometimes) see that the driver is a girl they tend to first blame her for whatever happened anyway..and second scare her out of their way...talk about sexists..

And yes I already scratched my car once :(  and hit the sidewalk a little bit :( but all in all I'm getting used to it, and I'm looking out for those cabs and those crazy drivers, w inshallah 5air :)
Monday, November 28, 2011
Poor girls whose greatest achievement in life is to get a guy to marry her, we don't care honey, you're not proving anything, just stick to the idiot you found.

Soooooo cute like a little birdie :* my brother's newborn Omar

Saturday, November 26, 2011
First Gari's Game, I love this one, and actually did not think it is sad at all, I thought it was funny and cute..who doesn't love playing and fooling around alone sometimes?? I know I do!

Then there is this short film...I guess symbolizing the fierce competition between Apple and Microsoft, I really love Pixar's animes they are very creative and funny, I thought this was very good one.
Friday, November 25, 2011

Tuesday, November 22, 2011
I suck big time at driving :( I've been driving my new car for three days now..can't drive alone so I always ask my brother to come with me..but I suck sooo much I don't know why,when I was still training I swear I was way better, I almost crashed 3 sidewalks today, and almost made 4-5 accidents, and I'm pretty sure lots of people hated my guts and called me names :( PS sorry guy at Waha circle I didn't mean to freak you the hell out after you let me through :(
I hope I'll get better with time, but right now I suck so if you see me on the street..run Forest run!
Sunday, November 20, 2011

محاسنٌ.. لا ضمّها كتابٌ

ولا ادّعتها ريشةُ الأديبِ

Saturday, November 19, 2011

I have just got my new car, I wish I wasn't sick cause I wanted to welcome her more
She's tiny and cute and easy to drive,although I haven't tried her for real yet..
I will come back with photos enshallah..so excited!! :)
I adore scarfs..I am one hell of a scarf addict, however I did not know half of these ways to wear a scarf,watch:

Friday, November 11, 2011

Love this photo...yeah I'm good :P
Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hemos perdido aún este crepúsculo.
Nadie nos vio esta tarde con las manos unidas
mientras la noche azul caía sobre el mundo.

He visto desde mi ventana
la fiesta del poniente en los cerros lejanos.

A veces como una moneda
se encendía un pedazo de sol entre mis manos.

Yo te recordaba con el alma apretada
de esa tristeza que tú me conoces.

Entonces, ¿dónde estabas?
¿Entre qué gentes?
¿Diciendo qué...palabras? 

Bajo aquellas rosas de verano
cuando el carmesi radiante acecha al anochecer
de las hojas rojas, salvajes

El amor, de pequeñas manos,
viene y nos toca con mil recuerdos
y hace 
preguntas hermosas
sin respuesta.

*Reposted...because it's just too perfect
Quit bluntly..I have always HATED wedding photos,they are so cheesy and fake,so redundant and stupid..
Bride holding the flowers near her face..bride throwing a sharp look with her smudged eyes..groom wrapping brides waste with his arm..groom sitting with bride behind him..groom and bride looking at something beyond the camera(lol)..etc..
And every time people show me their wedding photos I'd pretend I like them,but the truth is they make me laugh
But this guy here changed that concept entirely for me!! he is brilliant,his photos are honest, genuine, real, sweet, full of love and happiness you can see and feel, his photos are outstanding mashallah,I so want him in my wedding lol
Thank you Mohammad Haqqi for making me love weddings and wedding photos again :)
and here I post some of my favorites,and some more in my photo album,enjoy

Tuesday, November 8, 2011
I love Ahmad Helmy and his movies, but this movie really surprised me..in a good way, despite the fact that the story is not really original (based on the American movie Groundhog Day)
In short the story is about empathy, patience, looking at things from the other point of view, and giving others the chance to prove what they are all about..to give them the benefit of the doubt instead of judging them
And although he learned it the hard way, Ahmad learns to think about his family more and consider their' feelings.

Remember to love, to give before you take, otherwise your life will end up to be a broken record of failure and misery.

Good movie with such a sad ending
ما أعظم أن تكون غائباً حاضراً بدل أن تكون حاضراً غائباً
Monday, November 7, 2011

شو مسكين اللي بيفكر انو كلشي بيتمحور حوليه بهالدنيا
انعدام ثقة بانفس ولا نرجسية مش عارفة
المهم انو عندو مشاكل

Introducing Ta7seen...my best friend and my right hand at work

Sunday, November 6, 2011
كل عام وانتوا بخير
يعني أنا مش من عشاق العيد، بس عم أفكر انو العام الماضي كنت تقريباً بني ادمة تانية
ما كنت أعرف ايش بيستناني وشو الله بدو إلي
وما بحب عادةً أحكي انو خلص أنا عارفة كلشي
أنا مو عارفة ولا اشي ولا بعرف شو حيصير بكرا حتى! بس ببساطة مبسوطة الحمدلله ومتوكلة عالله

بعرف انو حكي ممكن يبين مبتذل ومكرّر، بس أحياناً جد ما بنعرف الله شو حيبعتلنا وكيف حياتنا رح تتغير وتنقلب تماماً ونوصل للسعادة عن طريق اشي ما تخيلناه أبداً
مشان هيك الواحد لا يقلق ولا يغلّب حالو كتير لأنو جد في شغلات بتكون نصيب

حلوة هاي كلمة نصيب كنت أحسها كلمة للنسوان و بيحكوها مشان يبرروا كلشي بيفشل
بس طلع جد في اشي زي هيك...قوة خفية بتخلي كلشي سهل وميسّر وبتخلي البني ادم مرتاااااااااااااح ومتطمن وعارف انو
this is it

خلص بيكفي تفلسف وصلت الفكرة
كل عام وانتوا بألف خير وانشالله كلكم تكونوا مبسوطين ومرتاحين
ضلّوا ادعوا لأهل الشام الله ينصرهم ويخلصهم يا رب،كل عام والشام حرّة
Thursday, November 3, 2011

بحسّ أحياناً إنّا بننسى ان الناس اللي بنشوفهم بيموتوا كل يوم بالتلفزيون همة ناس عن جد، بحسّ انو لا شعورياً بنحب نتخيّل انو هاد كلّو كاتشاب ولما تنطفي الكاميرا بيقوموا و بيروحوا عبيوتهم..أنا بحسّ هيك...بحسّ انو جزء منّي ما بيقدر يسدق انو كل هالبشاعة عم تصير في العالم
بس بالنهاية مهما كذبت عحالي فالناس جد عم تموت،و بكل بساطة عم تموت
شباب أطفال مسنّين...بيموتوا!...واحنا وصلنا لدرجة انا نسوي حالنا مش شايفين أو مش مسدقين

أنا شخصياً ما بحب العيد ولا بهتملّو كتير،ومش اني بحب أسم بدن أو ما بيعجبني الناس تفرح
بس أحياناً بحسّنا بطرانين وأنانيين لدرجة العمى...أو عالأقل بحس أنا هيك،بحسّ اني بنسى أحزن أحياناً مع انو في كتير أسباب اني أحزن
بدي أذكّر حالي بكلّ بساطة انو الناس بتموت وبتجوع وبتخاف وبتعاني وبتضيع فكل الدنيا
وانو هاد الحكي عم يصير في هاد العالم مش بعالم تاني...ببشر متلنا مش بكائنات تانية
الناس عم يندلق دمها بالشوارع والأطفال بيموتوا من العطش بني ادمين عايشين بلا ضو ولا مي ولا أدنى أساسيات الحياة
واحنا ما عنا فكرة
جد ما عنا فكرة

يا رب تكون معنا

I love supporting new Jordanian talents, but this is not just about them being Jordanian, those guys are really just awesome! I love their music, GO Jadal! :)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Love the song,love the movie..love the Beatles and the cover.. :)
Wednesday, October 26, 2011
I have always thought it is far away beyond reach,I thought I had to do the impossible to actually be completely happy,I thought it took effort and time,I honestly did not think I would ever feel perfectly happy..

But I am...I am more than happy! and it was so simple and sudden that I literally can't believe it!!

So here's the lesson of the day..happiness isn't that hard to get,you just need to be with the right people! :)
Sunday, October 23, 2011
"Mostly I'm tired of people being ugly to each other. I'm tired of all the pain I feel and hear in the world everyday. There's too much of it. It's like pieces of glass in my head all the time."
Wednesday, October 19, 2011
I love love love winter, it was so cold today when I was leaving work and it smelled like good old winter
It's as simple as that but it made me sooooooooo happy :)))))))))))

Can't wait to unpack my fluffy warm clothes and put down my carpet
Happy winter everyone 
Monday, October 17, 2011
You know what the problem is? we all just wanna pay the driver as much as he wants and go on with our lives..
Genius video

Saturday, October 15, 2011

I haven't done tags in a long time! so this is exciting :) thanks Izdehir ♥
and although I've done this tag before(I think) I'm doing it again :)
I have to list 7 facts about myself,any 7 random facts,I wonder if there is anything left to say about me...but anyway!.. here we go
1. I like stepping on dead dry leaves in the fall,I like the sound they make when I crush them with my feet :)

2. I like looking at details,it's fun to watch the little wrinkles formed on peoples' foreheads when they're surprised,or when they're looking at some point somewhere when they're telling a story..it's weird but fun!

3. I'm messy..I guess I mentioned that before...but I'm really really messy,I don't understand the point of making your bed if you're gonna get back and sleep in it in a few hours!

4. I love owls,monkeys,whales,elephants and donkeys.

5. I just love putting on my headsets and turning up the volume to the max,especially if it's Ella singing ♥♥♥♥

6. I wanna go there someday :)

7. I am watching this right now,so far it is easily making its way to my favorite list.

That was fun,I'll see you around people.. Don't forget to smile =)

Its not the pale moon that excites me
That thrills and delights me, oh no
Its just the nearness of you

It isnt your sweet conversation
That brings this sensation, oh no
Its just the nearness of you

Youre in my arms and I feel you so close to me
All my wildest dreams come true

I need no soft lights
To enchant me
If youll only grant me the right
To hold you ever so tight
And to feel in the night

The nearness of you

Wednesday, October 12, 2011
Through every stage in one's life,they have to give up things,places..or people..
I know that for a fact because I believe in it,I believe it is healthy to to leave some people behind when moving on,but the truth is I am wondering ,is that what's happening right now?
I don't wanna lose certain people,but I wonder if it is time to let go...if it's the time when we can't do anything about it...it's just like that..it's just that we took separate paths
I don't know
Saturday, October 8, 2011
Announcing an official end of the past era... I am now a whole new person..happy and comfortable,no loose ends and no wide open stories..el 7mdellah :)
Friday, October 7, 2011

And my heart beats so that I can hardly speak...
Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I always HAAAATE people who don't reply to comments...I almost always stop following their blogs,I hate that they don't bother to reply to people who care enough to say something...but guess what? I have become one! :'(
I didn't mean to wallah :( I love replying to comments but I don't know how this happened...maybe cause everything is so messy and I don't spend time online as much as I used to...I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm soooo sorry to everyone who left a comment and I didn't reply to them...your comments really mean a lot to me,and I promise I'll try to reply to as much as I can as soon as I have time

I miss bloggingggggggggggggggggggg I'm so coming back I promise!

Over n' out ;)
Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It is almost like a dream..

When you are in love everything seems to be heart shaped,pink,fluffy and sweet...you walk on rose petals and breathe summer breeze all the time...you can't sleep but you're happy with your fluffed eyes and your black circles,you can't stop dreaming...can't stop thinking,can't stop your heart from melting in warm chocolate and your stomach from bursting with a tornado of colorful butterflies
Problems seem insignificant and arguing seems pointless because you wanna forget about all of that and go back to your daydreams...

When you're in love,the mere thought of that certain person existing is enough to make each and every day of your week an endless prayer of thanking God for that...it is enough to make you feel better about yourself and simply smile when you should be frowning..

Everything...and I mean EVERY thing seems fun and easy...because somehow you feel it is a step further to bring you closer to that person...somehow!

When you are in love you're hot and cold...tired but strong...happy yet tearful...it is almost like fever except that you don't wanna heal...

It is almost like a dream..but it's not! :)
Thursday, September 22, 2011
My cousin's husband died today,just like that he dropped dead on a painfully ordinary Thursday afternoon.
He was 30 years old,he'd been married for almost 6 months now,and his wife is pregnant with a twin.

How did he wake up this morning? what was he thinking? did he have breakfast? did he fight with his wife? did he tell her he loved her?
Did he worry about the money? did he stop by for grocery? did he smile at a joke he heard?

What was his last thought...I mean his very last thought?

You can never see death coming,one minute your whole life is ahead of you and the next it's over...just like that
In a moment life seems more pathetic than a spit on the floor.
Tuesday, September 20, 2011
I wanna write about like a million things!!!! but writing seems like it's not on top of the list right now and I know that's not good but I can't help have more important things!
I wanna write about 2 girls who taught me about having hope,true hope :)
I wanna write about the marshmallow test happening in real life
I wanna write about having it figured out for the first time in my life,about having a plan and thinking of starting it right now,I just wanna wait a bit more...just to make sure everything is in place...ya rb!

Today is my blog anniversary..I've been blogging for 2 years now,can you believe that? blogging was one of the best decisions I ever made,alhamdillah :)))

What else? this is just a reminderrrrrrrrr,now I'm off
Nighty night 
Monday, September 12, 2011

    • A message from Toto this morning said:
      "u r unbelievable!! No new Blog entry!!!"

      So here is one; a blog entry about a meal with flies, a full hour long walk in the sun looking for an office...and a moment on the sidewalk...a moment of sudden and complete relief!

      Have a good day
      Have a great day 
Friday, September 9, 2011

I'm stealing these questions from Abu el Shareef...I know he doesn't mind :)

1. Last beverage = Nescafe
2. Last phone call = Toto
3. Last text message = emmm :))
4. Last song you listened to = Your Song-Ewan Mcgregor
5. Last time you cried = 2 days ago
6. Dated someone twice = keef y3ny?
7. Been cheated on = Can't say that I really have
9. Lost someone special = not lost...just let go of
10. Been depressed = Of course! what kind of question is that
11. Been drunk and threw up = Drunk with shaneena maybe..
12. All shades of blue
15. Made a new friend = Yup
16. Fallen out of love = yes
17. Laughed until you cried = multiple times a day
18. Met someone who changed you = yup :))
19. Found out who your true friends were = YESSSSS!
20. Found out someone was talking about you = Mmm not that I know of but I don't care anyway
22. How many people on your friends list do you know in real life = in Blogger y3ny? 3 or 4
23. How many kids do you want to have = 2
24. Do you have any pets = I had two birds but I gave them away.
25. Do you want to change your name = Nope I have the best name in the world
27. What time did you wake up today = ~11:30
28. What were you doing at midnight last night = talking
29. Name something you CANNOT wait for = to finally see what I've been dreaming of
30. Last time you saw your Mother = she's sitting right here right now
31. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life? I wanna care less,be afraid less and stop being such a hulk when I'm mad
32. what are u listining now?? My sister chewing food looool
33. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom = LOL Tom? I dunno maybe!
34. What’s getting on your nerves right now= waiting
35. Most visited webpage = Facebook, Google, blogger
36. Whats your real name = Sara 
37. Nickname = Rain 
39. Zodiac sign = Aries
40. Male or female? = sho ra2ekom
41. Elementary? = Good old Al Ameen school lol
42. Middle School= Ghuzaia
43.High School: Bunaiiat
44. Hair colour = Dark brown with some gray hair that I'm proud of :P
45. Long or short = I'm not short! I'm just petite :(
46. Height = 160
47. Do you have a crush on someone? = No...lol
48: What do you like about yourself? = I'm smart lol,and I'm a happy person el 7amdellah
49. Piercings= just ears...I want more 
50. Tattoos = I wish
51. Righty or lefty = Righty
52. First surgery = Never
53. First piercing = ears
54. First best friend = Naseem looooool
55. First sport you joined = Basketball
56. First vacation = UAE
58. First pair of trainers = Don't remember
59. Eating = Chocolate
60. Drinking = Nothing right now
61. I’m about to = Go to sleep sheklo :(
62. Listening to = my mom telling a story
63. Waiting on = emmmm
64. Want kids? : InshAllah.
65. Get Married: InshAllah.
66. Career?: ya rab
67. Lips or eyes = Eyes.
68. Hugs or kisses = Hugs
69. Shorter or Taller= Taller
70. Older or Younger = Older
71. Romantic or spontaneous = Both
72. Nice stomach or nice arms = Arms
73. Sensitive or loud = msh 3aref..keef y3ny 0_O
74. Hook-up or relationship = HAHA hook-ups?LOL
75. Trouble maker or hesitant = Trouble maker lolz
76. Kissed a stranger = LOOOOOOOOOL
77. Drank hard liquor = No.
78. Lost glasses/contacts = Don't wear those
81. Had your own heart broken = Yes
82. Been arrested = LOOOOOL
83. Turned someone down = Yes
84. Cried when someone died = Yes
85. Fallen for a friend? = Yes
86. Yourself = Strongly
87. Miracles = Not always
88. Love at first sight = No
89. Heaven = Yes.
90. Santa Claus = No
91. Kiss on the first date= ya 5araby ya fthee7ty sho had
92. Angels = Yes.
94. Had more than 1 girlfriend/boyfriend at a time = LOL No
95. Did you sing today? = Yup and my mom told me to shut up like everyday 
96. Ever cheated on somebody? = No
97. If you could go back in time, how far would you go= I wouldn't
98. If you could pick a day from last year and relive it, what will it be? My graduation day although it's not last year
100. Posting this as 100 truths? = I guess...yeah
My aunt's husband passed away a couple of months ago,and she's been through a very hard time lately,but al hamd l allah she's better now,and my mother and aunts are by her side,keeping her company and support..

Today my mom decided to go to her house and cook her something nice,just to make her feel better and spend the day there. I sat with my mom and two aunts and listened to them catching up,talking about the good old days..their childhood,their school days,their parents -may they rest in peace- and I was thinking that it is really beautiful to have someone to remember these things with,and that you only get to do that with a brother or a sister..

I might be different from my sisters,I never seem to fit in with them at any level,they always make fun of me for being different as they say...but it doesn't matter,because I know that what I have with them is bigger,and that I'll love them no matter how much I feel like an outsider and no matter how much they make fun of me,because I know that when I grow old and weak,and when I need someone by my side...they'll stop by and cook something nice for me.
Tuesday, September 6, 2011
So I'm happy...so happy that I can't seem to talk about it,write about it,or even enjoy it..

I'm afraid of knowing just how much I am happy,because the more I know about it and feel it,the more my loss would be tremendous! 
Who said anything about loss?no one,and I don't know how I got that thought into my head :( it's keeping me from living the day and enjoying what I have right now,because I'm too worried I'll lose it later,and no matter how much I try to resist that thought and enjoy the feeling I'm still too scared to truly embrace it..

Sometimes I think I'm in way over my head,but then I remember I took a chance..yup this is the new me...the one who takes the chance and jumps off bridges never knowing if there's solid ground below :P

But no matter what,right now I wanna feel this
And remember it.

Have a good evening ♥ ♥ ♥ 
Friday, September 2, 2011
I miss my blog,and miss you all,enshallah this is me coming back because I feel like there's so much to say right now.
I think for the first time in my life I feel like it's figured out..like I'm sure of everything..
I'm scared as hell but I won't give up this feeling..
Eid has been boring like usual
I'm so worried about getting back to my normal hours at work, god! they are so long :'( but en sha allah I'll manage..

I took my license about two weeks ago,that was one of the best feelings I ever had!!! I took it from the first time so that was awesome.

So these are just some of my thoughts and updates,I'm watching the great Syrian people right now and I'm praying for them,and just like Egypt and Libya I wish I was there with them:( ya rb koon m3hom,amen.

Have a lovely day everyone.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011
What do you say to taking chances? I say yalla sho wrana :)

Saturday, August 27, 2011
I don't know,my thoughts are all over the place and I just can't get them lined up and organised!
But I'm happy though,it seems that my new routine is finally taking its shape.

There's one thing I wanna remind myself with right now,and it's just frustrating me like hell!
Why do I care? I wanna stop caring! I hate that I'm obsessed in everything it's just lame :(
This is a very late...or a very early resolution of the year...I don't care!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I sometimes wish I was blogging anonymously still,I wish I could feel about my blog..the same that I felt when I first started it...it was really my diary,and I didn't think twice before posting anything..

Now that most of my followers know me by name I can hardly be called anonymous,I have to do some thinking before writing what I wanna write...maybe some coding..some ambiguity would do the job...but no it's not the same
I'm not free to spell it out like I used to,my blog isn't the place for me to get better anymore,and it frustrates me the most that it feels fake...it has always been my honest space,but if I cannot write about what I truly feel and think of then what's the point?

I'm going to be away for a while(not that I've been really there!) but I'm gonna be away from my blog too...just until it has its meaning for me again.

Have a happy Ramadan and Eid in advance,and pray for me please!
Sunday, August 14, 2011
I hate myself for not liking some food,for complaining,and for never thinking of how fortunate I am in my life..
If anyone knows how we could help in any form please share!

Thursday, August 11, 2011
I love those guys! found them on youtube somehow and I just cannot stop listening to their music
They're Tunisian and they came to Jordan, but unfortunately I didn't know them then
I LOOOOVE qanoon and oud 

Monday, August 8, 2011
I miss being me,I haven't been me for such a long time!
I don't know if I'm really happy anymore.
Friday, August 5, 2011

حابب تعمل خير برمضان و ما لقيت فرصة؟ شاركنا بهالمشروع،عاملين مع بعض الزملاء بالشغل افطار ل150 يتيم مع كسوة،و عم نجمع تبرعات مشان نقدر نكملو،اذا حابين تشاركوا بتبرع مالي مهما كان بسيط،أو تيجو تساعدونا بأي طريقة بنكون ممنونين و الكم الأجر ان شاء الله،و اذا ما بتقدروا تعملوا هاي أو هاي انشروها أمانة مشان الناس اللي بيقدروا يلاقونا و يساعدوا هالاطفال

بنوصلكم وين ما كنتوا لناخد تبرعاتكم ان شاء الله
فكروا بالفرحة اللي رح تدخلوها عقلوب الأطفال،أكيد مستاهلة
و كل عام و احنا الى الله أقرب
أو ابعتولي ايميل على


PS Fellow bloggers,will you guys help me spread the word?thanks!

Thursday, August 4, 2011
itha msh gad el mansaf la tetfalsaf!!

Sunday, July 31, 2011
Oh my god this has gone way too far,I'm not doing anything anymore!
it's Ramadan tomorrow and like every year people turned into animals,WTF! I stood for an hour on the sidewalk waiting for a cab...people went mad!
Food is not going to disappear,it's just Ramadan...it's supposed to be good,people are supposed to be relaxed,happy and peaceful....
I'm so exhausted and angry and ughhhh

I got my first paycheck today

I apologize to myself,my blog and my readers(that is if there is any left) for this horrible post about two great things

P.S. I'll do my driving test very soon,need your prayers!

Good night
Friday, July 29, 2011
I'm very Sheldon Cooper at it,I'm often unintentionally rude and inconsiderate to people when it comes to social courtesy,I don't know if I have to visit them,do I have to call? am I supposed to do something!?...and that's horrible I know,especially in a society like ours.

But,I found that those who truly love me do not need any proof to know I love them and always think of them...second I decided that not all people are worth it,so I don't have to be all worked up about calling them or paying them a visit,I simply don't feel like it,and if I'm practically forcing myself to do that for them then do I really like them or want them in my life? how come when I do these gestures for other people it's easy and comfortable?

After graduation ,and since I almost immediately found a job,it has become even more difficult and uneasy,but I'm sorry...I won't worry about it no more,I just think if we're friends enough and truly we wouldn't need to go through all of that trouble..

I know that's probably wrong,but I really don't care anymore,because once upon a time people did these things because they really cared about each other,now it's just fake.