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Tuesday, January 18, 2011
OK,I've watched five episodes so far,it's almost 4 am and I'm absolutely obsessed about this show!it is incredibly addictive I can't go to sleep!
What an incredible imagination,and great story,I love each and every character.

1-The cute guy
You know,because there has to be a cute guy in the show...and a hot girl
So the cute guy,Peter has the coolest talent ever,kinda like Rouge in X-men but even more awesome,he is capable of acquiring other heroes' talents by only being around them,I like him because he was the only one so far who followed his instinct without really having any proof or real evidence what so ever.

2-The hot girl
I don't really get her talent..is she even talented?I don't know..anyway she's okay,her husband is scary,her son has to have a part of the story otherwise it'll be lame.

3-The mind reader
The no one,the unknown good old cop,he hasn't done much so far,but I feel bad for him he has the worst talent.

4-The"fly man"
He seems like a jerk unlike his brother(the cute guy),I have a feeling he'll be one of the bad guys
In case you haven't guessed he can fly!

5-The cheerleader
She has a cool talent as well,I so badly wanna know why everything depends on her being alive!

6-The junky
I love his talent,but why draw the future while you can easily witness it like Hiro does!

7-My favorite
I love Hiro,and I love his talent,he is cute and very funny and so far my favorite hero

The creepy husband remains mysterious still, and Mohinder(the narrator) doesn't have much of what's going on yet,but I think he'll be the connection between all of them,guess we're gonna find out soon!
Good night...or good morning take your pick :)


Wafa' said...

you know who is my favorite ? Sylar , i don't know if he is in yet or not but the most amazing evil, especially when the series develop more :D

Rain said...

HAHA Foof shreera!
I still haven't seen him but I have a record of sympathizing with the bad guys too lol

w7l said...

The hot girl has double personality , one is good and one is simply mass murder !!

Yup hiro is the best character ever !

Stay tune , things will be more excited later on the next episodes, there power will take a different level ! -no not spoiler!!!-

You will become addicted more and more , you are lucky you have all seasons, imagine watching it one episode per week, the suspense will kill you !

Rain said...

her talent is being mafsoomeh?..ino seriously?0_O

anyway the show is awesome I am getting more and more addicted!!! :D