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Monday, January 24, 2011

Toto is here for a while..yays :D
We had so much fun yesterday at the uni..it was completely empty so we let our inner freaks out in public HAHA it was so funny,I miss the old days so much,but I guess they're just gone now and I have to get over it.
Toto got me cute presents from Spain,she knows how much I LOVE owls:

and a new dafdoo3..the first one died :( but this one is sooooo cute and cuddly I love him :D
Thanks Toto! :*


Saleh said...

Enjoy it (university life) as much as you can.

Rain said...

en sha Allah I will try! thanks Saleh :)

Whisper said...

When I saw the pictures on facebook 7akeet mesh toto fe Spain!!
yes yes ...I browsed all ur photos there :)

yalla el3'ayeb 2elkom welhadaya 2elna :D

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

dafdoo3 ==> hate
boomih ===> hate "more" .. who likes them! eh! :P

who took the pic? hehee (mrakkiz 2awy 7adrity)

and yes,, m picking up a fight! :D

Rain said...

hehehe el album el mashtoob shofteeh? :D
la2a el hadaya elyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy HAHA lol

yay fight! :D
who doesn't like owls?they're adorable!!
which pic?

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

what pic!
la salamtik,, shiklek mthagleh 3al f6oor aw mo mf6ereh lessa

yr oic with yr friend! :duuuuuuuuuh:


*whisper, wala kelmeh wala 7arf! atedda5aleesh (6)

Rain said...

in case you didn't notice fi kman sortain bil post ya dob lol
my friend mays took it lesh btes3al?

lisa ma aftaret T_T

Splendid said...

The owl purse looks so stylish! and dafdoo is soo cute!
lucky you!

Rain said...

Thnx Splendid! :D

Whisper said...

M3 2enny mesh fahmeh 2eshee...bas bema 2enno Sheeshany 7akaly wala 7arf faaaaa 7akeet lazem 2ahaddy el nofoos :)

La troddy 3ala Sheeshany w kul kalamo 3'ala6 ....karamtek ya benet - shoo da5al ma b3raf bs 7aset-ha mo2athera - :D

Rain said...

sad2y wala ana fhemt 3laih ishy..had benkosh mo55 3leina bs e7na 7edgeen w shaifeen el 7aqeeqa *Niahahaha*