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Wednesday, January 12, 2011
When I first decided to wear Hijab,I used to be terrible at putting it on,I used to just throw it on randomly and go out,but with time and experience I discovered ways to make it hold on on my head longer and longer,and actually look good while at it!
I got this idea when I made a little tutorial of how to do a certain hijab style for a blogger who wanted some change,I decided to post it and post more tutorials on my ideas of how to make Hijab more practical+more elegant,hope you'll like it,and hope it'll help you,new Hijabi's out there!
Here we go:
 It should look like this:


Saleh said...

I am sure this would be very useful to some. "Allah yejzekee koll kheir".

To my surprise, last summer I discovered the fact there are professional specialists whose job is to make artistic hijab styles and colours as a replacement to hair styles (which will be covered anyway).

naysan said...

ميرسي يا بطه
والله انا وحده من الناس اللي طول نهاري بزبط بالحجاب وما بيمسك...دايماً مسحسل وماسكيته بأيدي...ههههههههه

Anonymous said...

عفكرة بصورتك الي على الشمال رافعة تمك كتير فوق..اعلى من مكانه الطبيعي

يسلمو على اللفة
انا حبعتلك طريقة تانية للفة..بس ان عرفت ارسمها لوول
بس لازم يكون معك لفة دبابيس كاملة مشان تثبت


Rain said...

LOL 3n jd?0_O..now that's a waste of money!lol

LOOOL ana kont haik bs awl ma lbesto,hl2 better el 7mdellah :)

Abu el nmareed <3
LOOOOOOOL yeah jd!

yai,yes plz w iza ma 3refty torsomeeha 2leely keef bs!

imaannetworking said...

love it! especially the pic with the girl sticking her tongue out, this is an essential part of wearing the scarf I find :D thanks for this :)

Rain said...

you are welcome!

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

it didn`t work! :PpppppP

Rain said...

LOL Haitham..you just gave me an image I will laugh at for a week! XD

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

at me or with me? :P , lool

Rain said...

I'll pass on that question LOOOOOOOOOL

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

ياااااااااااااااااا للشر!

مياسي said...

loool, 7abetek o enty 7a6eh 9ooraek :D

Nysan, عادي بتزكريني بوالدتي، الشال عندها شيء محرم، مالو الاشارب العادي؟

Rain said...

nawarty Maiasy ^_^
enshallah tkoon 3ajbatek el laffeh bs :P