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Thursday, January 13, 2011

I just can't take it anymore,I thought having a maid around would make everything easier but the opposite happened,I had everything under control until my finals started,and now I'm losing control,I can't watch her and tell her what to do anymore,but if I don't the house will rot
Figuring out what to cook for lunch,waking up early to prepare breakfast,trying to communicate with her in the most primitive words of the English language..
And at the end the house is so messy,everything is in complete chaos,I'm supposed to be doing a million things and nothing is done
My mom is coming on Sunday and everything has to be perfect by then!
God I can't wait for her to come back I don't wanna be in charge anymore!this is NOT fun! :(
You know...this is exactly why I keep saying I'm NOT anywhere near ready to do any kind of commitment now,I start off good but I break fast.


Saleh said...

الله يهونها عليكي و يرجعلك الوالدة بالسلامة

Just couldn't figure out the relation with the photo!

Rain said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA it's a cute angry puppy <3
shokran allah ysalmak w y5aleek ^_^

Noor said...

I Know how you feel I am the same way when my mil sends her maid to me. I am way to nice and feel bad ordering her around. I think the best thing is tell her just to clean up what she sees needs to be cleaned up. Then you will not have to keep telling her things to do and feel like a nag.

You should do that anyway though. InshAllah things will be fine but let her help you.

Rain said...

LOL t5aiialy!
the house then will not just rot it'll fall apart!

but thanks for trying to help though,sweet of you :)

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

توصل بالسلامة
المسؤولية صعبة أكيد! و خاصة وقت العجقة زي الامتحانات

Rain said...

allah ysalmak w y5aleek ya rb