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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My friend gave me all seasons of Heroes the other day,I didn't really know much about that show except that it was famous and ended some time ago,but I watched the first episode yesterday and I loved it!
I haven't been addicted to a show since,hmmmm let me think....Prison Break maybe!
So I'm enjoying this new addiction right now,will be coming back with details and thoughts en sha Allah


Wafa' said...

Loved the first and probably the second seasons but then quit it, awful .

i am not good with recommendations, right? lol

observationofalostsoul said...

Wath3ik sa3ib... enjoy :D

Rain said...

LOOOOOOOL tayeb bs forsa ma te7re2eeh aktr min haik!!! :D

yeah yeah I know I need a 3arees
thnx man lol

Abuelsharif said...

khodi 3ndek :
1- Smallville
2- Big Band Theory

those shows must be watched, for the sake of pop culture :P

Rain said...

They're on the list :)
thnx :)))

Ahmad Hamdan said...

First and Second Season rock me and my brother finished them in two days by watching the show for over 10 hours a day, but then the show goes downhill i even refused to continue with the last seasons because of the lame stories they started to make.

Since Big Bang theory is on the list then try to add How i met your mother and two and a half me (Last one don't watch with Kids :D)

w7l said...

"...I loved it..." just love it!?!! no its more than "love it" its unbelievable,brilliant show!! its number one on my list! c'omn "love it" only!!!

Rain said...

I don't think I can not continue this show I'm obsessed lol! and thanks how I met your mother is on the list but two and a half men I don't find it funny at all had b '3ad el nazar 3n wqa7to lol

like I've said..obsessed lol