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Thursday, January 6, 2011

We have had our maid for 4 days now,her name is Charimilla,and she's quite,shy and extremely polite.

When she first arrived I was -frankly- shocked to see what she was dressed like
She was wearing a nice jacket and some nice chic shiny heels! and it was even more surprising to watch her unpack..her clothes were nice,she had brought everything with her; medicines,shoes,towel,shampoo and hair conditioner! She had even brought ladies' private stuff!!
Anyway,since she knows only some English and no Arabic what so ever,we had to just do gestures and signals to tell her everything(which did not always work).

Now what is interesting is that on the next day she arrived my sister brought her maid with her to kinda communicate with ours and show her how to do some things. Later my sister told me that her maid told her that Charmilla used to work in a beauty saloon in Sri Lanka! that was another surprise!she had 2 years experience in beauty care,so why did she come here?
Last night my sister and I decided to ask her while she was having dinner in the kitchen,turned out she kinda understands English..but really terrible English as in if I speak normal English she wouldn't understand lol.
So I told her you used to work in a saloon? and she said yes,and she was so excited to tell us what she could do,she can do haircuts,hair due's,she can do manicure and pedicure,and even eyebrows! and she was like if you want I'll fix your hair! I asked her then why did you come here?she said: "No money,in Sri Lanka even you have 2 years experience no money,no help,I want to have my saloon,this is my hope -and she raised her hands to the sky- I hope!
No one help in Sri Lanka!my mother no money"

And she burst into tears! it was so sad that I could not stay in the kitchen (emotional issues).
We told her if you need anything just ask,I don't think she really understood :(

We were so touched by her story,her struggle to support her mother and achieve her dream,she would go to a complete strange country and live with complete strange family and clean houses to have the hope of someday having her own beauty saloon!she was passionate and hard working..what a woman!I wish I had half of her determination!

Later that night my sister and I told our brother and his wife about it,their reaction was:"Come on! you girls are so naive! she's lying to get you on her side!" and my brother made fun of her.

It wasn't shocking to hear their reaction,I always knew they're not exactly the deepest people...but it was really harsh and cruel to make fun of her while she was sitting in the next room,I think they think they are better people than she is because they were born in better circumstances and had better opportunities,it was funny because neither of them had to work hard for anything his entire life,my brother always relayed on my dad in everything... and his wife...let's just say it's her daddy's little girl...so no comment really,they are way beyond trying to make them understand.

I am not naive,I know when someone is making up a story,and I know when someone is faking crying..this girl did not complain once to us even though she is working all day long,she keeps saying please and thank you....she is so shy and worried we'd get mad all the time,once she broke a glass and it was heartbreaking to watch her beg for forgiveness!!!

This girl is way better than most people in this country actually,those who never do anything but still whine all the time,the people who expect to take but never to give.

I just wanted to get that off my chest I guess...
Don't feel good because you were born to good parents,you had nothing to do with it,you didn't work for it,say thank you more,appreciate what you have more,and every time you see people who actually bust their asses to get half of what you already effortlessly have... RESPECT them.


kinziblogs said...

Rain, I LOVE this post! Thanks so much for valuing this young woman. God arranged your relationship as a gift to you both.

Keep it professional, you will both prosper. Knowing your employment is benefiting two generations of Sri Lankans is something you can take pride in...I mean give thanks to Allah in :)

observationofalostsoul said...

I so agree with Auntie Kinzi .. I LOVE this post and don't listen to ur bro and his wife :)

Haitham Seelawi said...

Thumps up la a7la Rain :D

جفرا said...

الموضوع كثير مهم بصراحة وكبير
الكثير من البلدان ومش بس في الاردن العمال الوفدين فيها بتعرضوا للاستغلال
وبذات عاملات المنازل
على الاكيد ان خادمتكم اكثر حظا من مثيلاتها
بس في ملاحظة ما عرفتينا باسمها
تقبلي مروري

Saleh said...

You put it right: "RESPECT them".

Everyone has the right to be respected. Indeed, you wouldn't expect some kind of people to accept the fact that all human beings are equal no matter what their race, sex, social status, financial status,... are.

Having said that, this does not mean that everything she tells you is true so don't build anything on it (not good nor bad). Just treat hair fairly and give her all her rights (including respect which she deserves) should be the wise thing to do (as you already do) and keep doing.

Susu said...

I loved this post too! Those maids are still humans, I guess!!!

Dr. N said...

Very thorough description of the feelings, views, and conceptions, I cannot agree more. This is a chance for you to have a stand in your life and see things from a different prospective and appreciate more. I really love what you wrote. On the other hand, nayallek that she can do all the salon stuff, specially eye brows, mani, and pedi…she is a keeper :)

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

gr8 post raino.

beauty saloon! hmmmm, raino is so gonna exploit that ;)

Rain said...

Thanks a lot lovely!
en sha Allah we are helping here to get closer to her goals,I like to think we are :)

hehe,thnx sadeeq :)

Haitham Seelawi
teslam a7la Haitham ^_^ :D

Rain said...

ahlan nawarat el modawaneh! :)
Actually I mentioned her name twice!it's Charmilla :)

en sha Allah we are giving her all her rights,after all heye betdall amaneh b ra2betna oddam Allah.

Rain said...

LOOOL you guess?..well I heard stories,and frankly this is wahy I was surprised to see her dressed up and clean and nice!
I guess you can't generalize :)

Nilly el amoorah <3
LOL I know sa77?m3 ino I'm not into these things much but doing my hair for free every once in a while wouldn't be so bad! :D

LOOOOOOL you know it!

jaraad said...

Thanks for sharing this story. Unfortunately, many Arabs think they are superior to other races and because of that they treat maids and domestic workers badly. I appreciate the way you sympathize with her. Even if she made up stories about her life in Sri Lanka you have to imagine what she is going through. A girl working as a maid in a foreign country for people from different race and religion in a country she never been before. I assure you it is a situation more difficult than most of us could imagine. Again thanks for this nice story.

Whisper said...

Unfortunately most people act with maid as if they r not humans or a low kind of humans

I saw and heard many stories about the abuse they face , I saw many scenes at malls and parks how people think the maid is a machine no need to eat...no need to drink ....no need to take rest from the spoiled kids and for sure no need to smile at her face

Take care of her you don't know what influence you can make in her life

EvaLuna said...

the 7awajeb part is gonna be maima3a

naysan said...

راااااائعه!!!من اجمل ما قرأت منذ زمن

بدون تعليق على موقف الاخ ومرته! الله يهديهم
لكن طريقتك في طرح الموضوع وكلماتك
"زهئانه" وملانه ومش "لائيه" كلام
بس حبيت اصبح عليكي وعلى شارميلا
يسعد صباحكم

Rain said...

Welcomenawarat :)
You are right,I can't even begin to imagine it!
thanks for your nice words.

en sha Allah we will,akeed heye amaneh,met'3arbeh w ma elha 7da!


naysan<3 <3 <3
msa el ward ya 7ekweh :)))
shokran elek,my words are not great,HER stroy is great..sorry you're bored,a7sanlek min ino ykoon 3laiky finals!LOL

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

Got yr 1st saloon "visit" yet? :P

Rain said...

Oh my god yes!!,and she is soooooo good!

hajar aman shah said...

I love this post, MasyaAllah....and i love the poster..mind if i snatched them for my 'inspiring poster' post? and how convenient to have a saloon in your own house...you lucky girl!

Rain said...

Thanks Hajar <3
Snatch it I only found it on Google lol,and yeah I am!she is so good!

w7l said...

great post,and ya this is the first time i read it ! actually i saw a link for this post in naysan blog, she has a section "my favorite posts"


Rain said...

thanks a lot,and yee ma azkaha Naisaneh awl marra bshoof had el ishy 3endha <3