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Tuesday, January 25, 2011
When I watch movies I tend to pay attention to the soundtracks,I love when the music is perfect form the scene it is true art,so here are some of my favorite movies soundtracks:
These are one of my favorite movies ever "Five Centimeters Per Second" soundtracks..and as the movie is,they are astonishing:

I hate this next movie "Twilight" but it has some amazing soundtracks:

This one too from Carmel:

and from the amazing movie Up

From Shrek:

Great movie,Ratatouille

The Butterfly Effect:

And of course Moulin Rouge:

These are among many others that I will post soon.


Doomish said...

أنا اكره الساوند تراكس يا عزيزتي

hajar aman shah said...

you change your layout again? LOL

Rain said...

إنك تضيع الكثير على نفسك يا عزيزي
Besides they're just songs it's not like they're ishy min el maree5!0_O

I'm sick...help!

Ahmad Hamdan said...

Same Here, i like listening to the soundtracks of Movies (Specially Lord Of the Rings and Inception), T.V shows and more importantly Japanese animation(Their Soundtracks is the best : D )

Rain said...

I love Japanese animation and its soundtracks
I love this one:

Ahmad Hamdan said...

I like this one from Death Note

and this one from Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children:

and Many others from Bleach Sound track :D

Rain said...

Loved the one from Death note,thanks!
and I love Final Fantasy,like Japanese people say:Sugoi! hehehe