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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Don't you just get tired of the idea of "love" being the solution to everything in American shows?
And to be frank I did not know New York city...sorry I mean HALF New York city  is the world..the whole time they were like "We have to save the WOLD!if you don't half New York will explode" 0_O
Never mind ..(-_-')
I still think the show is amazing,and I'm still addicted to it,Hiro remains my favorite,he's always full of hope and optimism no matter what which makes him a true hero.
And ugh did I hate that Sylar with his huge eyebrows and nerdy look!

and,is he cute or what:

I've started season 3 and so far so good,unlike what everyone says about the third season being a disaster..but let's just find out :)


Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

bekaffy TVing ya raino! Lol

Rain said...

awlan it's not TVing it's Dvding! 0_O
w taneian I caaaan't stop until it's over !

Ahmad Hamdan said...

Soon you will found out why?
First parts of season 3 which is related to some criminals is ok but then the show just goes yikes

Rain said...

7assait...ballasht azha2 sra7a :/

w7l said...

لا مش لدرجة الزهق يعني بتصيري تحضري لانك بلشتي فيه و لازم تخلصي بس زي اول
موسمين ما في زيهم بصراحة
المشكلة بكره لما الحبكة تضلها تتازم و ما تنحل ابدا
في مسلسل اسمه
Persons unknown
but stupid fix network canceled the show after two seasons!!!!!
Any ya ther are another great show called flashforward , I liked the idea , google it

Rain said...

ma ho enta msh 3aref doc ana bazha2 min el ashia2 b sor3a 5areqa fa mnee7 minny elly kamalt mwsmain!
I'm just tired of the week stories they have,Peter having amnesia like mexican soups
Claire dating a boy and that's it!
Nathan is a drunk and Hiro is off in some story that has nothing to do with anything in the ancient past!!
la w kman Sylar is alive!!!!
I dunno couple of more episodes and if doesn't get better I'm ditching it!
thanks for the recommendations! :)

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

is it over?

DVD = ok.. masmoo7

Rain said...

almost yeah,and I don't watch TV