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Sunday, January 2, 2011
 Thanks Ammar for your great article

One of the victims of the Alexandria church bombing wrote  on her Facebook status 5 hrs before the bombing ” 2010 is over…this year has the most memories of my life….really enjoyed living this year….I hope 2011 is much better…..i hav some many wishes in 2011….hope the come true…..plz god stay beside me & help make it all true”
Little did this Mary know that 2011 would be the end… that her body would be reduced to ashes.
What happened in Alexandria should be the last wake up call for Egyptians and Arabs to be united… how many Christians or Muslims or another Arabs from other religious minorities should die till we wake up and fight religious extremism and foreign i.e Zionist being nosy and want to let Arabs fight each other so they can implement their agenda.
Divide and conquer is the underlying of what is going on in the Middle East; that’s what is happening in Iraq Sunnis vs Shi’ite, Muslims against the minority christians who are fleeing to neighboring countries…. and in lebanon God knows which date movement against another… Hareeri vs Hezbollah…. Lebanon became the business of those who lack one, every Arab leader from Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Qatar sarat 2adiyet lebanon their cause… ya 3ammi let the ppl decide shoo bidhom il 3amma. Now Egypt … Muslims vs. Copts …. THIS IS JUST WRONG. Egypt is in turmoil politically and economically and the Zionists and extremists are taking advantage of that and making life even worse for the average Egyptian.
Yesterday some “person” on Twitter under the alias @Coptic_Cry started attacking all Muslims and tweeting tweets filled with religious hatred that state that Muslims are Christian killers. Many Muslims and Christians felt offended by what that person said… so they replied that what the mainstream mode of thinking in all religions encourage peace, love, respect and sharing. That violence does not represent the vast majority of any faith: it only reflects a misguided extremist minority. A Canadian Tweep who happens to be a catholic Arab Christian told me “I am a Christian, and I can tell you that us Christians, our page is not white and free of blood stains!” Violence does not depend on religion or ethnicity; its the dark seed of evil sown in each one of us… remember Lord of the Flies.
If you pray… remember those who are killed just because they just happen to be from a different religion than you… a religion they may have not chosen, but were born into and accepted it. They accepted it as they accepted their name, parents, place of birth and date of birth.


Wafa' said...

So scary and so stupid. How are we even thinking of becoming close to Allah by shedding the blood of innocents !!

Thanks for inspiring me to write about this and another incidents that has happened about a month ago in my city. So scary :(

Rain said...

3n jd so stupid..and so horrible!:(
waiting for your post enshallah Foof

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

what a way to start the year! :'(

Rain said...

fe3lan! :(