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Saturday, February 26, 2011

I've been watching Grey's Anatomy for like a month now and I'm really enjoying it,it really surprised me that it kept the same level of suspense,fun and deep thoughts,I've never watched a show till the third season but this one is just amazing.
In the fifth season,which is where I got so far, the story of Christina Yang and Owen Hunt begins,it is so beautiful that it makes me wanna fall in love! it's like nothing and everything at the same time,it's like how real love would be like...it reminds me of how love used to be stereotyped...you know,bent el jeeran at the balcony :D
Here is a soundtrack,this show has the most amazing soundtracks!


Hana said...

i'm addict to this show since the 1st season, it's amazing!! love it

w7l said...

no! please no! dont tell me that you like this show....! where is the unsubscribe button!

Rain said...

I'm addicted too <3

You should watch it it's the best show ever :)