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Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's not that I don't have anything to say...I've a million things I wanna talk about,but somehow my empty day doesn't seem to fit for some blogging!
Anyway I just wanted to document this
Today I was looking for my friend in front of a restaurant,and a homeless guy suddenly stopped me and said LOUDLY:
من أيِّ كوكبٍ أنتِ؟
"What planet are you from?" in standard Arabic.
And then he walked away leaving me thinking "Good question!"

Have a great weekend,lesson of the day: it's OK to be alone sometimes,maybe it'll help you get to know yourself better.
Good night ;)


Wafa' said...

And that's why i love being alone and good questions :)

Good night and sweet dreams :)

ΣcoŞan said...

i like the lesson .. :)

the space between the one and his/herself is always filled with people ..

isolation - for a short (and i stress short) period of time - sometimes bring you closer to yourself, and maybe help you understand and/or notice thing about yourself u've never known before ..

have a great weekend my friend ..

Finalway said...

الوحده عبادة بالنسبة الي يا رين ...

احيانا الشخص قد يجد نفسة او ما يريد ...

Saleh said...

If I still trust my mental health at this time of the night, I would say "From planet Earth". I think it is the best available around.


Bullet said...

I'm from the planet whose flowers are thirsty; the planet whose stars r falling down; the planet whose smile taken away from its lips and it wings are broken and still bleeding !!

All my love to you sweet Rain <3

نورنياتي said...

أحكيلوا أنا من كوكب أكشن تاع سبيس تون

Rain said...

I love being alone too,but it's too hard sometimes!:(

I'm getting to learn that..slowly,bs enshallah aseer a7san :)

lesh haik kolkom tle3to m3kom tawa77od?XD
m3k 7a2..it's good..but not all the time :)

What makes you so sure?:sofera:

That was beautiful! T_T
thanks 7bebty...all my love to you too..all the way from Amman-Jordan to KSA,love you girl :*

leh Action bil zat y3ny?lol

Doomish said...

so... did you answer the question in your head? if yes, which planet are you from?

Rain said...

Do you ever get any sleep?

and wt do u mean "in my head" lol