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I long for freedom, and when I get it, I don't know what I'm going to do with it, but I will surely be happy.

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

So I'm not blogging like I used to,chocolate doesn't have any effect on my mental state anymore,I'm absolutely,intentionally and strongly not reading anything,I'm always in my room staring at the ceiling,I can't even stand Firuz in the morning!,my last semester at uni is rolling quickly and I should live and appreciate every day left for me in it,but I'm only anxious to go home and stare at the ceiling again!
What is that?I'm not depressed,I'm not lonely,I'm not thinking,I'm not falling in love,I'm not anything!so what the hell is wrong???????????????????0_O


Ahmad Hamdan said...

You are bored ????

Rain said...

Of what?? I'm not doing anything 0_O

Ahmad Hamdan said...

bored because your aren't doing anything, try breaking your routine so instead of looking at the ceiling :D, go for a walk in Amman when the weather is nice

LUNAR. said...

You Used To Ditch Your Lectures And Go To Downtown, When Was The Last Time You Did That ??

♥Amal said...

Maybe you're just feeling overwhelmed and need a break from everything...It happens :)

w7l said...

simply I think you're living in the empty phase !! I like this phase !! but really think positive , change your routine , you will feel better !
I remmeber feeling such way a couple of month ago , you don't like to do anything you used to like , I even start not enjoy watching series -which is like heaven for me ! so I think I start thinkng what I should do to break my routine , so I went to a cycling trip !! which I never expect to like ! add to that I never had bicycle before !!!

unexpected small changes will make your life better

Doomish said...

Nothing is wrong.
Tell me, anything interesting happening on the ceiling?

LioneSS said...

Is this your last semester?

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

فيروز بح؟
goooooooooooooooooooood "no smile!, hmmmmmmm.. l waظi3 worse than I thought"

6b eish feeh 3al ceiling? e3terfy! "still no smile..."

may be it`s routine raino, no?

Rain said...

7mada afandy
If I was bored I'd grab a book and read it..I'm not bored,I just don't feel like doing anything!
Thinking about it I don't really know what being bored feels like..I never get bored,I always find something to think or fantasize about i I was sitting alone doing nothing..I do get lonely..but never bored!

That was a Toto thing...no more Toto! :(
But I do miss downtown...it's just that I don't know who could come with me,not anyone can come with me!

Yeah..maybe,thnx honey :)

Hmmm..a little crazy idea...I like that!

Nothing,I have a really really white ceiling...really white!
I'm turning into you aren't I? (-_-')

Yep,yep it is I'm afraid :)

No there is a smile trust me,lol
What's up with you and my ceiling it's just a ceiling!5ls I will show you my ceiling and then we can all stare at it :)

Doomish said...

Welcome to the dark side,
May the force be with you. Muhahaha :)

LUNAR. said...

Its A Matter Of Time Till She Returns To Jordan, Till Then , Dont Sink Into Void, It Will Defect You Big Time :)

Rain said...

Mine goes like: Niahahahaha...need some practice huh?

s7ee7 why aren't you Abuzaina anymore?
However 7bait ta'3ieerat el profile v_v
When Toto comes back I will have graduated and she'll still have like 2 semesters to go,those days are over...I was in denial until she decided to stay there for another semester,but those days are really over
But that's alright cause that means new days will come,and en sha allah they will be good too^_^

LUNAR. said...

مش مشكلة الإسم, بظل لونار الأصل اكيد
شويّة تغييرات مرحليّة , ودائمة ان شاء الله , يسلموا عالمجاملة

يا ستي ان شاء الله بتظلو اصحاب , ما تربطي صداقتك فيها بالجامعة وبس

عالعموم , حاولي تعملي اشياء جديدة
ما تظلّك هيك

Rain said...

I'm not of course I'm just saying our uni days are over!
thanks :)

Chung-Chieh Liu said...

Interesting. Find your blog in accident and read many of your articles. Then after I read this article, I found that my recent life is under the same situation. Maybe that is why I can connect to your blog :)

Rain said...

Hey Chung-Chieh Liu!
Welcome to my blog :)
I'm glad someone knows what I mean!
Not that I'm glad you're going through this ...you know what I mean lol
Let's fight it and come back to normal Ok?
Let me know if you make any progress!

Blog more in English OK? lol
Nice to meet you ;)