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Monday, February 21, 2011

I just find it kind of silly to write about my insignificant life when all of this is going on with our brothers in Libya and Bahrain and other countries...

I'm just here to say how disgusted I am towards what is happening in Libya,Al-Qaddafi proved to be the new Hitler..at least Hitler was killing people because he believed in an idea....Al-Qaddafi is just taking joy in doing that only to keep his money and fake position...only to keep robbing his people and controlling them!

A Humanitarian catastrophe is happening now in Libya,people are murdered,wounded and tortured,women are raped,protesters disappearing and the country is being robbed and Siaf al islam whose only characteristic in all of this is his relation to Al-Qaddafi finds enough audacity to point his disgusting fingers at the people and threaten them!
But the people are still strong,and they will keep it up en sha Allah,and they will join Egypt and Tunisia in their victory.

Put them in your prayers people,and hope for a better Arab world,you never know!


Chung-Chieh Liu said...

Support from Taiwan. It's so sad to hear those news from Lybia and Barhian recently. I just hope this world get peaceful....no more tragedy

مدونة جفراء الوطن المسبي said...

على رغم من اختلاف التوقيت الا ان العربي يضبط مواعيد نومه وصحويه مع اخيه العربي من المحيط الى الخليخ

بتمنى ان تنجح كل ثوراتنا وان نتوحد

Finalway said...

يا رب النصر لليبيا التي تئن تحت الضربات ...

يا قذافي يا مختل يا معتوه ...
الله ينتقم منك

Bullet said...

They are in our prayers and this is the least we can do ..
What is happening in Libya is a real massacres !
Libya has been ruled for 42 years by a cunning, eccentric, repressive dictator who has frequently described his own people as "backwards" !!!

OK ! let that insane call them backwards ! but those " backwards " will send you to hell !
I just have one question , where all that heavy guns and tanks when Palestinian were killed and still ? sara3 rabna bel 3roube wma b3ref shu and now he is using his power to kill his own people!!
He clings to power but for how long ?
I think Bin Ali and Mubarak need a puppet to have some fun !!

Long live Libya ! long live Bahrain !

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

الله معهم و ينصرهم

naysan said...

الله يحميهم وينصرهم ان شاء الله
لكن اللي عم بيصير بليبيا تجاوز حدود المعقول
ان يبيد هذا المجنون شعبه بالقصف الجوي والمدفعي
هذا مش لازم يتنحى
لازم يمسكوه ويحاكموه محاكمة مجرمين الحرب

Whisper said...

الله يكون معهم و ينصرهم و يحقن دماء المسلمين والعرب اجمعين يا رب

وربنا ينتقم من كل ظالم و تكون نهايته عبرة لمن لا يعتبر

White Freedom said...

Allah with them
i pray for them , we all pray

Rain said...

Thank you,that is very sweet of you.
We cannot always wish for world peace and security,freesom has a price and the great people of libya is welling to pay it:)

جفراء الوطن المسبي
مين النا غير بعض،احنا اخوان و رن نوقف مع بعض ان شاء الله
شكرا لمرورك

He is doing that because he's desperate and scared,the revolution is on its way to victory en sha allah

ناس متلة ما بتقاوم الا عشان الفلوس و المنصب لا تترجّي منه اشي تاني
و ما تخافي نهايته قربت


ana b2ool had ma bseer yentafa had lazim 6al2a b raso iza msh t3zeeb 7ata el moot


White Freedom
en sha allah rabna ma ra7 yrodna 5a2been
keep praying